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    posted a message on (Possible) Low Lag Block Degradation Idea

    I don't really mod but I have been relatively invested in modding for a while now and there Is one idea that I thought was really weird no-one had tried before: a block degradation system. I imagine having a constant random tick running for every block to see if it degrades would be extremely laggy but what if instead each tick, second, etc (probably configurable in config) every chunk picked a random block to random tick degrade? An example would be something like : Every 5 minutes pick 3 random blocks in this chunk, for every 1 face exposed to air have a 25% chance to degrade according to this degradation table. So basically instead of having a random tick rolling for every single block loaded, you just have one rolling for every chunk. You could of course use a much more complex algorithm to determine degradation then just a simple Stone bricks -> Cobblestone -> Mossy Cobble but this is just an idea.

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    posted a message on Improvised Incantation Style magic mod

    Long story short, I have been a big fan of the warlock style of magic and have been thinking of different magic mod ideas for a while now and just recently I thought of one that I think would be, really, really cool and minimalistic. (when playing not necessarily when making)

    Basically its a few key axioms:

    (I use the word spells in these but after thinking about it a bit more, I think the word incantation might be a better descriptor. In addition I have used the filler term "Magick" throughout this but thats just because its not really important, although I have been thinking about calling them just Advance/Advances/etc)

    1 : spells are comprised of words which you create without any multiblock structures or special blocks (some spells can be designed to be repeated with a cumulative effect) (a key goal is to, as much as is reasonably possible, avoid adding blocks.)
    2 : you can always say these words but they may not work correctly if you do not have enough Magicks.
    3 : Magicks, when used, evenly weakens potion effects and, if the effects are completely nullified, builds a potion effect resistance that lasts for the remaining time.(In theory you could make a potion effect whitelist so there is a "Magickally induced Regeneration" which doesn't get cancelled, but I am a bit more iffy on that.)
    4 : there are several types of Magicks, each spell used may utilize one or more types to differing amounts
    5 Spells accumulate Magick to work, they do not have a hard limit. Ie : instead of "You need to have 5 Magicks to do this" its "You need to have or accrue a total of 5 Magicks to do this" (that is obviously not real numbers or measurements, its just an example to explain the concept)
    6 : The normal human body holds very little Magickal potential unless it has undergone extreme long term exposure. (or extraneous factors are at play, such as modifications, injections, etc) The same is true for its regeneration. Natural, un-assisted regeneration is also extremely slow taking several minutes to completely refill your natural Magick Limit. If long term growth is added (ie : something like the more you use spells the stronger your innate magic gets) then dying reduces this progress.
    7 : you can eat ingredients (mostly herbs but not entirely)quickly (in a fraction of a second as opposed to the seconds to eat normally) to affect your caps, regen, etc for different Magicks. These herbs may, rarely, affect one another in unforseen ways. (and, if possible, maybe even be directly used within spells, like a special herb which, when eaten, will serve as a "targeting" herb and focus whatever spell you are thinking of wherever that herb was grown; so you could have a quick return spell which teleports you home. If targeting ingredients do exist, then the farther away they are the more Magick they would have to accumulate.)
    8 : Different relics or rituals can be found or learned which can have their own Magickal effects on you, your spells, etc. Critically though armour and similar things should be avoided as they would almost certainly perform whatever magical properties they have on their own and thus create a disconnect between Magick user and Magick used. An example of a good item would be a charm which catalyzes certain spells meaning, when held, you can use more words than you could before. (ex : a Diviner's Wrath charm or something which can apply powerfull curses onto undead) Another one might be a necklace that takes damage in your stead but never breaks completely and repairs itself by pulling from your Magick supply. (ex : Basically item based absorption) Another one might be a ritual which, when the right markings are placed pull from some Magick supply to make whatever it is they encase immune to destruction. (basically magical force fields) etc, things that are not "sword but better" or "armour that pushes people away" but instead serve really obscure but useful roles
    9 : There are no spells to make magic lamps. (this is a bit more esoteric but basically, just don't make a Magick user's house look substantially different than a non-magick user's house, maybe a few arcane symbols here or there for certain specific reasons, but for the majority of the time there should be no active spell effects visible. An example of these specific reasons might be some security system which senses when someone who isn't allowed gets in and does something)
    10 (possible feature) : maybe an inscription system of some sort to carve simple runes into surfaces? Nothing like psi which is linear, but something much more, strange, in nature. Basically you would take a carving knife or something, select a face on a block, and then a simple window would come up and let you click what symbols to add to the rune. You could add 1-20 symbols and one Magick source, a "core" (a mix of ingredients to be placed in the centre of the rune where no symbols can go) or something and could they be something like "Activate this rune if entity walks within line of sight of the rune" (so it is like a tripwire) or "ONLY activate this rune if whatever is detected does not have match any targeting ingredients" (basically an activation modifier, so if we combined it with the past one we could say "When an entity walks within LoS of this face, and it does not match either blood A or blood B, activate the rune") or "when this rune is activated, release a burst of Magicks from the core". If we put these three symbols together, we would have basically a one use laser tripwire security system that may cause some collateral. Its critical to note that these symbols would not be logical in nature, just as easily we could add a fourth symbol that says "Activate this rune if an entity walks within 5 blocks of this rune" then we have a 4 symbol rune which fires a Magick burst if an unauthorized entity walks past it OR near it.
    11 (another possible feature) : an armour inscription system maybe, I am less sure of how this would work but it would be similar to previous except the core wouldn't supply Magick, instead that would be the wearer, and the symbols would probably be a bit more specific. (or maybe customizable? so you can say "Activate this rune if someone walks [IN FRONT OF/BEHIND OF] wearer", this is really just an idea.)
    12 (maybe how to learn words) : You can learn various Magickal words through either long term use of spells (so after using a similar spell for so long you might think of another word), seeing someone else use the word (maybe just a few times), or maybe finding tomes which can have hints at new words in them.

