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    Fixed the oddly strict height.
    Added the name of the trinket.
    Added an extra example on what I would with said trinket.
    Thanks for the feedback ^_^

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    ----OOC Info----

    -Minecraft IGN: NoxTheFox

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): chasethestorm2013

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?: I have roleplayed on an extensive amount of servers, some of the main ones including: Lands of Morundia, Kingdoms of Terra, Resistance of Kharn, Tales of Elders, House of Wolves/The Mist Isles: Vivere, and various others. Along with this I have also been staff on multiple servers including: The Shattered Realms (EM), Fallout: Wasteland Legends (Moderator), Fallout: Wasteland Legends Remastered (Head Of Administration and Lore), Breaching Light (Co-Owner), TamrielCraft (EM).

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words: Powergaming is essentially creating a character and playing them above their full potential. Such as emoting for others (Example: Darian shoves Louis out of the way, walking past easily

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words: Metagaming is finding out something (Example: Hearing that X person killed Y friend IRP) and then using that knowledge IRP (Confronting them without valid IRP knowledge of said event in question)

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words: Roleplay is the act of taking a character of original origin (in the case of minecraft roleplay) that interacts with a designated world that has set boundaries such as time period, technology, and races.

    ----IC Info----

    -Character name: Kaffar RoyalDragon

    -Character race: High Elf

    -Character gender:

    -Character age:


    -Character Occupation: Weaponsmith, Brewer/Beekeeper

    -Character description: Kaffar looks rough. He has medium/short hair that goes down just above his shoulders, usually in a ragged and matted fashion. It has glimpses of once being nice, as when it’s properly cleaned and brushed it looks quite good, and typically grows out quite fast. Kaffar’s inability to keep upkeep with long hair however usually results in him defaulting back to this shorter, easier to maintain haircut. The hair itself is a nice white with very subtle silver undertones, and thus would also apply to his eyes.

    Kaffar has two outfits that he typically wears, depending on how he feels during that day. One outfit includes a pretty drab tan tunic with matching pants with one or both of the legs rolled upwards. Often if with this he’ll go barefoot, preferring to feel the ground beneath him directly. His other outfit is quite the opposite, and usually is only worn on his good days. It consists of a white overcoat that trails off into two tails in the back, along with a nice suit top of a matching color. Usually he adds a red bow or something of the sort to complete the look, keeping everything perfectly matching.

    Kaffar deviates from the usual height most elves, at a measly 6’9. His height caused by the malnutrition he faced in his developmental first 25 years of his life, and he has suffered both physically and mentally from it. He is as lean and slender as most other elves, but at time seems to having less and less on his bones, marking an unhealthy lifestyle.

    -Character personality and traits: Kaffar is a seemingly a chaotic and fun-loving character that usually will entertain the locals of anywhere he goes. He tends to be much more flamboyant than most, and that is quite evident. One quirk he does however, is that he is quite racist… but not in the way most would expect. Due to Kaffar’s physical traits and deviation from elven culture he has quite often been painted as an outcast. He detests other high elves, and prefers to live as far away from them as possible. It also causes him to put a lot of attention around his ears, which is he very self-conscious of, drawing said attention whenever he’d tuck his uncontrollable short hair behind his ears. Kaffar’s life has drawn him deeper and deeper into a dark place. He has lived a long life, and some of his ramblings may even seem senile. Perhaps it's the effects of living such a long life filled with hate.

    -Character biography:

    A baby was born to a peaceful couple, Kaffar RoyalDragon I and Morrigan Helsbrand. The two never believed in marriage, and therefore decided that they would keep their names separate. The baby was named Kaffar, after his father. Together they raised the child for about 6 years, though it was at times somewhat dysfunctional. It was these dysfunctions within the family that Kaffar’s father, Kaffar Senior, had left. It was something that haunted Kaffar, becoming the “man” of the household. His mother was grief-stricken, and when he was 12 he decided that he’d try to find his father and bring him back.

    He looked around the local village, curious, but came up with nothing. Each day he’d journey a little bit further, asking about the other elves. During this time Kaffar slowly became more and more malnourished, as her mother ran low on money and Kaffar would skip meals to allow her to eat in his stead. It always confused him when his mother would refuse and cry, but that only strengthened his resolves to find his father. One day when a passing caravan was in town, he did eat his mother's meal, as much as he could, wrote a letter with many grammatical errors, and hide away on one of the caravans. He hadn’t realized it, but they were traveling all the way across Saphriel into the Jagged Mountains, for these were adventurers and not mere merchants.

    It’s no surprise that the caravan was destroyed, but it was not a monstrous species that won, it was the adventurers. They were however, left without a transport for all of their goods. During the fighting however, they discovered Kaffar, and had an amazing idea. For payment of all of this travel, he’d be carrying as much gear as possible. So he did, all the way back through the Jagged Mountains. It was poor health conditions, but lucky for him his elven blood warded off the diseases that any human might suffer from.

    Eventually they returned, and Kaffar was forced to hop from village to village, stealing food to survive. Despite his quickness, he’d always find a way to get into trouble, often being beat up. To make things worst, nobody would quite take him seriously whenever he asked for help finding his father. It was the High Elves that looked down upon him with the most scorn, for they disliked the ‘filth’ that was before them, Kaffar in such a deplorable state. After four long years, Kaffar had gotten tired. He was just a little kid before, but now he was growing into an adult. As such, he faced the consequences this lifestyle forced upon him, and he wanted to return home and see his mother. It was then that he finally got what he wanted, a clue. Passing by a tavern, he heard some drunken elves boasting about meeting with a noble merchant in a small village by the name of Honeyburrow, near the pine forests. Finding his way, he departed to this Honeyburrow.

