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Hello, welcome to my Profile.
To briefly sum up oneself is a challenge in itself, and to be perfectly honest I'm terrible at it. However I can tell you what I do.

On Minecraft I roam through several servers as a designated architect. Here is an example of some of my work. If you would like something similar in your minecraft world/server please don't hesitate to contact me. I get bored easily once my projects are complete and could use some fresh requests.

You can reach me through my email at: [email protected]

Info on upcoming community minecraft build here!
below is a link to the topic discussing Project Bespin
Bespin is an idea I had about a collection of floating cities connected by railway/bridge systems.

I am also an aspiring young artist. I can draw virtually anything, and I love taking requests. I've done several portraits over the past few months and some have turned out rather well

Here is a portrait requested by a minecraft server owner, it was completed in 25 minutes.

CLICK HERE to peek at a pic of me in a suit and tie!

Click here to learn a secret
in all my life I have never had a date, nor have I kissed anyone. Just waiting for the right person to come along (u_u)

I also am in the process of developing several comic books

These are a few of the characters from some of my comics

Learn more about these characters here

So if you're bored, or something here interests you, send me a message. I enjoy conversation and will reply rather quickly if at all possible.
Interests I am a comicbook artist, an avid minecraft player, and a geek by all meanings of the word.

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