    example spell usage : eat herbs (to gain required Magicks) ->Entia In 5 [1/2/3/5/10] (Entities within 1/2/3/4/5/10 BLOCKS) -> Statim Ire (Instantly go to/teleport) -> Trans Ratio (Across dimensions) -> eat ingredient with locational properties ->Quo magia ducit (Where The Magic Leads)

    This spell would transport you and anyone within however many blocks you select to a location, specifically across dimensions, to go to wherever is indicated by what you ate.

    An example of this spell in exact use would be :

    eat herbs ->Entia In 5 -> Statim Ire -> Trans Ratio -> *Drink blood of an animal* -> Quo magia ducit

    this spell, as written exactly, would teleport you and any living entity within 5 blocks of you (so anything with health) to the location of an animal whose blood you drank. (so if you took a blood sample from your wolf who is at your house, you and your friend would go to your house)

    as an example of how to handle messed up spell usage lets say this :Entia In 5 -> Statim Ire

    This spell might cause everyone within a 5 block radius of you to just teleport randomly.

    if you said : Entia In 5 -> Statim Ire -> Quo magia ducit

    Then it might make everyone within 5 blocks randomly switch places

    if you said : Entia In 5 -> Quo magia ducit

    Then nothing would happen since all you said was get everyone within 5 blocks and go where the magic commands, which would be nowhere since you basically just made a car without an engine. (maybe make a weird magical fizzle out effect or something)

    Basically : if a person messes up a spell, you want it to fail, but not with a message or icon, but with its result

    When it comes to displaying your Magicks the only low profile thing I have thought of is something you can craft about mid-way into your journey that puts a small orb in the bottom left of your screen that looks something like this: (forgive me, I only have ms paint... I'm sorry, this is a disgrace)


    where each segment of the orb gets a stronger hue the more of that type of Magick you have.(so if a completely new user got it, it would either be very dim, or completely blank, likely very dim to the point of looking nearly blank)

    I haven't decided on the best way to do casting as of yet, I feel like this would depend highly on how the words work, possible a kind of MineMenu like system where you can pick from a wheel of words to build a spell on the fly maybe? The key for me is to avoid something like Psi where people just start trading spells without building them themselves or understanding them. Having an exclusively on the fly spell building system would mean people not only get antiquated with the core words, but they also have good reason to remember them, since if they fail a healing spell may turn into an ignition spell. If this is what ends up happening, a Mine Menu wheel with click and hold word power accumulation would be best so basically, you keep holding click on whatever word you want to add until you "finish" the word, ie : it has finished accumulating Magicks and then the menu reopens with that word rewritten and prompts you for a new one.My biggest issue with this system would be that the more words you get, it might get extremely cluttered, but otherwise i think it would really promote a deep understanding of the spells you use and in general just be really freaking fun to use. As for axiom 2, some words might be specifically only cast-able in X amount of time, and if you go over that amount of time they will lose accuracy or potency encouraging you to have a large Magick store before using these words. Since you can't have the players literally saying these words, it would likely be best to have some visual queues as to what words have been used, so for instance you could see someone casting a spell with a tracking projectile and setup a reversal spell or something before it reaches you. (this would obviously come at a later date but I think it is important to be thinking about since systems like this would wind up being crucial for PvP combat using it)

