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    posted a message on How to advertise your Minecraft Server Host on the Minecraft Forum

    We are not currently processing applications at this time for hosts to advertise in this section. We will update this thread when we start processing applications again.

    The Minecraft Server Hosts section requires that all hosts meet the following requirements:

    1. The business must be a legally registered business and that business registration information must be displayed on the business website.

    2. The business website must have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

    3. The business website and control panels must follow security best practices, connections must be secured.

    4. All software used by the business must be registered to the business where applicable.

    5. Representatives of the business must not have a history of Minecraft Forum rule violations.

    Decisions on whether or not to accept an application are made at the discretion of the Minecraft Forum staff. The question we ask when reviewing an application is "do we believe that this host will provide a high quality and secure service to our members?" and if we have doubts about the answer then we will not accept the application.

    Applicants should expect a decision within 5 business days, however as this is a free service we make no guarantees about response time, and applicants must not submit multiple applications if they have received confirmation of receipt of their application.

    A host that is accepted will be asked to agree to the following terms:

     1. All representatives of the company must list "I am a representative of [company]" in their signature, [company] must be the name of the company as listed on minecraftforum.net with the name linking to the thread.
    2. All representatives of the company must abide by all forum rules. All company representatives are the responsibility of the company operator(s).
    3. All representatives of the company will not at any point engage in any flaming of any other host and will not post anything in any other hosts thread. If they believe another host to be breaking the rules they must report the post and move on.
    4. A company representative must be available to respond to any contact from minecraftforum.net forum staff members within 5 business days.
    5. A company MUST NOT represent itself as approved by minecraftforum.net, hosts that we have permitted to post on minecraftforum.net in the hosting section do not have any approval from minecraftforum.net, only permission to post.
    6. A company and the representatives of that company must not at any point solicit reviews from their customers (or other associates) for a reward. Encouraging reviews is acceptable, offering a reward (discounts, account credit, free services) is not and any instance will result in dismissal from minecraftforum.net.
    7. All companies are expected to understand that minecraftforum.net can expect appropriate behaviour from all companies and can terminate any companies access to the forum at any time if behaviour from that company or it's representatives is deemed to be unacceptable.

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    posted a message on You CANNOT sell tickets, DO NOT try and sell tickets here

    Minecon tickets CANNOT be resold, anyone that is claiming to have tickets for sale is lying, anyone that tries to purchase resold tickets will get scammed. You will lose your money and be denied entry to Minecon.

    Mojang have stated they are working hard to prevent reselling of tickets (see here: LydiaWinters on Twitter).

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    posted a message on This forum is archived

    An archived forum is one which you can read but cannot post in.

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    posted a message on Regarding disappearing threads, posts and users

    During December we announced that Fandom (previously known as Wikia) had entered into an agreement to acquire Curse Media from Twitch, Curse Media is the company which owns the Minecraft Forum and various other video game websites, such as Gamepedia (home of the Minecraft Wiki). That deal closed this week and Curse Media is now owned and operated by Fandom.

    Due to recent changes in European law -- specifically, the introduction of the GDPR -- a company must obtain opt-in consent from users located within the European Economic Area to transfer ownership of their data during acquisitions. Each user that we identified as being covered under this law was given multiple opportunities to consent to the transfer of their data, through emails and an on-forum pop-up (which displayed every 5 minutes until consent was obtained).

    Last week, prior to the close of the deal, we closed our consent opt-in service and began removing all content from the Minecraft Forum that we did not have consent to transfer to Fandom ownership. This process involved the removal of around 1 million users and 10 million posts. As a consequence of this removal of data there are a large number of posts and threads that are no longer available on the Minecraft Forum. We appreciate that this is very disruptive but it was necessary to meet our legal obligations under the GDPR.

    At this time we are unable to offer the ability to restore deleted posts.


    1. My account was deleted and I would like to continue using the forum

    You are welcome to continue to use the Minecraft Forum if your account has been deleted, you can either create a new account or reclaim your previous account. Reclaiming you previous account is easy, first log in to the Minecraft Forum and then go to My Account and enter your nickname in the form at the bottom of the page. After you have reclaimed your account you will be able to continue to use the forum however your posts will not be restored. Please note that by reclaiming your account you are providing consent for your data to be transferred.

    2. I am trying to visit a thread that has been deleted ("HTTP Code: 404 Status Text: error", or "Not found")

    Unfortunately many of the most popular threads on the forum were created by users within the EEA who did not consent to the transfer of their data. Their threads have been deleted and unless we obtain their consent (through the reclamation of their account) we will not be able to restore their thread.

