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    Quote from ProjectWardog

    Here is the link to the thread of my Parkour map:
    It'd be really cool if you could do it, so Have Fun!

    Quote from NefashuV1.0

    Hey, if you have time, can you review my map please?
    It is kind of jump and run with some puzzels, just enjoy ;)

    Oh, and there are actually 5 maps so far, all in beta status,I will add more stuff later (etc. etc.)
    (My plan was to make this maps all to one huge adventure map, adding checkpoints, mod support, etc.)



    These maps are next, I will do them once I get a bit of time, finals end tomorrow, so I should be able to play quite a bit afterwards. I look forward to playing your maps!
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    This is the oldest map in the Maps Forum... Pretty neat.
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    Quote from domportera

    can you do mine? the link is in my sig, just click on the banner. thanks! please post a copy of the review on my thread too, itd be greatly appreciated

    Review is done.
    Here it is:

    The map was really nice.
    I liked the open-world style. Even though it was pretty straightforward on what we had to do next.
    The 3 dungeons were fun and the second one is the one that I died the most. (the lava "parkour" bit).
    *TIP* Make the room with the soulsand at the end of the map harder, it really didn't take me long to beat that room.

    My rating for this map is 21.5 out of 25 possible points

    The reason is that I found some parts too easy, and the map was quite simple-ish.
    But it was still fun and I would recomend it.
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    Hello guys,
    So I had this idea for a really cool mod.
    Instead of filling your inventory with a bunch of maps, why not have a device that you can craft so they are all stored together.
    So first you would have to craft a computer (like craft a screen, a case, and some other stuff, then put them together).
    When you right click the computer (which is the same size as a normal block) a chest like storage space appears, from there you can deposit all of your maps.
    After that you can craft a handheld device.
    When you right click with the handheld in hand a menu appears. The menu is a list of all of your maps (sorted by name so you would have Map_0 before Map_1).
    From there you can rename, delete and view all of your maps.
    If you select the view option a new menu bar appears on top of the of the normal map view, from there you can again delete and rename, add so pins (to save the location of cool/interesting stuff) and you can also go back to the previous menu.

    A disadvantage would be that when you are viewing any of the above things, you cannot "interact" with the world (kill, build, move, etc).

    Some crafting recipes that I thought about.

    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    The Screen

    :Iron: :GoldBar: :Iron:
    :RedShroom: :Diamond: :RedShroom:
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    The CPU ( :RedShroom: = Redstone)

    The you would combine the two and you would get the handheld device.
    And for the storage, you would place a handheld device and surround it with chests.
    Tell me if you think those are fair, and if not tell me what it should be instead.

    Tell me what you think.

    Help is needed.
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    It looks really sweet.
    I'm gonna try it soon.
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