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    posted a message on Where will the modding community be without the Minecraft Forum?

    This website is the main place to discuss minecraft mods and addons, and soon it will all be archived. What will we do for modding discussions? I mean, there are many places that work, but the organization wouldn't be the same. Reddit's structure is nice, but I don't want to be searching for a separate subreddit just for a separate topic. That wouldn't even work with the category we are in now. I wouldn't like r/minecraftdiscussion.

    Let's consider some other options. Someone might create another website that replicates the functions of this one, but it wouldn't feel the same. It still would be a viable option to someone requiring information about a topic. The domain that the forum is currently situated on is so well known and the website itself has historical value, one of the reasons it is so popular. I could program a forum system in PHP and other languages, but the trust and honor that the forum has couldn't be replicated by another website. How will one forum website be agreed upon by the majority of players of the game? If it is not well-known and used by most people, questions will be left unanswered, unviewed, those who even use it would start to dislike and distrust it for being a good website, and may leave it. Leave your opinion in the replies below, I know I wrote an essay about this topic, but being a member of this forum for years I felt it would be necessary to contribute to the discussion and to the archive for future readers to see. It would be great if this shutdown was decided against and cancelled, but I don't believe that would happen. This forum has been a great place for discussion, and I'll be sad when it goes down on June 16th, 2019.




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    posted a message on LegendGear - Items and more, drawing inspiration from Zelda

    I love this mod! :)

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    posted a message on Hub Builders Required | BuildCreek Network

    Hello! I am chasedig from the BuildCreek leadership team and I would like to recruit some builders to help with the spawn.


    You must be familiar with WorldEdit

    You must know a little about voxelsniper, if not, I can teach you.

    I'd prefer if you were 13, but maturity is always over age.


    Would you like to help? Our spawn is going to be an island, it's going to have cruise ships coming out of it, it's going to be like a tiki island too!

    We can discuss more of the plans once in game!

    If you want to help, join buildcreek.com. Please note that abusing builder privileges will lead you to a permanent ban!

    Thank you for reading this thread! Join buildcreek.com now and tell chasedig you are from the minecraft forum! Tell him the code word "keyboard builders".

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    posted a message on minecraft multiplayer servers are down

    neither can I, mojang usually fixes this within 5-10 minutes, if not less. are they sleeping? i'm literally just watching server's playercount go really low.. mojang, if you have taken this long to fix this that a thread gets posted about it, then you need to fix this NOW. agh what am I going to do until they fix this :(

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    posted a message on {BuildCreek Network} We need trainees, builders, and testers!

    Hey, I'm chasedig from the BuildCreek Network.

    We are a bungeecord network, and we need people to help us test!

    We are just starting off getting gametypes off the ground, that's why we need testing.

    Soon, we'll be getting a better website as well!

    We need testers to start our playerbase, you guys who are testers are going to be the core of our network, you'll help us test and find bugs.

    I recently accidentally deleted a bunch of plugins in our SurvivalRP (SRP) server, we need help!

    Remember, this is NOT even close to the final release, we will have many, many restarts.

    The IP address is: buildcreek.com

    Our website URL is buildcreek.com

    You'll find where to apply on our website.

    Support us, we need to get paid plugins, so tell us what to get, and give us feedback! If we don't have feedback, I don't know if I should spent money on a plugin. We may decide to give very helpful testers MVP+ when we are fully released.

    ~The BuildCreek Administration Team

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    posted a message on BUILDCREEK ~ SPAWN BUILDERS NEEDED!

    Hello! I need spawn builders, we will be using voxelsniper, worldedit, and normal building.

    You require good building skills, but the network is still WIP, so I am not going to test you until it becomes big(ger)

    IP: buildcreek.com

    Site: buildcreek.com


    I'm chasedig in game. =)

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    posted a message on How do I disable shulker_bullet entity?

    Hello! I need to disable the shulker_bullet entity to reduce lag, and make it easier for those with mob grinders. :)

    What I have tried: I've tried using worldguard to disable it, it doesn't work, with the deny-spawn, I can have certain mobs spawn, but not the shulker bullet, and it did work with normal mobs, I tested it with a shulker, while it was on, the shulker didn't spawn. I even "updated" worldguard, but I think I updated to the same version I had before.

    You know how I can convince worldguard to do this OR a plugin that can do this for me? Every bit of help is HIGHLY appreciated!!

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    posted a message on BuildCreek Network - Looking for staff and testers!

    Welcome to the post about BuildCreek.

    We need some staff to monitor our network, you can apply here: https://buildcreek.com/apply.php

    We also need testers to test the speed of our network, and other things, as we want to know the speed in different areas so that people everywhere can enjoy.

    The IP is buildcreek.com

    It would be great to see some applications coming in, as we are still developing, and we need help! :)




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    posted a message on Need Builders for BuildCreek Network!

    Hello! I am currently looking for builders for my bungeecord, work in progress network, If you feel up to the job for building a spawn, please join the server and you may get a chance to build our spawn, and get in the builder credits! The IP is BuildCreek.com I hope to see you there!

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    posted a message on Too Much TNT mod (50+ TNTs)
    Like it :D
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