    To anyone who figured this out, yes this was highly inspired by John Constantine and his style of magic although its not like Constantine is the only character to ever use magic like this. This kind of magic is more of a mix of several with a general aim to avoid users of this mod becoming a plain and simple "magic user" by incorporating things like the previously mentioned potion affect countering and trinkets.

    I think the mod would work best without direct explanations of what everything does to encourage personal testing. (maybe a brief description of it in an obscured manner or something) Maybe have the initial words you learn being very simple, ie : "ignire" for igniting something, something you could get a general grasp of without it being explained to you in detail, and then as you progress you can actually learn the words instead of just having them explained to you in a book or tooltip. This could be how the tomes work in that, at differing Magick comprehension levels, you can gleam different words from the book, so an advanced Magick user could learn more from the same book than a novice could. A tutorial to get people started in learning it might be a necessary feature though, even in that case however I believe the level of explanations should be low to encourage people to get a good grasp of the words themselves.

    As a bonus, the compatibility between this and other mods could actually be really high. To add herb compatibility with botania for instance you would just need to create a single "clippings" item for whatever flower you want, and then add its affects when eaten. You could even introduce things like exorcism words for compatibility with mods like Bewitchment when they get ported. (which itself would be a really fun word to use, imagine if some words you could choose how much Magick to focus into them, so you have to make the choice of if you want to wait longer for a more certain exorcism or cast it now with the risk of it not working) With that said, I think they should diverge at higher levels instead of converging. To explain i will use bewitchment as an example, (even though it isn't currently for 1.16) I think that the mods would benefit if you could eat mandrake cuttings as a herb to enhance your Magicks, but I think that for actual spell usage they should counter each other, ie : a word to scramble the generation of Altar power in Bewitchment but not one to increase it. I think this would encourage magical warfare while also reducing the chances of an overpowered mod combo.

    I have been thinking about this for a while but I don't have really any modding experience so I don't know how much of this would be possible or how it might need to be changed so some of this may be out there.

    While the direct incantations are the most apparent and clear part of the mod concept, I do think other aspects are almost just as important. Things like charms, trinkets, and even rituals that can be found, created or used would probably what converts this from a surface level skill mod (like the wall jump mod) to an actual in depth and game altering mod. Having less common but more powerful items that are more about how they are used than direct strength would be extremely useful in adding depth since they allow you to break the limitations imposed by the Incantation format and in general build the ethos of the world. (your not just some dude who knows magic, you are the possessor of it ) It could also prompt either teamwork or increased PvP depending on the server. On a primarily Co-op server people would be sharing rituals they found and artifacts they have collected to well, obviously work together and get better as a group, but on a primarily PvP server people would be hiding these trinkets and skills thus meaning that the people at the top have targets on their back. The culmination of all of these factors would, hopefully, result in a magic mod which seamlessly integrates into normal play in that, to a non magic user, the worst intrusion they get is finding some trash items, but to a magic user there is a world of potential which encourages study of the words, testing of incantations, mixing of rituals and trinkets, and exploration.

    This got long, fast, sorry about that, uh tldr : Magic mod about on the fly incantation usage instead of premeditated spell construction with a focus on magical specialization and additional trinkets and rituals that help flesh out the world.

