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    posted a message on Make Frustrum Culling less aggressive?

    I'm using Optifine with Acid Shaders, but often I see chunks not being rendered at the edge of my screen, presumably because the game thinks they're not visible. Is there a way to turn down the culling of non-visible chunks to restore those edges?

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    Hey, can you make a way to organize Flat Colored Blocks by color into palettes? The palettes shouldn't care about what texture you've selected, just the base color. Also, if Chisel (Not C&B, the decorative versions of blocks Chisel. Nothing against your mod, but it's nice to have some premade textures, and to cut down on complex blocks, which can be kind of laggy in my experience.) is installed, could there be a way to enable chiseling some color sets/palettes? I know it adds a lot of IDs, but they don't have to be enabled for all of them. I believe Chisel has an API for doing things like this. You could also use damage values to cut down on the extra IDs. It would also be nice to have optionally, a way to get more fine grained control over how the blocks are spread out over the available item number ids, damage values, and flattened text ids. I'm not quite sure how numbered item ids work after the Flattening though, so some of this may not make sense anymore.

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