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    posted a message on MC Evolution SMP [ Season 1 | 1.14.3 | mcMMO | Whitelist ]

    MC Username: ChartDaPaper

    Age: 17

    Location: Egypt

    How active can you be: Very active, I'm currently on my summer holiday.

    Why you would like to join: I've seen SMPs like Hermitcraft and wanted to try playing one for myself, I also am excited to try 1.14

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    posted a message on [CLOSED FOR GOOD] 🔰 The Turf SMP 🔰 - | 1.14.1 | WHITELIST | DISCORD | MATURE | COMMUNITY BASED | -
    Minecraft Username: ChartDaPaper
    Age: 17 (not 18+ but that doesn't mean I'm immature)
    Location: Egypt
    How familiar are you with discord?: Totally familiar, been using it since 2017 for most in-game conversations
    What made you choose The Turf SMP?: Nothing particular, I've seen big SMPs like Hermitcraft and I just wanted to try being in an SMP.
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    posted a message on NBServer- Whitelist- 100% Vanilla - Just started today

    IGN: ChartDaPaer

    How old are you?: 17

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: 3 years now (since 2017)

    Do you think you'll be active in the server?: Totally

    Discord?: ChartDaPaper#1433

    What do you like to do in vanilla?: Building mostly

    Are you okay with being pranked?: Yes, but not to the point of grieving.

    Pictures of your builds: I know its only one, I had pictures of others but I lost them.

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