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    posted a message on What was the first time you died?
    My first night...=/
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    posted a message on ░▒▓ ♕SOLCRAFT♕▓▒░[1.2.5][FACTIONS][PVP][RAIDING][TEAMSPEAK][ICONOMY]
    IGN:Saltywhale. Does this server's factions provide protection, i.e. inability to break blocks in claimed land?
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    posted a message on Evocatus - Towny, Heroes, PvP, No Whitelist

    I really want to join this server. I've been looking for a good PVP server with skills for a while, and this seems to be the right one.
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    posted a message on how to get minecraft
    5/10 on the troll scale, if you aim for a 10/10 use big words to make people think you are smarted than them. The bad grammar just makes you look like a fail.
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    posted a message on I like Villagers.. but Pigmen would be cool.
    I'm pretty sure you can change them to pigmen with Painterly.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Xtra Ores Mod [v2.9]
    Quote from Expochant

    Just an idea I play Terraria and there are some new metals such as Mithril and adaminte. adaminte was the strongest and fastest and Mithril was the second strongest and second fastest. I'd like it if you changes the name of rareium I belive thats how you spell it but anyways i just dont like the name its not natural its more artificial. Hope you consider these ideas thanks!

    Mithril doesn't exist, and Adamantine is a mystic ore that resembles diamond in hardness and luster. So both of those names are artificial :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.1] Moar Diamonds!
    Eh, less noobish than the mod that makes diamonds appear at layer 65...
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    posted a message on huge ravines and caves on every map
    Quote from Neospector

    Unlucky? Caverns are extremely good! There's iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis, obsidian, all in open space so you don't have to dig for it manually.
    Explain to me how they're unlucky? If you're getting lost, dig a spiral staircase upwards (due to the "drips" of lava through the rock, it's almost impossible to dig into a lava pit, unless you're that clueless)
    So far I've gotten two stacks of iron blocks (9 iron ingots is one block) and 5 gold blocks, plus a lot of powered rails. And this is all from one cavern.
    If you really hate the generation, downgrade and create a world. Then upgrade and play the world with all the new stuff.

    Like he said, he likes to dig down when he begins so he can get some good stuff. With all the caves, it becomes impossible to do both this and to branch mine, which is a much more safe, and just as (or more) efficient way of mining.
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    posted a message on You CAN Have Beta 1.7.3 Terrain In 1.0.0+!!!
    Yeah, I recently did this with glacier, gargamel, Archespore and all those other things. I even got back my old world from 1.6.6, which I had lost sometime after 1.8 came out.
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    posted a message on Armor is TOO STRONG?
    I agree that it's too strong. Full diamond=swim in lava, no health loss. And you need, like, 4 people to gang up on 1 guy on a server if you want to kill him fast at all.
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    I just realized that this is incompatible with The Aether, thanks to croc armor...fml.
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    posted a message on Is there any way to 100% safely kill skeletons for XP in SMP?
    Go on top of them and blow them the f*ck up.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PVP was ruined by 1.0
    Enchantments, 'nuff said.
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    posted a message on This is why minecraft sucks
    As much as I hate walls of text...