    When he arrived, he was filled with absolute dismay. For he found there his uncle, his mother's brother. He had proclaimed to have killed his father. This man, his uncle, was named Katager. Kaffar was appalled, disturbed, and immediately fell into grief. Katager spoke with honeyed words however, and weaved a story unlike those that Kaffar could easily imagine. His father had gone insane, and where he proclaimed the use of holy magics he had actually laced with Dark magics, which slowly began to corrupt him. Katager said he did all he could to prevent him from going down this path, but he chose not to listen, and Katager was forced to put him down. Katager would never answer where the body went, but Kaffar does not quite remember, nor care. Kaffar returned to his small little village, where he found his mother. Luckily she was doing better, she had remarried actually. He didn’t stay for long, but he had to tell her what had happened. After he had overstayed his welcome with this new “step-father” of his, he returned to the town of Honeyburrow where he attempted to get a job helping Katager. At first he was apprenticed to a local metalsmith that handled the basic amenities for the town. It was hard and grueling work, and the metalsmith put Kaffar through hell and back. He decided that perhaps such blunt force of smithing really wasn’t for him, especially with this human style. Eventually he met the love of his life here, her name was Luna, and soon it was Luna RoyalDragon. At the age of 26 he married her. They lived happily for quite a number of years, and Luna managed to get him a job working as a barkeep for her father. It was here where he found what he really loved to do, helping with various alcohols, and eventually invented his own recipe for a particularly strong vodka. Often times he’d compare this girl to a goddess, his goddess. Though one thing did not please any of the elves, none of them, she was a human. In fact, even their wedding had been underground.

    In the end, it was not the fires of the coming war that would destroy Kaffar’s life, it was his own people. Thoughts had turned to whispers, whispers to words, and words into actions. A particularly nasty group of hatefuls assaulted the two, slamming them around. They did unspeakable things to Luna, inflicting pain with knives and blunt objects, and made Kaffar watch, before they tried to kill both of them. Luckily, despite the prejudice that surrounded them, the guards that had caught on intervened to stop it. Luna unfortunately succumbed to her wounds inside of a hospital, and left Kaffar alone once more.

    He decided now to descend into the wildnerness, lost on what to do. Eventually he did move on, years later, being alone all that time. He did however find a band of traveling humans, dwelves, half-elves, and ash elves, that accepted him in as a cook for their travels. Here he met another woman, a human, and they had a daughter. He of course outlived her, and within 14 years she died of an unknown disease. This traveling group eventually ended up in his home village, where they stopped to trade. Taking his daughter with him, he decided to go and speak to his mother. It had been a long time since they last met, and he was 198 years old by now, his daughter 19. They sat down, they enjoyed some tea, and enjoyed their last talk together. The Pact had been created, and they came, and they burned everything. Kaffar and his daughter managed to grab some of the caravan’s horses, and made out into the wilderness. His mother however, had begun to age, and willingly stayed behind with her husband. Her time had come, and the Pact War had just begun. Now it was just Kaffar, and Adelyn. A father and daughter.

    His greatest journey was now in his elder years, towards the end of the Pact War. After years of trying to avoid the enemy, they traveled between town and town as they decimated each swath of land. Eventually they found themselves separated, late one stormy night, within the sliver of land known as the Great Salt Water Swamps unable to find Adelyn he panicked, but he knew she would be alright. They had always been alright. All of these years, they had done whatever they had to do to get by, and Kaffar started to enjoy this life. Living fast, and luckily not dying young. So he came upon the city-that-was-to-be, Barkamsted. Investigations had led him to discover that Adelyn had journied to a small village nearby Barkamsted, and thus he followed. It was here the trail went cold, and could not discover her whereabouts.

    He stayed however, and searched deeply for anything he was missing. He discovered the secrets of this village, particularly of the crime that ran rampant. The “clinic” of sorts as a result was always full, and so Kaffar decided to work there, seeing what information he might come upon from incoming patients. Here he met the doctor Lerosen, a beautiful elven man that was down to earth and kind, unlike most of their kind. It allowed Kaffar to manage dealing with him, but it was hard at times. Tensions grew between them, but the tension was not only mental, but sexual. They fell into a love-hate relationship, and become lovers. It was a short relationship however, as the Pact closed in, and the 70 year war drew to it’s finale. The town was destroyed, and Kaffar forced to retreat back into Barkamsted. Lerosen had died there, as much as he could believe anyways. After their success at Barkamsted, Kaffar looked back on his past and took advantage of the marching war. He took to metalsmithing, and eventually learned the ways of weaponsmithing, in which he profited from greatly during the ending days of the war. It was through this that he met the Manshoon family, and found a new prize to set his eyes upon, with a new world awoken to him. That of the world, of men.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios.:

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    Kaffar looks about, side to side, patting himself down as he zones in on the boy that sprints away. Knowing his own speed, he begins to walk forward at an increasing pace, keeping a steady watch for this young boy, before abruptly branching left into an alleyway which would lead around to the next corner. Coming around the corner he’d spot the young boy sitting there, and counting the coins of his purse. He’d quickly beckon, reaching into his sleeve and producing another, smaller, coin purse. “Hey, hey, it’s alright. Don’t run, I’m not here to hurt you. I’d like to help you, and take this.” he’d pause a moment before sticking the pouching outwards, reaching one hand behind his back with a friendly smile “Go on, take it.” he’d say as he awaited the boy to grab the pouch, which thereupon he would latch onto the shirt of the child and slam him behind a pile of garbage where nobody could see the two. Covering the mouth of the boy with one hand, he produced from the hand that was behind his back a dagger and smiled into the eyes of the young boy. In a low, raspy tone he spoke to the boy “Oh c’mon, smile why don’tcha? I’ve got to congratulate you, you definitely tried. I’d say to run farther next time, but there won’t be a next time.” and as he’d finish he’d promptly slam the knife into the young boy's neck, keeping his hand firmly covering his mouth. As the boy went limp, he’d take his coin purse back, and anything else the boy had stolen. Standing up, he’d use a handkerchief covered in dirt to wipe the blood from his hands and face.

