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    Hi Cuchaz, I'm having trouble submitting a bug report to your forums at https://www.cuchazinteractive.com/forums/ . I am able to log in, but when I go to http://www.cuchazinteractive.com/forums/categories/ships-bugs the system still thinks I'm logged out, so I cannot post.

    Actually, I want to post a suggestion there: that you implement ship seats. When my server gets laggy, sometimes I fall off the ship when the ship (or maybe I) re-sync with the server.

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    Hi Cuchaz,

    I wanted to let you know that recently I created a modpack and a server that features your ships mod! It's called Flying Islands and the modpack can be found at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/flying-islands.688017 .

    I also wanted to invite you to play with us on the official Flying Islands server at fi.flyingislands.net, if you have time. We're whitelisted, so I'd have to add you. What's your minecraft username?

    I've been testing the Ships mod for compatibility with other mods in the pack. So far I've found that ships work well with Carpenter's blocks, some Bibliocraft items (not seats, sadly), and Davincing sculptures. Forge microblocks are destroyed when the ship is built.

    I'll be sending you bug reports as I find things. Want me to submit them here or on your forums?

    My first bug report: when the server lags, the ships start rubber banding backwards, which will eventually propel the captain off the ship! To fix this, can I request that you add special ship seats that keep the player on the ship even in laggy conditions?

    I just want you to know that I'm really in love with the Ships Mod. Someday i look forward to flying airships around in the Aether!

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    I have a feature request for this mod: more configuration options for the Crystal Ball to help prevent it being used as a griefing tool on servers. I'd like configuration options to:

    • disable the creation of the room with the enchantment table, and instead just bring up the configuration on right-clicking with the crystal ball.
    • disable the "I have a family." option
    • disable the "I live alone." option
    • disable the "I live in a village." option

    By the way, I'm definitely loving this mod. I'm using it in my modpack, Flying Islands: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/flying-islands.688017 . My friends and I think it's hilarious that we can shag a village into existence.

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    For people asking about 1.6: I'm not updating because that would pretty much mean abandoning 1.5 version, since there are quite a lot of things that have to be changed, and supporting both becomes too much of a hassle.

    Why maintain the 1.5 version in the first place? I ask this question with the presumption that most people will want to upgrade to 1.6 (for some large value of "most people").
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    Quote from hypercross

    Seems to me that you think players' works are more important than mine.Well, unfortunately I am in the shoes of those modders who are generous and outgiving at start, but gradually get more and more cynical, and finally shut the door completely. I find it interesting that players think they are supporting you by playing your mod, and therefore you are obliged to keep up the quality of the work. Otherwise they'll just go checkout the next mod, they've got plenty of mods to play anyway. I had someone who said that in my face.It's like a fashion thing (well, it is). I still treasure my code as something that means more than fashion, so I'll be updating the mod privately when I want to, but it will not get judged here. Actually I think it's just wrong to publish a finished mod. Unless you MEAN to grab fame and notice. For me, I feel my code should have a higher cause. Sorry about that.

    Hypercross, my heart goes out to you. I know the pain of ditching a project and letting down the users. I was secretly hoping to use your mod as part of a "microblocks" modpack for a modded creative server. I think I'm gonna try to update your mod, and in the process learn a little about MCP/Forge for 1.6.2.

    Don't quote me on that. I might fail.

    EDIT: do you even want this mod to be public anymore? I'd be willing to fork the MinePainter project and keep it up to date if you like, but it sounds like you intend to make this mod private.
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    Quote from Slaifir

    If I wanted to create a 32x version, I would have to create another one from the beginning, wich would also be really different from this.

    Or, you could use the hi-res textures from the original Garrysmod texturepack: http://flyingislands.net/dumptruck/forbidden_lands.zip

    Also, here's the GIMP .xcf files for the texture pack: http://flyingislands.net/dumptruck/SOTC-pack.zip

    Slaifir, thank you so much for keeping this up to date in my absence.
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    Quote from traugdor

    Getting the same freeze upon using selecting the portal gun in the hotbar...daheck?