    - Minecraft's retro graphics are lazily done, kept programmer art rather than hiring a good artist and giving minecraft it's own style. Provides various examples of games with retro graphics like minecraft that look better.
    Dont you state this as a fact. I, and thousands, even millions, of others love the graphics. Also, there was an artist. He was fired becuase...well, look at beast boy. His art didn't fit well with minecraft.
    - Sound is average, nothing bad.
    - Good, simple controls
    I like that too.
    - Combat is extremely simple, easy, and boring. No attack animations from enemies, weak pathfinding (example trying to walk through walls to get to you) Only thing you can do is crit, sprint, or regularly attack.
    The AI is bad, but somebody did say before me thy will hire someone to work on that. The combat is simple, yet fun. It doesn't need to be Skyrim.
    - NPC villagers are completely useless. Do not respond to attacks, do not respond to you taking down their house, do not respond to nearby mobs, do not respond to anything. He asks why are they even in the game if we can't do anything with them?
    They aren't done yet, so dont count that.
    - Notch promised many features but failed to deliver.
    Snouts, dragons, wolves, mod support is being worked on, biomes. Plus, he doesnt promise things, or people like YOU get pissed when he delays that.
    - Put of adding a modding API so Notch could make more money, updates in the last few months were just stolen mods. Wolves, pistons, etc.
    People always want him to put mods in game, and the pistons mod came out after pistons were announced.
    - Provides example of game-breaking glitch (diamond block duping).
    Doesn't affect the people who don't do it, and is bound to be fixed. Only Noobs do that anyways.
    - Not many minerals, easy to get diamond within an hour of playing.
    Okay, you got 8 diamonds. So? It's not like they're game-breaking powerful.
    - Abrupt and ugly biome transitions.
    Only with swamps.
    - Strongholds are boring and barren, treasure chests contain items that are much more easily obtained on your own or useless items. He provides an example with cocoa beans, which make cookies but there useless because you can just use other food items.
    Cocoa beans are for brown wool, which is a fun aesthetic. Strongholds are huge, fun to explore, and provide a way into the end. You can also get diamonds or golden apples from them.
    - Poison foods don't make sense, you can still heal even if they are "poisonous". No reason to have poisonous foods if they heal you anyway.
    They make you rapidly lose hunger once eaten, but it doesn't happen all the time. Rotten flesh has a 80% chance of poisoning, if I remember
    - Final boss is only difficult because of it's high health and it's regenerating health towers. Tedious rather than challenging.
    So it's only difficult because of the 2 components that make it difficult?
    - Doesn't see the appeal in multiplayer, far more entertaining multiplayer games.
    The game is much more fun in multiplayer, especially when you can steal and kill others to climb your way to the top.
    - Game loses appeal quickly.
    - Any website that gives MC 10/10 should not be trusted, because there are obvious problems.
    Again, stating your opinion as a fact. I would give it 20/10, and I know other people who would do the same, because there are so many things you can do. Bored of surviving? Build. Bored of that? Master redstone. Bored of that? Time for some mods.
    - Notch makes poll asking if people would come to minecon if it was $90, everyone says no and he ups the price to $140. Wat?
    Not related to the game, doesn't matter. PLus, people still went, so who cares?
    - People only want to play scrolls because notch made it, game is not original at all.
    Nor is any COD game, but people still play them. But unlike COD, it isn't literally a port with difernt names for guns.
    - Supports Yogscast criticizing Notch, from his twitter claims.
    I doubt Notch would lie about that. Stop looking at the man as such a horrible person. Also unrelated to the game.
    - Mojang team are hypocrites, also curse in front of children vs yogscast.
    Don't remember anything like that, and who cares, children who watch yogscast must hear cursing all the time.
    - Could have been great game, special and unique gear, NPCs you can communicate with, all sorts of directions mc could have gone. Instead it went in multiple directions in a step or two, never really committing.
    Everything you talked about here is being added.
    - All notch's games based on previously existing games, did very little to innovate games. Yet he won an award for it.
    He won an award BECAUSE we bought the game. Blame yourself for this.
    - Notes that minecraft is 1.0, RELEASE VERSION.
    ike I said, they are still updating it. THis isn't the absolute-final release.
    - Overall, can't recommend minecraft to anyone for $30, $15, not even for $6.99 on the app store. Not even for free.
    Obvious dumbass is dumb. You wouldn't recommend a game for free? I lol'd
    - 2.25/10 score
    There goes my faith in humanity, try looking at the positives of the game, retard.

    Also, he never said ONE positive thing. Worst review I've seen.
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    posted a message on Notch steps down as Minecraft lead designer
    I liek Jeb :U He was in charge of minecraft before, so we know he knows what he's doing, plus, mod support.
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