    (this is also leaned towards multiplayer if it wasn't clear, I doubt it would work nearly as well in a singleplayer world, although I could be wrong)

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    posted a message on anonymize death messages 1.15.2

    Is there a method (modded or vanilla) that would allow me to anonymize death messages? Specifically, the part saying "X player tried to swim in lava -" would display the same, but if they died in lava trying to run from somebody it would say "- trying to escape [|||||||||||]" so who actually killed them isn't visible. (on a similar note, is there a way to remove player nametags? Maybe only partially or something but just some way of making them less clear and easy to spot would be great)

    (ps. I'm not sure if this belongs in the server category or not since that claims to be about hosting servers and not weird issues like this)

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    posted a message on Bring back old challenge

    This is an issue me and a friend noticed recently when I watched (and then showed them) a video by Jay Exci, specifically . It pointed out that earlier mobs were harder in very low level ways that most players wouldn't notice. So after seeing that we both booted up alpha versions of MC and we believe that there are other "out of the way" changes that have ultimately made MC "easier' to survive in. Neither of us like the power creep introduced by a lot of mods that try to make mobs harder or the game more rewarding but the alphas we played avoided that amazingly well. (albeit accidentally) A simple in game control mod that allowed you to set knockback factors, running speeds, etc with high mod compatibility could be a huge thing and to my knowledge it doesn't exist. Like I said, I don't like mods that introduce high power creep (ie : LASER GUNS AND NUKES MADE FROM OAK!) but its hard to make the game harder in a natural way without having 50 overlapping and conflicting difficulty mods. While I don't know exactly what caused it either (and it could have just been a placebo) I also felt like the game was just in general more rewarding when we played the alpha version which may be an indicator that other factors have influenced its experience overall. (once again, this could just be a placebo but we have found literally thousands of iron ore pockets by now and yet when we played in alpha we both were actually kind of excited to see iron)

    (basically like how CraftTweaker lets you change recipes and the like, this would let you change fundamental behaviours like knockback & acceleration. Preferably you could set global shifts like 0.75 accel that would apply to all mobs vanilla or modded (with exceptions for edge cases) but I don't know for sure how hard something like that would be and that idea doesn't even start on changing other aspects)

    (edit : I just posted this because its a mod I personally think should exist, I do not have much of a clue at all as to how it should be implemented or what features should be included. If you like the idea I would highly suggest watching Jay Exci's video posted above as they go into much, much greater detail. Even if it isn't completely exhaustive, it should give you a good understanding of the core changes.)

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    posted a message on Replace bedrock layer in overworld

    I'm using tetra on a small server with a relatively large, but present, world border; tetra has something called "seeping bedrock" which is typically only generated under very specific structures in snowy biomes. I was wondering if there is a command or something that I could have running that would replace the bedrock layer with seeping bedrock and thus allow tetra's machinery to work in more places. (modded or unmodded)

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    posted a message on creating dynamic textures and gui

    Currently I am working on a mod and am currently using MCreator to make it (though I am very early in its creation so dropping this would not be an issue) but part of the mod requires two things: 1, a good and responsive gui that I cant figure out how to make in MCreator (I am new to the software so I could be missing it but its gui software seems nowhere near what would be required to make a decent gui even on the same chart as a thauminomicon, codex, book of shadows, open computers manual, etc) and 2, a way to make textures procedurally based on stored data.(likely metadata) This entire mod is in its very very early infancy so nothing is really set in stone as of yet but these are the two core features that would be required to make the mod what I/we want it to be. I though of using MCreator because it would allow us to handle larger projects easier however from what I have seen thus far it is very limiting and I would like to know if it is even capable of the things we need it to do.

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    posted a message on Spell Creation (done different)

    This is a very early and highly conceptual but what about a mod that worked in a similar vein to psi, thaumcraft, and bewitchment/witchery in that you were given chalk and could write your own sigils/rituals that you could then write on the fly. Further if you added some level of integration between mods, you could in theory create multi-block rituals where you put down several sigils and can actually expel or trap things such as lesser demons. I am unclear on if this would even be possible to code but I definitely think it would be a blast to throw down custom sigils in combat.

