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    Quote from GlitchReaper»

    Meanwhile 1.10.2 has been particularly stable for the time put into it so far. I'm still hoping to see a good melding of the Hardcore End and "Expanded End" features. Draconic Evolution is now in 1.10.2 as well, but I haven't been to the End with it yet.

    There won't be HEE for 1.10.2. Expecting that by the time HEE 2 is ready, 1.15 or so will be out.
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    Quote from SchauWalki»

    Why is this only for the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft!? It's such a great mod!

    Cause I tried porting to 1.8, gave up, now I've discontinued HEE 1 and been working on HEE 2 which will eventually be out for whatever the latest MC version is (and 1.7.10 cause it's the only MC version where the mod works atm).
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    Quote from digimbyte»

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on the main website about multiverse compatibility

    But I seem to have trouble using Hardcore Ender Expansion with Multiverse

    EDIT: Found a solution that should be mentioned on the website under installation

    If you have Multiverse, make sure that The_End is not kept in memory


    keep-world-loaded: false
    enabled: true

    Cauldron (and therefore any bukkit plugins) are officially not supported, use at your own risk.

    Quote from Ravage656»

    I can only speculate it is the new "infestation" where if you stay in the infested forest too long you get negative potion effects. but chylex said he removed infestation because it was annoying, redundant and has no benefits. He also said ender causatum will be more dangerous but less annoying and have some kind of benefit, however it doesn't do anything right now if I recall correctly. To be exact one of the changelogs say "New concept in works - Ender Causatum (currently has no visible effect)"

    Causatum does nothing in HEE 1, the original concept was partially abandoned. In HEE 2, it's an indicator of progression within the mod and changes many things, including how mobs react and fight you, and allows for certain events to happen if the level is too high.

    Quote from archmage94»

    If this is ever updated for 1.9/ 1.10 then i'm curious to see how it works with the 1.9 changes to the End

    HEE 2 will be updated to the latest version of Minecraft by the time it's finished. 1.9 changes are replaced, some will be reimplemented in HEE and backported to 1.7.10.
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    MinecraftForum is completely unusable and does not let me edit this topic properly. This page will no longer be updated with new versions, but can still be used to download old, unsupported versions of the mod.

    Download via CurseForge: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/227409-better-sprinting

    Download via Minecraft-Modding.de: http://minecraft-modding.de/mods/better-sprinting-mod/



    The sprinting system in Minecraft always felt unfinished and unrefined, but don't worry - Better Sprinting is here to save it and add a bunch of extra glitter!

    List of features
    - Sprint Hold key with an obvious function
    - Sprint Toggle key which toggles between sprinting and walking
    - Sneak Toggle key which toggles sneaking (opening GUIs makes you stand up until you close it)

    - Option to turn on/off double tapping W
    - Flying speed boost in creative mode (hold the sprint key)
    - Option for sprinting in all directions (SP ONLY)
    - Option to disable the mod without having to uninstall it

    - Quickly access Better Sprinting settings in-game using O (can be configured)
    - Slowly access Better Sprinting settings from the Controls menu
    - Optional update notifications (checked once a day)

    - The mod can also be installed on a server, and the /bettersprinting admin command lets you enable special features or automatically disable the mod on client side when people join
    - If you don't have a Forge server, you can read all about implementing your own mod/plugin to benefit from the features


    Download (Outdated Versions)
    Visit one of the links on top of this post for Forge versions of Better Sprinting.

    AdFly is an advertisement website that allows me to get some money from making mods. If you want to support me, click the adfly link, wait 5 seconds and click Skip Ad in top right corner.

    Jar versions
    These are installed straight into the minecraft jar files in .minecraft/versions folder. That makes mods highly incompatible and it is significantly more difficult to install mods that way. There will be no more updates for jar versions.
    1.8 SSP (v14) - adfly non-adfly
    1.7.10 SSP (v14) - adfly non-adfly
    1.7.2 SSP (v13) - adfly non-adfly
    1.7.2 SSP (v12) - adfly non-adfly
    1.6.4 SSP (v11) - jar (adfly) forge (adfly) jar (non-adfly) forge (non-adfly)
    1.6.2 SSP (v11) - jar (adfly) forge (adfly) jar (non-adfly) forge (non-adfly)
    1.6.1 SSP (v10) - jar (adfly) forge (adfly) jar (non-adfly) forge (non-adfly)
    1.5.2 SSP (v9) - adfly non-adfly
    1.5.1 SSP (v9) - adfly non-adfly
    1.5.1 SSP (v8) - adfly non-adfly
    1.5 SSP (v7) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4.7 SSP (v7) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4.6 SSP (v6) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4.5 SSP (v5) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4.4 SSP (v5) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4.2 SSP (v4) - adfly non-adfly
    1.4 SSP (v4) - adfly non-adfly
    1.3.2 SSP (v4) - adfly non-adfly
    1.3.1 SSP (v3) - adfly non-adfly
    1.2.5 SSP (v3) - adfly non-adfly SPC fix (install after installing both mods)
    1.2.5 SSP (v2) - adfly non-adfly
    1.2.5 SSP (v1) - adfly non-adfly