    I don't like bricking my worlds!

    Quote from wassaben

    I need help pls help me. i using portal gun mod in 1.4.7 and when i m using the portal gun game crashe's :/. I try to reinstall but same happened. Pls help me :) :Skeleton:

    I believe this is being caused by bad audio files downloaded by the PortalGun mod from CreeperHost. Behold, for I have replied to several threads about this on the FTB forums:

    This issue is caused by Creeperhost! Open up the bad audio files in a text editor and you'll see a creeperhost webpage like http://pastebin.com/c1ur6uNV (this is for afp_launch.ogg). My suggestion: the FTB dev team and/or portal mod team needs to make sure their creeperhost-hosted files are getting hotlinked by the launcher and not trying to go through a webpage.

    Steps to fix:
    • Download the files: http://ichun.us/mods...algun/download/ (scroll down to Sound Pack)

    • Copy the contents of the "portalgun\resources" folder from the zip into your "Ultimate\minecraft\resources\portalgun" folder (the "Ultimate" folder should be next to your ftb_launcher.exe or wherever you specified it.) The new "portalgun" folder should overwrite the existing folder.

    • Boot up FTB and enjoy your portalgun audio!
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    Lol, hi ralphypuppy.

    First of all, you were banned for a long history of nagging the admins for favors, such as titles, ranks, and putting your poorly designed dungeons into survival, for modifying other people's builds without their permission, and for in general annoying people and demanding attention way too often.

    Second, that "guy who was spamming you"? That was me, and I'm the owner of Flying islands. I type "asdf" to test my prefix when I'm changing it. The majority of times that I spoke to you I was telling you to stop talking.

    As for your truce, nobody did anything wrong to you. You're the one who has been bothering everyone with your constant nagging and whining. The ban will stay. Please find a different server to annoy.

    Lastly, I think this a great server that my friends and I have put together. Part of keeping it great is keeping annoying jerks banned.

    As for the rest of you, sorry about the drama. Here, have a new spawn tower:
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    Content necrobump!

    One of our moderators, Spin86 made a sweet snowman the other day...

    Beware of plots for now, I'm still working on getting them working again. InfiniteClaims / InfinitePlots are having some issues with 1.4.6.

    Quote from ddotson2012

    I was trying to access the server today and when I clicked on it, it said banned for uglifying the server (griefing)...

    In case anyone was curious, we helped him out on our forums. Turns out his account was borrowed by a relative.
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    Quote from matfoxbidule

    I hate your msg to a knight, lord or god thing, remove that plz.

    I just proposed that to the admin team. It's a throwback rule to when we did not allow griefing on the server. Now that we encourage players to protect their own structures using Precious Stones, I don't think we need this anymore. Stay tuned.
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    Here's the actual thread, sorry:


    Mods, feel free to delete this thread

    (thanks Spacecam for doing this for me) :)
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    Quote from ragnarock200

    no one will help you in here

    uhhh, what the ****? Isn't this the zeppelin thread? where we're supposed to report bugs?
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    From the Aethermod IRC:

    <Chrisknyfe> hey _303, what was the texture feature in Forge you mentioned that probably is causing texture incompatability between Zeppelin and Aethermod?
    <_303> custom sprite sheets using ITextureProvider
    <_303> so you don't have to use up on terrain/items.png
    <_303> !zeppelin

    So, Aethermod blocks are incompatable with Zeppelin, as are most blocks from modded content. Lemme see about a screenshot:

    Do you know how to fix this issue, or whether it is fixable?
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    For some reason I was expecting:

    1. One hit kills from the bedrock sword, guaranteed.
    2. The bedrock pick can break bedrock.

    Not sure why.
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    Order of install as far as I know:
    Player API
    Aether Mod
    Everything Else
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