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    posted a message on [Parkour] Super Minecraft Brothers 1.6.4 map
    I'm sorry that I didn't reply until a month after you sent me this, but I just have a question for you. Do you help people create maps, or make trailers for them? I am confuse.
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    posted a message on HylianCraft - 100% Vanilla, Latest Snapshots, Mature Community
    Thanks for adding me :) The server is awesome and everybody is really generous and helpful. Seriously, I asked for some wool to make a bed then they gave me 16 wool, a diamond block and around 20 blocks of iron... thx?
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    posted a message on [Parkour] Super Minecraft Brothers 1.6.4 map
    Hello there, sadly my last map MC Mini-Game Land got a total of 0 downloads. :'( This one though, I think will get way more. It's a full re-creation of the original Super Mario Brothers game for the NES in Minecraft.

    Right now, I've only made world 1-1, but I do plan on making the whole game.

    A video:
    Click this link to watch a horrible video I made that shows you the map:

    Here's the download link: sorry 'bout this, but there's no download link yet, I tried putting the map up on mediafire, but it wouldn't let me. I'm thinking that the file was too small, but I'm not sure. it comes with a mod, so make sure to download Forge before playing

    Please put positive feedback only in the comments, I really hate it when people put rude stuff about the map. Also, any suggestions for it would be nice :3
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    posted a message on [CLOSED]Endless Jungle Modpack Season 2 Recruitment!
    Quote from JinxBM

    It's ok, you don't have to talk if you don't want to ;)
    Accepted :)

    YAY! Also, I just noticed that I wrote a lot :/
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    posted a message on [CLOSED]Endless Jungle Modpack Season 2 Recruitment!
    I watched the first episode of your series and before putting up my application (which is below) I want to tell you guys a few things

    1. I do have Skype, so I'll go into Skype calls with you so that I'll be able to hear what you're saying, but if it's fine with you, I don't really want to use a mic. I'd talk to you guys using the Minecraft chat and you'd probably be able to talk to me through Skype. The reason for this is that I'm pretty young which means that I still live with my parents and I've tried talking to friends on Skype before, but it just felt really awkward, because my parents were right outside my door a lot and they could hear everything that I was saying :/ If I really need to talk in the Skype calls, I guess I'll try, but... yeah.

    2. I noticed that your videos didn't have many views, so I'm going to share them with some of my friends and hopefully they'll enjoy it like I did :D

    3. If I do join, I play on a laptop, so don't be alarmed if I leave unexpectedly, I most likely crashed.

    On with the app:
    IGN: cheesypeas1212
    Youtube: My YouTube channel is linked with Google + so, it's nothing fancy, just Randall (short for Randy :D) Hodge. I only have 3 videos on there and I don't really know if I'll be making more, because I play these games on a laptop, so the recording is pretty laggy.
    Skype: cheesypeas222
    Have you read the entire topic: I read everything except for the thing that you said I didn't have to read :3
    Can you stream with us?: Yes, most days. Like I said above, I'm pretty young and still live with my parents, so I wont be able to stream with you every single Saturday, but I will be there (hopefully) on April 5th, the day of Season 2, Episode 1
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    posted a message on NEED A LOT OF STAFF
    Name : Randy

    In-game name : cheesypeas1212

    Age : 12

    Maturity : On a scale from 1 to 10... to be honest, about 7

    Experience : I've been a moderator for a server before

    Why do you want to be staff? : Because I think I'd be able to help with any griefing, trolling (pretty much the same thing, but who cares) or anything like that and keep the server grief-free... also, I like being staff...

    Skype/way to contact you? I have skype and steam, they're both the same (cheesypeas222) same as my email ([email protected]) now that I think of it, I really liked the name cheesypeas when I made these accounts...

    I'd like to be either admin, mod, co-owner, or builder. I'm not THAT good when it comes to building, but I guess I'd be able to help with that a little. Also, I don't know what pex even is and I don't know how to make a website, that's why I don't want to be those ones.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Whitelist Survival Server! Looking for new members!