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    Better Sprinting was updated to 1.1.3, available for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.8




    - Added key unbinding by pressing Escape
    - Fixed visual bug with sneaking not player height
    - Fixed visual bug with wrong head rotation in third person camera
    - Fixed a bug where disabling the mod on server with toggle sprint/sneak on would lock the state, until the player re-joined the server
    - Reworked update notifications (check once per day, and only notify about updates for currently played version of Minecraft)

    - Added Russian localization by Adaptivity
    - Added German localization by Vexatos
    - Added French localization by Mazdallier
    - Added Simplified Chinese localization by 3TUSK
    - Added Traditional Chinese localization by NatsuArashi


    Since MCF is incredibly slow and every time I try to use the editor something breaks, the main post will no longer be updated. To stay up to date, you can follow the CurseForge page, my Twitter, or enable update notifications in the mod. I will keep replying to comments over here when needed.

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    Due to frequent errors and massive performance issues in the MinecraftForum editor, the main post will no longer be updated. Please view the official website and CurseForge page for latest information.

    Official website: http://hee.chylex.com
    Download: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/228015-hardcore-ender-expansion


    First time I battled the dragon, it was a great experience but I never felt like doing it again. The lack of proper challenge made the battle dull, and so I created the Hardcore Enderdragon mod way back in March 2012.

    After some time, the mod has expanded from the dragon battle to the whole End dimension, and I felt like the name needed to change too. Welcome to Hardcore Ender Expansion!

    The End has been redefined
    Hardcore Ender Expansion offers unique, new content across the End. The dragon became a truly challenging boss with a great reward, but the adventure doesn't end there. The End is no longer just an island. Go investigate unique ores, battle new mobs, travel to new biomes, the death awaits you! ... I mean, adventure. Adventure awaits you.

    To get familiar with the mod, use the Ender Compendium, which is a source of information about every feature of the mod! By exploring new blocks, items and mobs, you gain points which you can use to unlock information about these objects. You can open the Ender Compendium using the 'P' key by default.

    Another important part of the mod are achievements, which will guide you through the main features.

    The mod also has its own website http://hee.chylex.com, where you can find authors, version history, configuration guide and other information.

    One of the MCF updates broke galleries, so you can now see screenshots on the official website.

    There are no up-to-date videos that showcase the mod in its current state. If you make one, please let me know and I might add it here.

    Videos of outdated versions

    Showcase by SSundee [R1.2.2]

    Showcase by TheAtlanticCraft [R1.2.1]

    Showcase - part 1 by Puredominace [R1.1.2]

    Me talking about new name & showcasing new Essence Altar [R1.1.1]

    Derpy first-time gameplay - part 1 by Ritz [R1.1]

    Mod review - part 1 by setosorcerer [R1.0]

    Review by Deadlox [PR1]
    - shows only some of the features so people would try the mod for themselves

    Short teaser for the pre-release 1 made by myself [PR1]

    All downloads have been moved to CurseForge and the official website.

    I recommend using OpenEye mod, which helps with reporting crashes, and makes it easier to fix them. If a crash is known, it will also show you how to fix it.

    See the source code & public issue tracker on https://github.com/chylex/Hardcore-Ender-Expansion, which is ran by GitHub. Make sure to read the readme for source code & asset license, and guide on how to create an issue.

    Installation guide
    1. Download Forge installer, open it and install
    2. Open the Minecraft launcher and select Forge in the profile list
    3. Click Edit Profile and Open Game Dir, this opens a folder
    4. Create a new folder called mods
    5. Download the mod and open it in an archiving software
    6. Drag both .jar files (HardcoreEnderExpansion & Java7Checker) into the mods folder
    7. Go back to Minecraft launcher and play!

