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    posted a message on Looking for someone to play minecraft with

    Just as the title says i'm looking for someone to play minecraft with on psvita or ps3, i'm 19, and i do have a mic

    if you want to play my username is: SintheaCj

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    posted a message on need help with plugins
    hi i'm sinthea and i just started a sever in bukkit, i have some plugin on there but i don't know how to use some of them.

    message me or add me on skype if want to help


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    posted a message on starting youtube/gaming channel
    Hi i'm cynthia aka cj i'm 17 , i'm about to start youtube channel of playing games and stuff like that and one of them is minecraft and othe games. its boring playing by myself.

    i can be shy at frist but after that i can be pretty funny and werid

    (i don't have a sever right now (still learning how to make one) so i don't mind being in someone else world.)

    i don't steal or mess up other people's house. i like going on adventure's to different world's and killing boss's (even tho i die alot sometimes)

    i have a skype if you want to talk while recording or just hanging out

    if you don't want to do minecraft and want to do a different games just message me or leave a post.

    i'm online like all day every day

    so yeah leave a post if your up to it. Thanks =)

    p.s. i don't have a cam right now but i do have a mic
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