    I'd rather not use voice chat, but my username is cheesypeas222 on Skype

    Are you going to do a Youtube series on the server's gameplay?
    Youtube link (if you are going to make a survival series):

    nope, my computer would be too laggy to record

    Ability with redstone: 7/10
    Ability with building: 6/10
    Ability with PvP: 2/10 :/ I'm not that good at pvp

    Major city close by you (for time):

    Toronto, ON
    How often you play MC:

    pretty much all day everyday xD
    Why we should accept you:

    idk, this is just a small survival server, right? I guess I wont grief or anything, so, that's a thing
    Cool fact about you:
    I make Minecraft maps. They're not very famous, but each have about 30-40 downloads, so I guess that's good enough :)
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    posted a message on HylianCraft - 100% Vanilla, Latest Snapshots, Mature Community
    • Minecraft Name: cheesypeas1212
    • Age: so far everybody on here is older then me... hopefully age doesn't matter that much because I'm 12...
    • What country are you from?: Canada
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since 1.4.6
    • Have you ever been banned from a server and why?: I have because of advertising, but those were dark days
    • How did you find this server?: I was just looking for servers, really
    • Why do you want to join this server?: Because I think I might be able to help with building, redstone (if there will be any) and any griefing problems the server might have.
    • What are the rules of the server? Don't just copy/paste! No griefing, killing pets/horses, stealing, killing (unless you both agree on doing a pvp match), don't loot people when they die, obey admins, no client mods except for optifine, register on the forums, label your builds so that people know they are yours
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    posted a message on MC Mini-Game Land BETA
    BETA 1.0.1 Update already!
    +Map now has a name (MC Mini-Game Land)
    +Second pvp arena announced
    +Third mini-game announced
    +Added a place to set your spawn point
    *Sets your game mode back to creative when you leave the pvp arena
    *Things now say "MC Mini-Game Land" instead of "(INSERT MAP NAME HERE)
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    posted a message on MC Mini-Game Land BETA
    Hey guys, cheesypeas here with another map! You don't know who I am? Story of my life... it makes sense though because I've only made two maps so far.... Anyways, here's a third. The map is called MC Mini-Game Land. It's a mini-game map that's in very early Beta. All it has is parkour and pvp arenas so far, but I'll definitely make way more.

    Also, I couldn't get the screenshots to work, so there will be links to the pictures in the spoiler tabs.

    The parkour is completely finished with 10 total levels. Also, don't complain to me that the parkour is impossible, I tested it


    PvP Arenas
    There's only one pvp arena so far, BUT you guys can make suggestions in the comments for any you might want me to make :)


    Download the maphttp://www.mediafire...wn2wm5efg5odzca
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    posted a message on NEW SERVER COMING! NEED STAFF 1.7.2!
    Hey, how's it goin? You made this about a month ago but, who cares? I'll make an application anyway.
    IGN: kiraleera
    Skype: Don't got none
    Age: 11... thank god age doesn't matter
    Maturity Level: I'd say ...a 7, I'm pretty mature but, just a warning: if you op me, I will do some immature things :)
    You should choose me because I'm very mature ^^^^^^^, I'm on Minecraft pretty much all day... and I would definitely be able to help with almost any thing you need help with.
    I've only been banned once, believe it or not. I used to be a Moderator for another server then they banned me for making a command block say "hi"... wow
    Like I said before, I can be on almost all day
    Again, like I said before, I used to be a Moderator for a server

    I really hope you read this and accept it although you posted this about a month ago... :D
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    posted a message on PugCraft (NEED STAFF APPLY IN DESCRIPTION!)
    Quote from mattster179daman

    get pug for me show him this

    he saw it, he doesn't give a crap and they're mad at you for apparently ignoring them and spamming
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    posted a message on PugCraft (NEED STAFF APPLY IN DESCRIPTION!)
    Quote from mattster179daman

    Pug i swear to god and above i didn't spam please unban me and re op me it wont happen again whatever happend

    I feel for you, so many feels
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