    I don't really know much about mod making and I don't know if this would be any good, but I personally think it has strong potential and could definitely open a new field in the realm of magic mods. I just wanted to get this idea out there, if you have any suggestions, criticisms, etc feel free to comment them. (and while I doubt it ever will, if you think it has potential to become a mod and either are, or know someone who could make that a reality I would love to work to make this at least into a prototype stage to see its potential)

    (extra theories and context that aren't required to get the general idea, I don't really know how to describe any of this so expect it to be a bit confusing:

    The idea here is that you have lots of potential with VERY little actual model making and so on, if you gave people enough basic shapes to work with (ie : the shapes that "real" rituals are made with and you see being made by characters such as dr strange and john Constantine) and had them perform general enough functions you could really capture the feel of real magic usage. One way of doing this is not to have one shape (the smallest, indivisible part of a player made sigil) feed into another shape, but rather have them all have a heat map like feeding area so instead of just saying "this shape feeds into this shape to do this" it would be a lot more free form and this would even lend way to giving the player less information so they have to get a feel for each shape on their own. (so basically you could have one shape that feeds in a cone with directly forward being most efficient, and its even more efficient if the shape its feeding into is about 75 pixels away but not much more than 100)

    Another idea is to have a "hand drawing" item which would be less like john Constantine drawing out rituals on the ground to expel a demon, and more like dr strange writing one in mid air to blast one a few feet back; These would be quicker and easier to fire with more directionality, but also likely weaker and would be relatively hard to animate well.

    The main goal with this idea is to stop the chronic issue I feel is facing the "magic" mods we currently have, predictability; most if not all magic mods we have now are VERY predictable and don't really let you feel like a bleeding edge witch/warlock. You end up mostly just using simple rituals to cook food, teleport, or just set the occasional zombie ablaze, and it ends up getting boring fast. With that said, having to improvise a warding ritual as you draw it with the only indicator of where each shape goes being the database you have in your head, THAT would feel like magic. I think a system like this would be playable for years with a remarkably low amount of upkeep since you really only need to add one or two items to get the full functionality of the mod. I would love to see magic taken in a more warlock-y direction with looser rules and stronger potential because I think that magic is in a very unique place in which you have the freedom to do whatever you want, but if you mess it up it can go bad fast. (example : if you don't have efficient enough power transfer from one of your shapes to another, it explodes because that power has nowhere to go) the issue is that I don't feel like many mods have capitalized on this potential and instead end up feeling like a tech mod that doesn't want to accept its a tech mod. I love thaumcraft because I think it takes a step in the right direction with vis and flux being both very useful and very dangerous along with being theoretically controllable, but ultimately wild. With that said however, it does feel like its missing something. Psi is better in the customization department but it is literally just an abstracted programing language so it also misses the feel of "warlock magic".


    edit: I should clarify, none of the mods I listed here are bad mods, I just personally think they are relevant examples. My idea of a magic mod that deliberately is quick to use but slow to develop and unclear to the player (in its nature, not in its execution, being able to make a sigil should be easy, being able to understand one should be hard) is just one that I dont think any mods have truly captured and I think it has a lot of potential.

    example edit : I thought of a good example that might help convey how you could solve problems in interesting ways with a mod like this: imagine you have icbm or another massive crater making mod, now imagine you have a base. (pretty simple so far right?) but someone knows where your base is, and they dont like you. You could fashion a warding sigil that works in groups so you can place the sigil all around you base, and they all work together across your base to ward it and increase its durability. This allows you to solve the problem of a vulnerable base, not by making a shield or other such clear and defined item/machine, but instead through smart use and development of wards that interlock to create a magical shield. (for balancing you could have it be so that if the ward does something, it starts to break by a proportional amount, this would allow things to break through warding and sigils to deplete. Equally there should be a "self repair" shape so that a ward system like this could SLOWLY reduce the damage its sigils had taken to protect against the ICBM missile. This allows for creative problem solving with both long and short term options (so for instance you could create a "multi-block sigil" (lots of small sigils you created that work together and share power, damage, etc) that allows something to enter it but not leave to trap a wither for instance, this sigil however, does not have a self repair shape because it doesnt have the power to actually "run" one of those shapes and wouldn't be able to sustain its warding if it had one added to it.)