    1. Download Forge installer, open it, select Install server, choose the location and install
    2. Create a new folder called mods
    3. Download the mod and open it in an archiving software
    4. Drag both .jar files (HardcoreEnderExpansion & Java7Checker) into the mods folder
    5. Run forge-(...)-universal.jar to start the server!

    Terms of use
    For latest license information and modpack policy, please visit the official website.

    Texture packs
    Here is a list of texture packs which modify HEE's textures. If you made a texture pack which supports HEE, contact me for addition.

    Eben's Ore - hi-res textures for ores & end stone

    Support the mod - banners!
    Add a banner of the mod to your signature to support it! Open the Edit profile menu (you need to be logged on) and copy & paste in one of the codes below. You just need to remove the spaces around "url" and "img", because the post editor is one of the buggiest things I've seen, and I can't post it without spaces and have it not implode.

    Are you an artist and want to make your own banner? Create a picture of size 728x100 pixels or smaller (official banner is 607x100), upload it to imgur or other image sharing service and send it to me! I will add it here and credit you ;).

    Banner made by myself

    [ url ="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1066990-hardcore-ender-expansion"][ img ]http://i.imgur.com/iXiOqqc.png[/ img ][/ url ]

    Banner by NyctoDarkMatter

    [ url ="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1066990-hardcore-ender-expansion"][ img ]http://i.imgur.com/CetsCDA.png[/ img ][/ url ]

    Links and social stuff
    Me, and everybody who helped out have put a huge amount of effort into the mod. We would like to thank you for all the amazing support, and we will appreciate any feedback and thoughts! :)

    If you are interested in translating the mod, you can do so by visiting the HEE translation project. If a language is missing, let me know either here or tweet me and I will add it!

    Make sure to follow my Twitter account for updates, teasing and annoucements!

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    Quote from sk8champ0»

    Dragons fireballs cause massive lag. Also the feature were he destroys the land is very annoying. by the time i beat him most of the land already is destroyed or i have fallen through it.

    Also how do i get the instability orb to only spawn vanilla items?

    You can force dungeon loot only using the config API.

    Hold on a second...on reflection, if this is true, doesn't it mean Hardcore Ender Expansion is incompatible with Thaumcraft? As in, if I'm running a server I need to pick one or the other only? Not cool.

    Except both HEE and TC have been together in dozens of highly popular packs and nobody else has had these issues.

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    aah. my understanding is that a mod replaces an entity(legally), but at an unexpected time, then when one of these packets comes back looking for its target, it complains that the target's gone. And since the pointer is now pointing to nothing, i guess information on the target is gone. So it has no way of knowing which mod deleted its target, and the mod did nothing illegal and didn't directly cause the warning. Anyway, thank you, this is what I wanted to know.

    Since it's a warning and not an error, it may be worth living with if i understand the cause. Normally my policy is no(100+mods each generating minor warnings still adds up); but this is a particularly desirable mod for a hexxit-type server, is probably worth it if i can't notice any induced lag.

    If I generate an enderman through console or umm with enderman egg, would that also be a fast way to verify(i.e., will those get replaced)?

    Don't think it's a packet mismatch, the entity is replaced before you even have a chance to get into the game. The only reason I might imagine is another mod spawning the "old" Endermen, but in fact Minecraft should be able to handle that fine. Although that might be why it generates the warning, so not sure. The only real test I can think of is switching to peaceful and seeing if it stops. If it does, it's still not 100% certain but you might get closer.

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    I didn't want you to do anything with it. i just asked what entities the mod adds in the overworld that might be causing the warning, and you strongly hinted that you would refuse to answer unless i posted the log. So I did as you demanded and posted the log... and you complain about it, and still won't answer the original question.

    I'm sorry if it doesn't point to hee, but I've added and removed your mod half a dozen times now, never seen that error except when i add it. My goal Isn't to make mods point to their errors, just to find and remove those errors from my server. You'd need to talk to the forge devs or mod author about something like that.

    Well, it doesn't add any to Overworld... it replaces vanilla Endermen, but the log doesn't say which entity it was and why it happened, so I'm not sure what's going on. If you switch to peaceful and it stops, it might be the replacement messing up, but it also prints it when you die or have lag, so it might also be that the server cannot handle modded MC.

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    Remove all mods with dev in the filename, those are only for development and will screw up the entire game if you install them as mods.

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