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-colored wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    Kaffar would kneel down and smile at the wolf. “Awwe you poor thing…” he’d keep his distance, knowing how defensive a wolf mother can be of her cubs. Pulling forth his bow, he’d but an arrow through the mother’s head. He’d remove the trap from her leg, and begin to dig a shallow grave for the mother, burying her there. Despite his sadistic nature, he understands the struggle of the mother and her children. Taking the small pups upon himself, he’d attempt to care for them to the best of his ability for the following year, before selling them as “The Triple E Guard Dogs!” The E’s standing for Extravagantly Extra Enormous.

    Extra notes:

    Gender: Male/Genderfluid

    Gender Role: Feminine

    Orientation: Bisexual

    Body Type: Ectomorph

    Health: Though he is ageing Kaffar is still very healthy.

    Energy: Slowly Kaffar is getting less and less energetic.

    Mental Disorders: Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

    Style: Steampunk, Roman

    Expressiveness: Hide emotions

    When Happy: Laughs

    When Depressed: Eats, Induldges in dark pleasures

    When Angry: Screams and discharges magic at inanimate objects

    Morals: In a world of Chaos, order is required. However Kaffar is not the one to enforce this order and moves with the flow of the world, doing what he must to protect his lifestyle with his daughter.

    Motivation: He wakes up everyday for his daughter. To help her, to establish the life they always wanted.

    Priorities: Adelyn comes first, Kaffar comes second. Everything else comes after. Nothing is more important than themselves.

    Philosophy: The philosophy in the school room of one generation, will be the philosophy of the government in the next.

    Etiquette: Always uses proper etiquette, unless he is enjoying himself with family and friends.

    Superstitions: Kaffar believes all bodies must be burned to prevent them from coming back as ghosts or as the undead. Luna is watching after him as a ghost.

    Superstitions/Beliefs: Luna is watching after him as a ghost.

    Hobbies/Interests: Attend and host parties

    Skills/Talents: Very adept at dancing

    Likes: Magic, dancing, food, romantic lighting, water, family, and fashion.

    Dislikes: assholes(*cough* elves *cough), drunkards, goodie goodies, and spiders!

    Sense of Humor: Sophisticated and yet childish at heart.

    Guilty Pleasure: (Gay) Sex

    Strengths: Calm and level-headed

    Flaws: Tends to interrupt people

    Significance: The Accidental Hero

    Vice: Wrath

    Virtue: Kindness

    Tropes: Fool for Love, The Idealist, Doomed Hometown, Approaching the Despair Event Horizon, MyGodWhatHaveIDone, Break The Cutie, Oedipus Complex, Belly of the Whale

    Voice Samples:


    Theme Song:

    (I’ll let you figure out the significance ^_^)


    -Magic Biography; Explain the reason you want your character to have magic through backstory application:

    Kaffar was born into a pretty “simple” family, for all terms of the word. The truth behind the normality however is that they were descended from a long line of prestigious spellcasters, and had come fallen upon hard times. His father was an amazing spellcaster before he passed away, and this trait was passed onto his son. Kaffar did not know this however until he came unto the town of Honeyburrow and heard the story of his father’s insanity, and Katager decided to explain his family's history to him. Left shaken, but interested, he decided he wanted to really find out why his father had gone insane, perhaps to prove to himself that it wasn’t true. Thus he began to study dark magic, but learned much of what he knew from Katager, putting on a show of wanting to know how to stop it. Getting to know how to stop it however, also lead him to figure out what was required, an artifact of some sort. Acquiring one of these truely would not be easy, but he would be determined to find one.

    Kaffar needed to discover the truth behind his father’s insanity, but it lead to dead ends and disappointment. Getting his hands on a trinket of some sort was difficult, but he tried persistently throughout his youth. Eventually however he subcame to the woes of his own depression, falling away from this practice. But Katagers word had stuck in the back of his mind, dark magic had corrupted his father. He needed to know if this was true.

    If Kaffar could figure out how to use these dark magics, he could prevent others in the future from falling insane like his father did, and prevent any sons from having to commit patricide. On a deeper, more primal level, Kaffar knows that these dark magics made his father powerful, and he wants to tap into what Kaffar might consider his father's legacy. After all, nothing is more important to Kaffar than his legacy.

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic: Those who use magic begin with “proficiency” in one aspect, and can learn up to their races allowed total of aspects. A “proficiency” simply means they can attempt to cast weaker magics through various trinkets, which are REQUIRED for casting. Anything used in combat usually needs a Medium artifact or stronger. If multiples aspects are attempted to be used at a single time, serious strain is put on the caster and can result in severe injury and even death.

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words: In Saphriel there is black in white, casters and non-casters. If you are not born with magic, you cannot ever gain magic. And while these people are bestowed with such gifts, it does not make them experts, and requires training as such an athlete would. These chosen mages however cannot simply cast through their hands, they require a trinket to channel their power through. Additionally, channeling any more than one aspect (Dark, Holy, Elemental, Telekinetic, Alteration) at a single time can cause great strain on a character resulting in dizziness to severe physical penalties. Every trinket has a certain level at which you may channel through them, and exceeding this level will cause said trinket to typically explode in a violent fashion.

