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    Request: The printer is great, but it obviously has some issues like placing blocks that don't have anything under or next to them. Here is a quick suggestion. Maybe you could implement something using the /fill command. This will lead to things being able to be re-created in seconds on servers where plugins are not available. I don't know much about the /fill command, but it definitely has some great potential with this mod!
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    In-Game Username: cheesnachos12
    How do you like the server so far [Optional]: Very good server...
    Do you plan on donating? IT HELPS A TON!: Maybe, not sure yet!
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    Quote from cru1234

    Do you think minecraft is going down hill as far as the new snapshot such as nehter quartz and hoppers, I think its going off track of how minecraft is supposed to be!
    Well, I do agree but so many people want it, so it probably is going to happen.
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    YAHOO MAIL! I found the SECRET OF FUNLAND! I guess you can reply to me if you want to know hot to get there and stuff...

    This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote from Gankachi

    I found something else! Ok, I think the old worker's home is bigger (I don't remember him digging a tunnel)... Oh, and by the, is the "secret ride in another dimension" bigger or I just have a bad memory... I don't remember the leap of faith... I'm still looking for more. FunLand, I will track down your deepest secrets...

    I already found the secret place thing in the _______.(Its a secret) and it was pretty hard to find :D
    Reply to me if you want to know where it is and how to get there!
    Quote from Bag44512

    Where do I put the file for funland in my .minecraft file?

    1. Go to start
    2. Search %appdata%
    3. Click on roaming
    4. Go to .minecraft
    5. Open Funland File with Winrar
    6. Open "saves" file in your .minecraft folder
    7. Drag the FOLDER that says Funland that was inside the Funland.zip
    8. Close Minecraft
    9. Open Minecraft
    10. Find it
    11. Dont die :P
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    I LOVE IT! How long did it take to accually make this thing? Probably forEVER unless you used MC EDIT :steve_lol:
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    Where is the download button!?!?!
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