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    posted a message on Lawsuit Filed Against Mojang - This Time, For Obscure Patent
    I dislike the fact that seemingly every other post, has pointed out the typos; can we please get over the "Mindcraft" and "Majong" typos?
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    posted a message on New Small Pvp Server
    Ign: fernald

    Age: 13

    How long you have been playing: 1 Year and 6 months

    What you are good at/like doing (mining/building/redstone,ect): I prefer mining, but I am also semi-decent in redstone and building.
    why i should let you in: Personally I feel that you should let me on the server because I have experience that many others who bought later might not. I also feel, that I would be able to teach people who are newer to the game my methods of mining. If you have doubts about my application because of my age, I would understand, however, I hope you will try to avoid making your decision based solely on my age.

    Also, what I consider my best work, it' s legit as well:
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    posted a message on Nuclear Weapons
    Nuclear Weapons: NO
    Almost any scenario involving nuclear weapons is not good for the world superpowers and their allies. (Now that Middle Eastern countries supposedly have access to weapons though we need to be very careful if they do in fact have these weapons.)

    Nuclear Power: YES
    (Nuclear power is extremely safe when you look over incidents caused by human error and when you build the plants in remote areas.)
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    posted a message on So I guess Notch Lied to us
    Everybody meet Mr. Terms of Service:

    What You Get For Purchasing
    When you purchase Minecraft you do so as is, be it in the early stages of development or already fully released. Subsequent updates are only an added bonus and not a guarantee, as icing on a cake. Purchases during the development of the game are discounted and include the full game upon release.

    As we at Mojang strive towards releasing updates for our projects we cannot guarantee that any project will ever be completed and/or provided support for. There's always the risk of a project being discontinued at any time.

    From: http://www.minecraft.net/terms
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    So who's seen the new Ender Dragon?
    *raises hand amongst many other people*

    So who thinks we're screwed for future maps?
    (all hands remain in air)
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    posted a message on ALL EXISTING CLOAKS IN MINECRAFT
    Here's to hoping Alpha buyers will eventually get a cloak.
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    posted a message on Around 180+ hours of work, destroyed
    Quote from skullXscream

    Ouch that really sucks. I would call the police if I were you.

    Why? So you can tell the police that someone messed your video game up? They'd just laugh at you.

    On the other hand I do truly feel sorry for OP.
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    posted a message on Found some villagers in the NPC village
    Notch stated that NPC's will not be in the 1.8 release. I don't know if this is your idea of a joke but I don't find it funny.
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    posted a message on How large is your saves folder?
    One day out of curiosity I checked to see how large my saves folder was.
    2.4 Gigabytes, 4,700 individual files and 139 worlds in all!
    So, my question to you is how large is your saves folder?

    My saves folder is older then it says it is. My computer was just derping around that day.

    I'm interested to see if I'm the only one who 'hoards' Minecraft worlds. Most of my friends only have 7 or so worlds.
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    posted a message on Guys, it WILL be out for other devices. READ.
    Minecraft's Wikipedia page
    Under the sidebar click show next to 'Other versions' underneath the Release dates tab. Now look at the second to last date.
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