    -You are given a weak trinket of Darkness, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket: Some things done with this trinket would usually include minor things for flavorful roleplay. Extinguishing the light of a candle in a dark room for example would be one, or creating small shadow puppets as practice. As he would slowly experiment more and more with the minor things that this darkness does, he'd record notes about his mental health, and see if it effecting him at all.

    You start with one aspect only. You gain the rest of them (However many your race may have) of your own choice through further RP, however you will not be able to attain them immediately.

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    im actually quite impressed this is still a thing

    Haha, we're thriving and still better than ever! When I first applied for moderator on the old server I never thought we'd grow so and become what we are now two years later!

    Quote from redstryker»

    -=(Character Application)=-
    -=[ Out Of Character Information ]=-

    In Game Name (IGN) : redstryker
    Real Life Age (You can put birthdate) : April 27, 1997 (18)
    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes, and I love Fallout.
    Do you have any role playing experience? Tons If 'Yes' where?: My first experience with RP was on Pirates of the Caribbean: Online, eventually, I stopped RPing there, I then started RPing on various minecraft servers (seven in total, if I’m not incorrect) including two Fallout-themed ones. Now, I RP on an indie game called Baystation 12. It’s safe to say that I’m VERY experienced with RP. Hopefully this will be a fun experience, as Fallout is my favorite game series.
    What Does Power Gaming mean in your own words, and list ONE example: Power Gaming is giving your character far too much power in RP. Say Player 1 swings a machete at Player 2. Player 2 cannot simply grab the blade of the machete as that would cut his/her palms (unless he has Kevlar gloves, which I have actually seen done before, but Kevlar gloves would be either nonexistent in Fallout, or extremely sparse.)
    What Does Meta Gaming mean in your own words, and list ONE example: Meta Gaming is using info obtained OOC to benefit your character IC. Say Player 1 and Player 2 are talking over Skype. Player 1 tells Player 2 that his character’s wife has been murdered IC. Player 2’s character runs about looking to avenge the death of his wife without being told IC that she is dead.
    What Does Roleplaying mean in your own words: RP is embodying yourself in another person’s character, personality, and life. You take on all of that person’s mannerisms and thought processes and act accordingly.
    -=[ In Character Information ]=-
    Character Name: Angela (She doesn’t know her last name [and doesn’t have one])
    Character Age: She looks to be about 25, while she is only about fifteen years old. (Bear with me here, this will make sense, and does not deviate from Fallout canon)
    Character Gender: Female
    Personality: Strong, with an air of independence covering her. She is quick to anger, and acts mostly upon impulse.
    Goals: To survive, to find purpose, to find (if there is any) god, To be a good mercenary, To accrue a large amount of caps, To end slavery where she finds it
    Fears: Being enslaved once more, Death, Radiation, Abuse, The idea of having emotional attachment to someone, Blood
    Likes: Big guns, Jet, Money, Looking pretty, Looting

    Dislikes: Slavers, Most men, Being powerless, Big cities
    Races Wastelander, Ghoul, or Vault Dweller: Wastelander
    D&D Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    AGILITY: 6
    LUCK: 3

    Character Appearance: Before you stands a rather short woman (5’1”). However, her stature clearly doesn’t mean much since she still seems rather imposing. She walks about with her back almost always straight, and her blue eyes always looking about for trouble. Her eyebrows are thin and quire far apart. She has a rather round face, and a pointed chin. Her cheekbones are low and almost cannot be seen in her pearly complexion. She typically smirks with her full lips. Her expression is usually quite rough. Her hair is jet black and cut very short, covering one side of her face, the rest hangs down an inch below her ears. She wears one of those old combat armors from the Great War, along with black combat boots. However, she has changed it a little, it is painted black and on her left breast are written the words, in red paint, “DEATH TO SLAVERS!” Her arms look strong. Her tight combat suit shows off her hourglass figure and her endowed chest.

    Back Story: Angela was never born, but built. She is an android from the Commonwealth (What we call Massachusetts). Her first real memory started fifteen years ago, when she began her slavery. Initially, she was actually built as a female escort android (which would explain her ‘pristine’ looks and her figure), and this is what she did, or rather, she was forced to do. She hated that life, being a slave, and being forced to sleep with whoever her slaver made her. Eventually, one of her ‘clients’ did her a kindness. He never actually made use of her services. Instead, he, through many visits afterwards, helped her build up an escape plan. This was carried out, but he died in the process. She left the Commonwealth, cut her hair as a sign of her freedom, and began to wander, looting where she could. She doesn’t know who or what she is, and for some strange reason, she cannot remember how she got to Michigan. This will all be explained in the fullness of time……

    Respond to the Situation:
    You're traipsing through the ruins of what was once a small town. Noticing an old sign marking one of the buildings as a firearms shop, you creep your way inside. After half an hour of moving around rubble and breaking open boxes, you've managed to find a rifle chambered in .308, still in decent condition. Additionally, you've managed to scrounge up atleast twenty rounds for use with it. Before you leave the ruin of a building, you hear the loud banter of a small group. You peer out a window, an old cabinet and a fallen beam providing cover for you. They seem to be dressed for combat, wearing tattered armor, and brandishing automatic weapons. You watch them for a short while, and notice one has a necklace of ears around his neck, labeling the entire group as dangerous.
    What do you do?

