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    posted a message on Sitting on beds and chairs

    Awesome! SUPPORT. But maybe add some practicality to this, cuz mojang has never added something without purpose. Better regen, maybe?

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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This

    Wow! This sounds like a 100 % mod. But... awesome ideas! If mojang could implement them... say goodbye to those easy nether hubs!

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    posted a message on Mojang ruined the Ender Dragon on PC

    Mixed. The fight was often referred to as "easier" but I don't think that mojang focused not so much on "difficulty" as "variety". Remember 1.8 dragon fighting? I do. Standing around for 10 minutes for that ! dragon to turn around, whack him on the belly, and waiting 10 minutes again. Hitting it with a bow? Unless ya got super good aim? Forget it. Now the dragon attacks you, spits fireballs, and breathes dragon breath. To get the crystals, you now have to 'pearl around to the pillars, and smashing the crystals is much harder for 1.9. Therefore, its not quite "difficulty, but "variety".

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    posted a message on 1.9 Snapshots - Let's talk about performances

    Wait... What?!! I am running 120 fps smooth as salt for all snapshots! For me 100 fps was "terrible". No idea...

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    posted a message on Sugar Beets! A use for Beetroot!

    Haha, those other beetroots you guys are suggesting may well be poisonus😷 IRON BEETS?!! SPICY BEETS?

    *lightbulb* This could be an idea...

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    posted a message on Glowing End Ore (used to craft End Rods)

    This is really cool!

    SUPPORT 200%

    I mean, end rods are really cool but if yoi have to go thousands of blocks to get them, (end cities are not exactly common) they might as well as be nonexistent for survival. Besides, if you have to add a END ROD just for 1 recipe, would not that be even MORE wasteful?

    Sure, maybe a new ore is not good, but maybe you could turn chorus fruit into enderium dust on a crafting grid?

    P.S. I also came up with enderium dust as a name for a dust in my custom resource pack.😄😜

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    posted a message on If you're a committed person, look here. A 2-year running vanilla 1.8/snapshot survival server. Custom events (modded UHC, etc)

    Application for Annoymous_X

    Hello Fugu, BenKrems and anyone determined enough to scroll down all the way here (Good for you!)

    My name is Chris and my IGN is Annoymous_X (Now... Where have I seen THAT name before? *Hint: At the top of this app.*) I come from Hong Kong (Spy for the communists? I think not!) and have reasonable English skills. I'm humble, see? Well, enough of my random mumbles. Here's the dirt on myself.

    I am twelve years old, and am currently in middle school. I love minecraft and play it whenever I can, which is basically every other day. I like building sci-fi, fantasy, underground, and metro themed builds in minecraft, and I don't really feel like using redstone. I do some utility redstone, but that's pretty much it. (Don't worry, I have some VERY innovative ideas for farms.)

    One of the side hobbies of mine is creating custom mobs with commands and some trickery. (Stuff like Shadowblazes [blazes with spiders on top {eyes} which are invisible], Skeletal Cavalry [skeletons riding skele-horses with invisible silverfish acting as pathfinding].) Preettyyy cool stuff, yeah.

    I am mostly kind and helpful (Though sometimes my "Help" may... how do I say it... influence matters.) Once I saw that the town I was living in on one of them towny servers ran out of pigs and cows and went to a lot of trouble to get some back-Involving wheat, leads, trading for slimeballs, nearly drowning, nearly starving, some mild animal abuse and praying for minecraft donuts in 1.8. They didn't come. Now that I think about it, however, I'm not above the occasional prank, on second thought. (Is anyone that good?)

    I've tried joining a few servers (see my forum posts) but was very rejected by the people I found there. Some of the people in factions/raid servers are the worst. I mean, I get it that killing is a key part of the experience on this type of server but some of the despicable tricks they get up to for your loot just make you want to shout **** into the chat. I am currently looking for dedicated, kind, and helpful veteran player servers and it looks like this one is gonna fit the bill.

    Thanks for reading my app, please PLEASE reply soon, and I hope to see you guys on the server!

    Oh, and a note. That picture of my avatar saying PLANETaria is actually the name of a texture pack I'm working on. (No promises~ ;)).

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    posted a message on War of the Races φ Apply Now φ Grey List φ Competely Redone φ McMMO φ Factionsφ Races
    IGN: Annoymous_X
    Age: 12

    Do you have Teamspeak? No
    Ever been banned, if so why? No
    Experience with Minecraft? Starter-Medium
    Experience with Minecraft Servers? Starter-Medium
    Extra info, want to tell me anything about you(Tell me anything!)? I like lores, theorizing, and complicated systems(As long as its not redstone).
    Are you willing to change you skin to match your race(Not Mandatory)? Not quite
    Did a friend tell you about us, If so who, if not where did you learn about us? By looking on searchers
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]

    Your IGN: Annoymous_X[/b]

    Where did you hear about the server: This page[/b]

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging: Don't rage and calm down [/b]

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