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    Are you going to do mac Paril?
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    posted a message on [1.1] Blender Model: Minecraft Player – Compatible With Blender 2.6
    how to you move the body
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    posted a message on Assassin's Creep: Crossroads of the World [Hardcore-RP] [Bukkit] [Spout] [Lock-Picking] [Custom-Items] [Economy] [Early Whitelis
    IGN: charzar23

    Age: 13

    Role-Play Exp.: I have played AC 1 AC 2 Brotherhood and Revelations I am waiting on the 4 AC and about to buy the 3

    Time You Can Dedicate: abut 5 hrs per day

    Have you played Assassin's Creed? Yes I have Nothing is True Everything is permitted


    Name:Garrison O'Brian

    Gender: Male


    Class: Assassins

    Fears: Garrison is afraid of spiders and rats

    Personality: Garrison is a very smart and quick thinking he can overcome most challenges. At sometimes when he can't over come a challenge he gates very impatient. He also doesn't talk a lot to people he doesn't know.

    Skills: Garrison is great at fighting he has 2 swords and a mace attached to his belt .

    Nickname: Gary

    RP Example: *as Garrison walks in the cold night as the rain pours on his face as he looks at a
    Byzantine right after his mother is killed*

    Garrison"Why would you do this!"

    Byzantine"Your family goes agents our rules. She deserves to die."
    *Byzantine laughs in pure glory at the sight of the dead woman*
    *Garrison starts to cry as the man laughs*
    *As Garrison walks in the the kitchen and gets a knife the
    Byzantine starts to get suspucions as the boy comes out of the kitchen*
    Garrison" You will pay..."
    *Garrison takes the knife and throws it smiling as it impalas the

    Skin: http://www.minershoes.com/skin/view/i51be31176a3e224807065695108482394812548114

    Backstory: Garrison was a normal 13 year old boy happily living with his mother and be a normal teen in 1505. One day when he was strolling along the streets he saw turmoil as an old man was being beaten by a man in armor with a cross on his chain mail. Garrison will the man to stop but the man only cut garrison on the arm. From that point on Garrison hated
    Byzantines and had a scar on his arm.

    When Garrison turned 15 he was given a choice. Either to join the ranks of the
    Byzantines or to be killed and to take on the wrath of the
    Byzantines. He said he would rather die then be a
    Byzantine. They agreed that it would happen. Latter that day there was a thunder storm. Garrison was sleeping when he heard a loud bang a scream and laughter. He got out of bed so fast he hit his head. Garrison grabbed his knife his sword and his mace and walked to the next room. He smelled blood.. When he could see he saw is mother lying dead on the floor and
    Byzantines laughing when he was about to throw his mace at one he was grabbed and knocked out. When garrison woke up he found him self in a sewer with a hooded man standing over him. The man said come with me and garrison followed. It turned out the mans name was Sir Heart he was a Royal guard of the Palace until he was kicked out. The next 7 years Garrison was trained by Sir Heart to be an assassin.
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    Im getting an error like that 2 but im using an iMac on Lion but it says failed to launch
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    I cant get it to Decompile in MCP it errors and when i fix the code it still errors can you please help. Im getting the same errors at the people above me
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    omg this is the best server on the planet it soooooooooo fun and so hard it would be awsome if we had tekkit but thats ok. I still cant wait to see the outside world
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    nice job if i were a newbie this would be REALLY helpful
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    This server is Baws it really fun and really hardcore the way i like it. mmmmmm.
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