    Looking at them, I know that they are most definitely a cruel bunch… The world would be a better place without them, plus, they may have some caps in their pockets, and those shiny rifles would be fun to use. I quietly begin to load the old hunting rifle. Five shots per load… enough for three guys. I know that conserving ammo is still always a good idea, so I remain behind cover, waiting for them to enter the building. Looters always separate when they find a nice place to rummage through. They all enter it, two of them proceeded to the counter, looking for (I assume), pre-war bills one of them begins searching the shelfs, not ten feet away from me. I sneak up behind him. He seemed preoccupied looking down a scope (I already checked that one, shattered optics). I lift my rifle up and over his head, pulling it quickly against his neck, pulling him behind the shelf so that the others wouldn’t see what was happening. Sadly, I forgot to cover his mouth (this time) and he yelled out a little before I was able to knock him out. They both heard and were alerted, pointing their rifles in my general direction, looking confused. They yelled out for their friend. I peek out, one has proceeded to near where I am, and he’s now a couple feet away from me, while the other is still standing behind the counter. I exhale. I jump out, knocking at the man’s knees. He falls to the ground. I quickly lay a bullet into his temple. He twitches as I fall behind the shelf once more, bullets now flying towards me. I’ve seen the model they are using. Twenty bullets per mag. I count each shot. He fired sixteen, four more. He yells out at me. I run from shelf to shelf, attempting to get him to fire at me. He falls for it and loses his last four shots. I jump out from the shelf and fire twice, hitting his chest and his shoulder. He goes down. I begin looting the bodies. Not much, some ammo, some caps. I get to the man who fell behind the counter. He is groaning “Kill me.” I simply smile, take his rifle, step on his shot shoulder, and let him wallow in his pain. Damn looters.

    Here's a list of the things that need some changing:
    1. Baaaaaaaackstory. Unfortunately we don't allow android characters, especially with the upcoming release of Fallout 4. You're going to have to create a new one that's atleast 2-3 paragraphs long.
    2. Well you- wait, nope, nothing else is wrong. All you gotta do is fix the backstory.
    Quote from Soup_Ream»

    -=(Character Application)=-
    -=[ Out Of Character Information ]=-
    In Game Name (IGN) : Soup_Ream
    Real Life Age (You can put birthdate) : 11/19/2000
    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: I freakin' love Fallout. Hyped for 4, and I love 3.
    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: No
    What Does Power Gaming mean in your own words, and list ONE example: Dumping all of your stats and overpowering your character in order to advance in a game.
    What Does Meta Gaming mean in your own words, and list ONE example: Using out of the world and lore powers or information in order to manipulate and take advantage of certain aspects of the game.
    What Does Roleplaying mean in your own words: Playing your own role in a fabricated world in order to escape from reality for a while.
    -=[ In Character Information ]=-
    Character Name: Soup
    Character Age: 14
    Character Gender: Male
    Personality: Friendly, Hard-headed, Witty, and Open to ideas and suggestions, but difficult to trust as he has a tendency to be two faced and full of mischief.
    Goals: Finding out what happened to the rest of his Vault 15 descendants as he has no idea what happened to the Khans, the Vipers or gangs that existed during the Great War. Finding a Pre-War instrument to perform through the wasteland with, and surviving until he finally dies of radiation or some random mole rat.
    Fears: Dying, Heights, and Ferals, and Super mutants.
    Likes/Dislikes (AT LEAST 2 of each) : Classic 50's music, and Pip Boys, Dislikes: Fatigue and Over-exhausting work.
    Races Wastelander, Ghoul, or Vault Dweller: Vault Dweller
    D&D Alignment: Lawful Good

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points.
    Only one SPECIAL may go over 9, and no SPECIAL can go under 3 Unless the Race SPECIALS at bottom say otherwise!

    Character Appearance: A tan young boy wearing an old Vault 15 jumpsuit, with red eyes that glare with intensity, but with purpose, a belt wrapping around his waist and a Pip-Boy 3000 strapped to his left arm, slightly muscular in his arms with a thin but stocky frame, black ruffled hair covered in rubble and debris.

    Back Story (You may not involve yourself with a Faction, or start with any items or perks) : After finally leaving his home town in the Capital Wasteland, he has been wandering west looking for the remnants of his Vault's past, curious and thirsty for adventure. He has lived in the Capital in a run down Metro tunnel with his grandfather (a descendant of a Vault 15 Dweller), his father, and his mother, feeding off of unsuspecting Raiders and Super-Muties alike, looting and learning to hunt. While his mother and father were away gathering supplies, his grandfather told him stories of the Great Khans, the Vipers, and the many powerful gangs and tribes that resulted from the Vault-Tec Vault his ancestors came from. Enthralled by the stories, Soup is infused with courage and strength to adventure outside of the Capitol. When his grandfather had died of intense radiation after encountering a Glowing One in the tunnels, this forced the family to flee, as more and more Ferals started to arrive and descend upon the family. He has had to run from Raiders, fought off many Ferals, and encountered a Behemoth and several Muties while trying to escape with his father and mother, who died trying to save him and get him to leave the area. He has been manipulating others and has killed others before in order to survive, doing his best to salvage Stimpaks and Radways. He has gathered and traveled for supplies for months on end, trying to live as long as he could, until he finally stopped in another Wasteland. When crossing different borders and finally exhausted from fatigue, all his supplies and weapons have broken and diminished quickly, leaving him with nothing but the sweaty, tattered Vault suit his escaped descendant passed down from generation to generation and his Pip-Boy.

