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    Fallout RP
    Welcome to Fallout RP
    We are starting a Fallout Rp server that will have factions and a Dedicated staff.

    It is set in the year 2300 it takes place after the events of Fallout new Vegas. It is in the state of Colorado.We are looking for a dedicated group of players for our server to Rp fallout with us! There will minimal rules but here they are
    - No killing in settlements or vaults unless a raid is initiated
    - No Destroying Buildings (Greifing)
    - No Destroying Spawners at all, if you do it is a 2 hour ban
    - If you wish to start a faction post a request on the Website

    Here is the List of Admins and Mods
    -Dr__Science (Owner)

    The Ip will be posted on the Website later on once everything is fully set up but Join the website anyways!
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