    3. My account was deleted but I do not remember being asked for my consent

    Each user identified as being within the EEA would have received 4 emails to the email address their account is registered under, additionally a pop-up was displayed on every Minecraft Forum page every 5 minutes. Due to the use of AdBlock and NoScript by some users the consent pop-up may have been blocked.

    4. I would like my posts restored

    At this time we will not restore posts and threads.

    If you have a question that is not covered here please respond to this thread, or if you would like to speak directly to our support team please submit a ticket. Please do not privately contact Minecraft Forum staff members to ask for your posts to be recovered.

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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XXXVI: Harbingers of the Apocalypse Edition
    Quote from Nimphina»

    We do not speak of that place.

    It's mere mention brings fear to the staff.

    Pain, Pain... N' Suffering.

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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XXXVI: Harbingers of the Apocalypse Edition
    Quote from GDog_0»

    These forums have been crazy active lately because of this archive thing.

    conspiracy: they announced that they were archiving the forum to bring back the activity and on June 15th they'll say "actually, since it's so popular again we'll keep it around". repeat every time the activity slows down.

    edit: oops wrong account

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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XXXVI: Harbingers of the Apocalypse Edition

    Me trying to escape the inevitability of time as it surrounds and consumes me despite my threats to ban time from the forum.

    ...as long as people follow the rules we'll be lenient, if you'd like to chat and reminisce and give the community a nice send out you're more than welcome to. This is the end of an era for everybody here, some of us have spent our entire adult lives here. As long as everybody is kind spirited, feel free to chat away for old times sake -- just remember, your posts will last forever, make them count! I'll send a prize to the person who makes the last post ever. Also we'll likely have some sort of event in the coming weeks to celebrate the forum and everybody's memories here :)

    Despite the, uh ...interesting... times we have had here in off-topic, it has been a good time and I appreciate every person who contributed to the forum over the years, even if I'd like to forget the PPNS saga.

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    posted a message on Fandom buys Curse Media - What does it mean for the MC forum?

    That's a good question, thank you for raising your concerns. Although we share a name and origin, CurseForge is now a part of Twitch and no part of CurseForge remains under Curse Media. Due to the way that CurseForge was tied in to Curse Voice (which has since become the Twitch App) that meant that CurseForge was an integral part of the Twitch business and so it has remained with Twitch, it is not part of Curse Media. Fandom have acquired Curse Media only, which is made up of community websites (like MCF, mmo-champion, mtgsalvation.com, futhead.com), D&DBeyond, Gamepedia and our advertising representation business.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    posted a message on Regarding disappearing threads, posts and users
    Quote from monotonehell»

    The content of threads is not private information - it is publicly posted information. I think you need to speak to your lawyers again regarding content versus personal data as it seems there's been a misunderstanding of the task at hand.

    I cannot speak to reasoning behind the decisions made by Amazon's lawyers as I am not a legal professional, however I am confident in the decisions they have made. Given the high stakes (just today Google was fined €50,000,000 for GDPR violations) it is understandable that they would exercise caution.

    I appreciate that this is deeply unfortunate and has far reaching consequences for the community but it was determined to be the right course of action to comply with our legal obligations. This forum has been my entire career, for the last decade I have watched the forum grow post by post and it is very sad to see so much of the history wiped out. I would love for there to be a way to save the history but our legal obligations come first.

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    posted a message on What is up with all the "User1234567" names?

    Update on January 18th: my comments in this thread are out of date, please refer to the following announcement for up to date information: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/forums/forum-discussion-info/2944101-regarding-disappearing-threads-posts-and-users


    Due to the ownership transfer of Curse Media (our parent organisation) -- Curse Media has been sold by Twitch to Fandom -- we need consent from every user in the EEA (European Economic Area) to transfer their data from Twitch to Fandom, this is to ensure that we comply with European law (GDPR).

    The users you are seeing with "user-[number]" names are members who are within the EEA but did not consent to the transfer and therefore their accounts have been deleted. The process is ongoing and will continue through the weekend, so during this time you may see some content display and then disappear. Once complete, every user who did not consent will be deleted along with their content.

    For any user who has had their account deleted and would like individual questions answered please submit a ticket, I cannot provide user-specific support via the forum. A ticket can be submitted by following the instructions here: https://www.minecraftforum.net/meta/support.

    If anybody has any questions about the transfer of ownership, the relevant law or the consequences of this for the forum, please let me know here. I will provide as much information as possible.

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