    Respond to the Situation:
    You're traipsing through the ruins of what was once a small town. Noticing an old sign marking one of the buildings as a firearms shop, you creep your way inside. After half an hour of moving around rubble and breaking open boxes, you've managed to find a rifle chambered in .308, still in decent condition. Additionally, you've managed to scrounge up atleast twenty rounds for use with it. Before you leave the ruin of a building, you hear the loud banter of a small group. You peer out a window, an old cabinet and a fallen beam providing cover for you. They seem to be dressed for combat, wearing tattered armor, and brandishing automatic weapons. You watch them for a short while, and notice one has a necklace of ears around his neck, labeling the entire group as dangerous.

    What do you do?

    I do my best to sneak through the edges of the building and try sneak attacking them, firing a distraction shot somewhere in a distant direction, and aim for their legs and heads, doing my best to wound and essentially take them off guard so I can make my escape off somewhere else where there's food, armor and no raiders in sight. If they spot me, I stand my ground and continue firing at them if they wound me, fighting until my final, irreversible breath. Either that or hide like a coward.

    Here is a list of the things that need editing:
    1. Red Eyes? Explain through backstory or change to a natural eye color.
    2. How did you, a descendant of those from Vault 15 get to the capital wasteland? This needs to be changed or explained.
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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]
    Quote from TylerMoore4»

    Character Application
    Out of Character (OOC)
    In Game Name (IGN): Teenmoore
    Have you read the fallout RP rules?: Yes
    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'yes' where?: Yes, Dnd for 2 years.
    In Character (IC)
    Character Name: Mike Donovan
    Character Age: 43
    Character Gender: Male
    Personality: Seclusive, Deceitful
    Races: Wastelander
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. You have 40 points. double tens are not allowed. The minimum Stat is 3.

    Quote from ridleywing»

    Character Application
    Out Of Character (OOC)
    In Game Name (IGN): RidleyWing
    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes, I love Fallout!
    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: Yes (Tradercraft)
    In Character (IC)
    Character Name: Ridley
    Character Age: 22
    Character Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind, Caring, Smart
    Races:Vault Dweller
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points. Double tens are not allowed. The minimum stat is 3.
    AGILITY: 8
    LUCK: 3
    Back Story: My name is Ridley. My parents named me that after the director of that old sci-fi movie that always played in the Vault. I think it's worth mentioning that a few of the original dwellers brought some old movies before the bombs fell. During school, I was always top of the class, but that didn't mean I wasn't up for some danger. I always sneaked around the vault late at night to find some midnight snacks, and if I was seen, I would either run or talk with the person to explain myself (not always in a righteous manner). One day, the Overseer was fed up with my father, who he said "never contributed to the welfare of the Vault." He was going to banish my father, make him live in the unknown Wasteland. I couldn't let my father go on good conscience, so I took his place. As I saw the steel door that once protected me close, I saw my family crying, knowing they would never see me again.

    Quote from Nbscribble»

    Character Application
    Out Of Character (OOC)
    In Game Name (IGN): Nbscribble
    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes
    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: Yes, 3 years of dungeons and dragons
    In Character (IC)
    Character Name: Nick
    Character Age:22
    Character Gender: Male
    Personality: Witty, Intelligent, persuasive
    Races: Vault Dweller
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points. Double tens are not allowed. The minimum stat is 3.
    Back Story (Any back story's that involve: Being Ex-Enclave, Ex-BoS, giving your self PA training ,or giving you items and/or perks will be automatically denied): Emerged from a vault recently and is searching the wasteland for meaning in his life

    Please use the new application format
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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Hey Chase, I edited the post could you give it your opinion?

    More lore inconsistencies. Our Server takes place in 2189, Enclave Tesla armor is made at least 40 years later. In fact the Enclave at this point in time just uses normal T-51b Power Armor. They also don't have any bases like that around anywhere. Also, in an Enclave jail they use Forcefields, not doors with locks, so escaping is pretty much impossible. Yet again you're story is pretty good, but it's just those inconsistencies that make me have to deny it. Sorta like how Fallout: Tactics was a good game but they had to make it non-canon.

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]
    Quote from Pillz_N_Grillz»

    Hey everyone, it's Pillz and I'd just like to announce that I'm planning a comeback and that I can't wait to play again. And for my come back I'll be returning with a brand new character that I think we'll all learn to love. Had a few questions though: 1.) How far along is the next map? 2.) What major lore events have happened in my absence?

    It'll probably be best for you too just find out yourself ;D

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Whitelist application:
    Minecraft Username: capnkronos
    What is your past experience in RP, Fallout or otherwise?: I'm almost done FNV finished F3, looking forward for F4! I roleplayed on a Minecraft server called Moncraft and Lichcraft, also on a game called APB: Reloaded! :D

    Did you read the rules?: Yes I did! I love fallout. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Name: Alec, Reynolds
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: https://17664.smugmug.com/Alec-Reynolds
    Race: Wastelander
    Personality: Jokester, Kind, Straight forward, Talks alot, Crazy, (What I mean by 'Crazy' is he does stuff like... If there were 2 rad scorpions he'd rush in and try and take em' both on,) Lovable, Right Handed,

    Strength: 8
    Perception: 4
    Endurance: 5
    Charisma: 7
    Intelligence: 4
    Agility: 3
    Luck: 9

    Alec was born inside of 'Michigan' and he lived there all his life until.. The bombs fell... Unfortunately he was just returning from a road trip... They saw the bomb all the way from the road (They were far enough not to turn into ghouls). They decided to stay a couple nights in their car and when they got back... He was devastated, he was alone with his one brother, Ronn, he walked the ruins of the big apple for a year until, 'The Incident'
    "Ronnie! C'mon! We gotta get moving!" Alec yells, "Coming!" Ronn yells as he comes out with a ton of supplies strapped to him, "How much was in there..? A shipment of wasteland supplies..?" Alec asks with a chuckle, "Yeah," Ronn says, "..." Alec stays silent, "Just kidding..!" Ronn says whilst laughing, "Just yanking your face! AHAHAHAHAAHAAAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!" Ronn laughs super loud, "Sure.. Haha.. Ha.." Alec laughs weirded out, "C'mon, let's head out.." Ronn says,

    They had no idea... Where they were heading..

