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Dear mod makers who walked away because of Microsoft:

My two sons at ages 9 and 11, were failing in school for years... That is, until they joined a Minecraft class taught after school by a young teacher who taught them about Minecraft, and Mods, and how to make them. From YOUR WORK, they were inspired to start learning Java, because they wanted to be "Coding Cowboys" like you. Today, they are "A" students, and have their sights on being programers one day following their passion and dreams... that is in part, because of you and this community. This mother thanks you..

From this, I too learned about Minecraft, and became addicted, and today, my kids and I spend most our time together with their other friends and we have built incredible worlds; laughed, cried and learned together. What a wonderful gift you have given me, and my boys.

The Minecraft community is something bigger than Microsoft's money... and your mods too have become part of something bigger than Minecraft. You are teachers, and hero's to countless people you will never know... Hero's don't walk off the field when it rains. True hero's huddle up, and play even harder... because its about inspiring the human spirit to survive, overcome, and succeed, which at its core, is thee very essence of Minecraft. Game on cowboys, game on...

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