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    posted a message on Very strange (and persistent) crash on custom modpack

    Well dropbox hates me (this is not a new development, I dont use it for anything that requires it to be perfectly reliable so I never bother to fix it) so here is a media fire link



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    posted a message on Very strange (and persistent) crash on custom modpack

    So me and a friend have been playing a custom modpack for a while now to look for balancing issues, bugs, so on so forth yada yada yada but earlier this morning it froze (not uncommon, I am running and playing it on the same computer for now as actually putting it on our server gets a bit annoying when we keep changing it) and when I tried to boot it again I got an error for an Embers Rekindled block (the stamper) which said something along the lines of not being able to find which side is which. After this I removed embers rekindled (which kind of sucked, but we weren't using it a ton anyway) but then it still happened just a different log : [16:38:10] [Server thread/ERROR] [minecraft/MinecraftServer]: Encountered an unexpected exception
    net.minecraft.util.ReportedException: Exception while ticking a block
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(MinecraftServer.java:762) ~[MinecraftServer.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer.func_71190_q(DedicatedServer.java:397) ~[nz.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(MinecraftServer.java:668) ~[MinecraftServer.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:526) [MinecraftServer.class:?]
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [?:1.8.0_241]
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/world/World$2
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_190524_a(World.java:557) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_175685_c(World.java:493) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_175722_b(World.java:440) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.World.markAndNotifyBlock(World.java:381) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_180501_a(World.java:361) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.World.func_175698_g(World.java:398) ~[amu.class:?]
    at net.minecraftforge.fluids.BlockFluidFinite.tryToFlowVerticallyInto(BlockFluidFinite.java:201) ~[BlockFluidFinite.class:?]
    at net.minecraftforge.fluids.BlockFluidFinite.func_180650_b(BlockFluidFinite.java:90) ~[BlockFluidFinite.class:?]
    at thaumcraft.common.blocks.world.taint.BlockFluxGoo.func_180650_b(BlockFluxGoo.java:108) ~[BlockFluxGoo.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_72955_a(WorldServer.java:737) ~[oo.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.world.WorldServer.func_72835_b(WorldServer.java:223) ~[oo.class:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(MinecraftServer.java:756) ~[MinecraftServer.class:?]
    ... 4 more

    from this I would think it is thaumcraft since flux goo would be from thaumcraft but we have never had any issues with thaumcraft and there is one more strange thing about it. When I originally saw this and thought it was thaumcraft I tried to roll back to a previous world backup which I know for a fact worked because I had played it earlier today, AFTER the backup was made. It still crashed. Then I made a whole new profile on Twitch/curse, coppied over the mods, blah blah blah, literally the only files that were the same, were the launcher batch itself, the mods, the server, and the world which should be perfectly fine since the error appeared AFTER the backup was made. The error was still there. I did try to make a new world and it worked fine but I want to solve the actual issue here in case it returns when we actually have more people on the server. Since both the backups which I know worked previously, and the current world both are unbootable, it effects several mods, etc etc etc I have zero clue as to what this might be, letalone how to fix it.

    I will reply to this with a dropbox link with the world (an earlier backup, this morning at 7:47 AM, the crash occurred almost 2 hours later) and the mods and would appreciate any help.

    (by the way, windows 10, mid to high teir computer, and I have been running this setup for a while now so I know it CAN run it, and forge version forge-


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    posted a message on PvP faction mod? 1.12.2

    Is there a mod that would make certain other players count as "hostile" so pets and turrets (for instance) would attack on sight? (specifically it needs to be able to also set some people as friendly, I imagine there is a mod that does this but I dont know what it is and I cant find it)

    minecraft version 1.12.2

    forge version

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    posted a message on Host server on several IPs

    Is there a way to host one server on several IP addresses? I am a big techie and me and my friend have a VPN (more accurately a virtual private LAN) running to play together. With that said I am planning on moving to a new campus soon and I want to know if there is a way that I could host a server on both the LAN of that Uni-network and on the VPN at the same time. (forge modded, 1.12.2 if it matters)

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    posted a message on Cant break blocks or wear armour

    Working on a modpack for me and a few friends (will link the full profile down below, the world I am talking about is on the server) and now I cant break blocks or wear armour. When I try to break blocks I get a laughing sound and they come right back and when I try to wear armour it makes a sliding noise and goes right back in my inventory. I know its got to be one of my mods but I have used them all before and have no clue which one it may be.

    note : for file size I am only copying the folders not the server itself or any other files in the main directory. it is version 1.12.2 so a quick forge client and server installation should cover it. (hopefully)



    addendum : it only occurs in survival, so I think its a feature (nevertheless one I very much dont want to have 24/7)

    It also seems to only affect some blocks, for instance bricks, brick stairs, flowers, crops, leaves, etc are all unaffected but polished granite, dirt, logs, etc are all unbreakable

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