    "Look, a structure up ahead, maybe civilization? Let's go check it.." Alec says, "I.. I dunno Al' it looks shady..." Ronn says, " 'Shady'? What do you mean..?" Alec asks, "Like it looks suspicious..." Ronn says, "Whatever.. C'mon Ronn.." Alec says
    As they walk to the structure it gets bigger.. And bigger... And outta nowhere... BAM!! Both knocked out from behind.. And they wake up suspended from the ground. With their ankles and wrists chained to the wall making them helpless,
    "Great... We're just more outsiders awaiting execution..." Alec says, "Don't think of it that way, look... I have an escape plan, got me..?" Ronn says, "Y-Yeah, sure.." Alec says, "First.. When the guard comes the guard unlocks us we take his weapon, knock him out, take his keys, and get outta here silently, ok?" Ronn says, "Ok.. Got it.." Alec says, as the guard comes they struggle to fight with him but they eventually knock him out, Alec takes his weapon, Ronn takes his keys, and they leave, as they get to the corner close to the back door, 2 more guards are there, luckily.. The cell they were next to the inmate was a drinker. He had a ton of beer bottles, one was out of the cell Alec threw it distracting the guards, Ronn uses the keys to get out and they escape, but

    Ronnie is acting strange after they got out.

    The Next Day.

    "*Yawn* Ronnie get up, it's time to go.." Alec says, "Ronnie..? Get up.." Alec says confused, he moves Ronn violently, he tosses him over and checks his pulse, nothing... He had taken an overdose of pills... "Ronnie!! Ronnie! Get up!!" Alec yells, whilst shaking him violently, Alec starts crying, and stops shaking him. Alec sees a white paper next to Ronn, it reads: "Alec.. I sincerely hope you understand, that I do not want to live inside this world we call 'Home' anymore... I had taken medication pills from a guards body, and I will die... Sincerely... Ronn Reynolds.. Your brother..." Alec drops the note tears streaming down his face, Alec was considering suicide aswell when he saw his brother dead, he fought through.. He left and met a girl named Beatrix Kiddo, she was a ghoul, oh well.. He still couldn't forget what happened to Ronnie... He never will...
    He and her shared some info about each one another, and they had some laughs and some cries, till one day... She was gone too, she had left him too, but she left her supplies, he grabbed them and left too, and who knows who he'll meet next...

    Let's find out together....

    Your story is really nice, however it provides inconsistencies with the lore. Our server takes place in 2189, the bombs dropped in 2077. You never really did explain who those guys who attacked you where, I'd be interested to see a little bit more to that. Unfortunately, denied.

    Quote from TWD_Fan»

    Character Application
    Out Of Character (OOC)
    In Game Name (IGN): R1ck_grim3s and a few days will be lovejoy812
    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes I have, the code is "I Love Fallout!"
    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: On this roman minecraft server, they wanted us to have roman skins and i was in a farm village.
    In Character (IC)
    Character Name: Jack
    Character Age: 45
    Character Gender: Male
    Personality: Stubborn
    Races: Wastelander, Ghoul, SuperMutant, Vault Dweller: Wastelander
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points. Double tens are not allowed. The minimum stat is 3.
    STRENGTH: 10
    Back Story (Any back story's that involve: Being Ex-Enclave, Ex-BoS, giving your self PA training ,or giving you items and/or perks will be automatically denied): I am a merchant, I go around the waste land trading for good and to spread news. I have encountered many people many plces, some good some bad. I wouldn't say I'm poor but, I dont have a lot of good stuff either. My parents were vualt dwellers, but we left when I was 21. We adapted, and learned how to survive. Thy were killed and I was on my own.

    Your backstory definitely needs some work. Your story is way to short and it doesn't really describe your character. Try giving you character a gimmick, or making him have to struggle with something. Give him a personality, some morals, don't just leave it at "I'm a merchant who travels and stuff". Denied.

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Our server takes place in 2189, I'd suggest you look over the lore and do some stuff to your backstory to make that fit. Tunnel snakes were vault 101, etc. etc. Generally you just need to remake your backstory all together.


    Quote from gmack06s»

    Character Application

    Out Of Character (OOC): gmack06s

    In Game Name (IGN): gmack06s u can call me gmack if u want.

    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes

    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: Yes I’ve played fallout 3 and new vegas. I also played a lot of runescape.

    In Character (IC)

    Character Name: Chris

    Character Age: 32

    Character Gender:Male

    Personality:Nice and helpful but if u cross him he will attack.

    Races: Super Mutant

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points. Double tens are not allowed. The minimum stat is 3.








    Back Story : After traveling with a caravan group coming from New Vegas to Michigan he got his pay(He used to live in a mutant village and got bored of it so he left). After that he went searching for his friend Raul and had discovered that raiders had kill him he searched for them. He then found them and slaughtering them he went out into the wastes of Michigan for salvage to sell and kill every raider.

    Read the rules, expand your backstory (personality, morals, etc.) Denied.

