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    posted a message on New PC lags when playing single player world?
    Quote from TeamJack

    You could try going into your search bar in the start menu (Windows 7, Vista) and type "%AppData%".
    OR... Open Run, and type in "C:\Users\(INSERT YOUR USER HERE)\AppData\Roaming" (Windows XP)

    After you do that, open .minecraft and then click "options" (Minecraft 1.5)
    Look for the thing that says "fpslimit" and change the number from 1 to a big number like 500.
    Save the options text file.

    -TJ :SSWORD:

    awesome! I gained roughly 10fps. its running at an average of 30-35 fps now
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    posted a message on Rumors that herobrine is gay?
    reported we dont need troll threads.
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    posted a message on Flickol's Survival Minecraft Server [ECONOMY] [PVP/PVE] [Whitelist!] [LogBlock] [ICONOMY]
    Have you ever been banned before?nope
    If so, for what reason?
    Do you agree to the Rules?yes
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    posted a message on Beautiful Lagoon Seed
    Quote from Ganom

    Hello fellow minecraft players I have discovered a beautiful landscape with alot of features, a lagoon, massive river, endless trees, huge ridges, and an above ground lava pool. This is just simply elegant.


    Texture Pack: Ovo's Rustic Pack

    Please tell me your thoughts on this seed!

    Epic! Just what Ive been trying to find.
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    posted a message on Puzzle Map? give me Some Ideas
    well it seems these puzzle maps are very popular and i was thinking of maybe making one.

    heres my ideas

    Prison Escape?

    Just some rooms with different challenges...

    or a portal type map.

    But im really interested in making a prison type map.I was thinking what if i was to do a remake of *The Suffering Ties That Bind* Prison missions.

    Look The Game Up. Its Absolutly Amazing Even Being like 4-6 years old.

    wanna help design some traps
    let me know! im open to help :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on How do you change your rank on here? >>
    keep posting and helping people. your next rank is carpenter :biggrin.gif:
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