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    Title says it all really,

    4 friends met on a bedrock realm at the start of lockdown last year and due to it closing down, we decided to make our own realm in August.

    People have come and gone but we now have a very devoted core group of players who love nothing more than to help each other build pretty amazing projects, some will be featured below. The most important thing about this realm is to have fun and make everyones lives easier.

    What we expect from you:

    • Honesty - We have had cheaters, dupers, trolls you name it - none of us are against pranks but we want to keep an authentic experience for all
    • Maturity - There is not an age requirement of the realm nor do we need to know every detail if you are not comfortable sharing, all we ask is that you are mature and be respectful
    • A love for this wonderful game - Many people come and go on MC but that's the joy of it, you can always return when you want more. That's why once you are a member you should never feel you have to leave, you will always be welcome here for as long as we run the server.
    • Participation - If you want to play by yourself, that's fine but you could always do a solo survival world for that, we have shops that you can spend diamonds to buy things and mini games that we make
      What we can offer you:
    • A Functional mob switch (All be it a little laggy if lots of people are on) but it is completely vanilla
    • One Person Sleep - This has a knack to it but even if more than one person is on the realm you can sleep
    • Mini Games - We have a fighting arena and a TTT game at the moment but we are looking to make more in the future!
    • A safe space for all who love MC
      What we need to get started: In an application message it would be nice if you could answer these questions so we can best help you:

    Name/AliasWhere you're from (NA/EU) Doesn't need to more specific than state etc How active you are If you have one, a MC Youtuber you watch a lot ofWhat kind of builds you like making (Technical, Design, games)Any questions you have about the realm!

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to join our Discord (It's where we do almost all of our communication) which is called Treepunchers United and the code is: https://discord.gg/bR7dPkTSu3 If not, add me in Discord personally @ Kristybean#4752
    As we are a close knit community we have a lot of trust in each other so if problems start occurring we will likely know where to look. Any moderator reserves the right to remove and disruptive player without warning within the first two weeks, after which they will be subject to our general server rules and punishments!
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    We are a hermit craft style server looking for mature members to help contribute to our bustling community! The photos should show off some of our key builds in our shopping district amongst other places. If this interests you, join the discord link and apply within.



    message Kristybean#4752

    We look forward to seeing you!! :D

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    Hiya. Me and a few friends have started up a realm after our previous realm had shut down. We’re about 10 days in so we have the essentials. It would be really cool to get some more, consistent players. English speaking based in Europe and US. A hermit style server with hopefully a shopping district and good economy.

    what we want from you.
    participation in events and to be relatively active.
    maturity. There isn’t specifically an age requirement however we just want mature players to join and have a good time.

    The name of the realm is treepunchers united and here is my discord so I can chat with you a bit further. Look forward to hearing from you all soon :)


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