    Quote from Mace9585»

    Out Of Character (OOC)

    In Game Name (IGN): mace9585

    Have you read the Fallout RP rules?: Yes

    Do you have any role playing experience? If 'Yes' where?: I have been on several

    rp servers prior to this application such as Solinia online and the last Horizons server

    In Character (IC):

    Character Name: Lance Redding

    Character Age: 23

    Character Gender: Male

    Personality: Curious, moral, detests raiders

    and other anarchic factions

    Races: Vault Dweller

    S.P.E.C.I.A.L: You have 40 points. Double tens are not allowed. The minimum stat is 3.
    AGILITY: 3
    LUCK: 5

    Back Story : Lance Redding is a 23 year old vault dweller who has been shunned from

    his vault due to "unfavorable curiosity of outer-world activities"(The Wasteland in case you weren't sure ;) . Redding fancies himself

    a principled young man who believes that man ought to rebuild the society that was lost to him so very long ago. Lance tends to lean towards

    the loyalty of any force for "good" in the wasteland and will strive toward achieving peace and prosperity to his fellow wastelanders.

    Redding is very particular, however, in how he helps fight "the good fight". Scavenging and trading (wants to be merchant if that is possible) is what Redding believes to be the best way for man to reestablish the civility of Pre-War America.


    I love fallout! and I'm not just saying that just beacuse I read the rules! :D

    For nearly five years i have been an extensive fan of the fallout universe and have played and finished nearly all of the main titles and new vegas. I have yet to meet someone who understands fallout lore and culture in the real world ( most of my friends being elder scrolls fanatics instead lol!) and will trully enjoy and participate in this fallout community!

    Accepted: Welcome to Fallout: Wasteland Legends

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Accepted: Welcome to Fallout: Wasteland Legends!

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Accepted, welcome to Fallout: Wasteland Legends!

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    Few things that need fixing:

    1. Backstoryyyyyyyyyyyyy You need a backstory!
    2. Make your backstory much longer, include who your character is, their personality, morals, etc.


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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    All you need to do is re-read the rules, denied.

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    posted a message on ☢ Fallout: Wasteland Legends ☢ Building Phase -=Looking For Builders and Staff=- [Discord] [APPLY TODAY!]

    There's a few things you need to work on:

    1. Read the Rules

    2. Your backstory is way too short, you need to expand it and add much more of your character's personality to it.


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    posted a message on [1.7] Fallout: The Big Fallout RPϟHub ServerϟGunsϟFactionsϟSerious RPϟVertibirdsϟNo Lagϟ
    Hello everybody this is chasedizzle here giving you guys a star example of a great application!

    Out Of Character
    IGN?: chasedizzle
    Age: 12
    Sex (Optional): M
    Have You Read All The Rules?: Yes, I have!
    RolePlaying Experiance?: I currently have 14 rp servers under my belt along with a few years of LARPing. I consider myself pretty good.
    In Character:
    Name: Karma Ulysses E.
    Age: 32
    Sex: F
    Personality: Caring, but also prone to getting quite cold and unforgiving. She has quite a mix of emotions generally.
    (Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L, you have 40 points to put in this. this will be used for performing certain actions in events)
    Strength: 2 (Crippled has Leukemia)
    Perception: 7
    Endurance: 2 (Crippled has Leukemia)
    Charisma: 9
    Intelligence: 6
    Agility: 10
    Luck: 4
    Race: Pure Human (There is also: Human, Super Mutant, and Ghoul, along with a few other mutations)
    BackStory (Minimum 1 Paragraph): Karma was a nice girl born to a nice man, her mother however was very mean and cold. They both worked for the Enclave, who at the time were lesser known to the wastes. They made Karma a reflection of themselves, attempting to make her into a good soldier or even a Scientist.
    Growing up Karma always had fun no matter what had happened. Lesser known to her parents she wasn't exactly the smartest but her parents kept trying with her and eventually they taught her enough to do a bit more than the average waster, she was Enclave heritage after all. She got used to a job working as a merchant to make sure that their Enclave base got the supplies they needed. More than most in the Enclave she stayed outside, she preferred it rather than their cramped bunker. One day however she received word her father had died, now all she had was her mother. So she left these people, knowing the only one who truly respected her was her father.
    Karma wandered the wasteland taking odd jobs as much as she could. She preferred to stay away from muties and areas of radiation, her childhood as an Enclave merchant really did affect her. She traveled very far from the young age of 19. For 8 years actually. Then she found someone she could love, her soon to be husband. They fell in love having a single child, they now lived in Massachusetts near the ocean. One day however Karma was separated from her husband and child during a raider attack, they took her hostage, and god knows what they did to the others.
    Karma was now captured by raiders. They brought her all the way up to the outskirts of the ruins of Boston where they had a small camp. Thinking of her training from when she was with the Enclave she had used a piece of rusty iron to cut through her binds and make a run for it. As she left she found herself in the middle of a firefight. After the firing had stops the raiders were laying dead, the guys who attacked introduced themselves as mercenaries from Black Row. Deciding maybe they could help them she got up, dusted herself off, and headed towards Boston, desperate for safety.

    Other info: Karma has a small form of Leukemia.
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    posted a message on [1.7] Fallout: The Big Fallout RPϟHub ServerϟGunsϟFactionsϟSerious RPϟVertibirdsϟNo Lagϟ
    Hey Y'all this is chase here bringing you an update! Our server is still up and running! We got a great map (and expansions) New custom plugins, dozens of guns! If it's in fallout you can find it here! A custom crafting system allows you to make anything your heart desires! No need to worry about stupid Fallout restrictions when imagination is the only limitation (not cheesy at all)!!!!!
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