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    posted a message on First Look at "Scrolls"
    Coincidence or not, the 19 second mark looks a whole lot like one of the World Wonder movies from Civ IV. Being a fan of the Civilization games, I wholeheartedly approve. :D
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    posted a message on Enough is enough
    Quote from Smuck

    More of an insult that a stereotype.

    Ouch, I'm autistic...

    Anyways, I really don't see any reason to be scared of something that hasn't even been released yet. Yes, the Enderman is meant to be creepy/scary, but from what I've read, they're easily avoided. You have peaceful difficulty, and it's been confirmed that pumpkins protect you from them. I'm also sure that some modder out there will create a mod that takes the Enderman out of the game.

    Personally I'm really excited for the new mob(s), and really see the Enderman is a new challenge instead of something to worry over. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [Mob Concept] Stalking Tree
    Quote from splatterk

    maybe there should be different types of tree stalkers, the "dead shrub" which attacks you for hitting him or a dead shrub, the "leafy creepy" when he stands still he looks like a tree that got some leaves shredded and has a few leaves while moving and attacks you when you break a leaf without a shear, the"creepy moving tree" (as described by travelers) it looks like your everyday small tree when its still and has lots of leafs on it when its moving, its attacks you when you break a log or a leaf (a shear makes no difference), you can come up with some more types :wink.gif:

    I like this idea. Like my original Tree Stalker suggestion, those variations could be biome-specific mobs. The dead shrub tress could be more common in the Savvanah and Desert biomes, while the "Leafy Creepy" could be more common in Forest and Rainforest biomes. Adding this to the original post.

    Quote from TheGrayGoo

    I saw in an earlier comment the idea for mossy wood. I loved it so much I made some :smile.gif:
    the fist pic has the wood in the default terrain file, in-between fire and water, the second is just the mossy wood itself

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    posted a message on [Mob Concept] Shallowbreath
    Quote from Corp_Porkchop

    I'm liking this one as well, maybe if it were something that spawned only near ore of coal, this causes pollution of the air, which has now become animated by redstone energy floating towards the surface... It could drop gunpowder, if it's as flammable as you say, it should be just volatile enough to make TNT out of, coal is good too. As for the sound it'd make... Hissing would scare the s*** out of people thinking it's a creeper... what a bout a wheezing sound?

    The hissing sound could be slightly different from a creeper, sort of like steam hissing, instead of the creepers's gunpowder hiss. Maybe a player could have a slight warning before it spawns from the coal ore, such as the block making a certain sound or producing a particle effect, like redstone when it's activated, except the particles are black or dark grey. I'm not really sure about the concept of it dropping gunpowder, since we already have 2 hostile mobs that do that already.

    Quote from ShatteredLight

    Don't make a whole other post just to say 'yeah'. Just click the like button. Now, to avoid sounding like a total hypocrit, I'll post something on topic.

    Maybe it could drop gunpowder and coal, like skeletons? Seems pretty rare for something with such easily obtainable drops.

    Never knew skeletons dropped gunpowder and coal.:tongue.gif: I guess you do have a point, but instead of making the mob a necessity, I was thinking more in terms of making it a type of hazard that you have to face when mining.

    Quote from Corp_Porkchop

    I suppose TNT wouldn't be too ridiculous considering the rarity of it... I think it should be aggressive to all mobs, suffocating creepers and zombies as well, because you know, they cant hurt it. It's like when you're in a skeleton dungeon with two skeletons, one accidentally shoots the other, and all of a sudden you have a war on your hands!

    Great idea! Maybe it can ignore the more "undead" mobs, like the skeleton and zombie, but attack living mobs such as the pig and spider.
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    posted a message on [Mob Concept] Floating Flamme
    Busy adding polls to all of my Concept threads now!

    Quote from Strottinglemon

    That thing is freaky!

    +1 support, bro!

    Quote from kalamees1234

    You seem to put alot of effort to this (great :wink.gif:) idea and id be supprised if they dont put this in the game.Good luck.You got my support.

    Thank you!:biggrin.gif:

    Quote from ShatteredLight

    Amazing! I have to look at some of your other mob suggestions... Also I think it should be ranged. The mouth-fire seesm to fit a fireball-shooting enemy.

    Just click on the links in my sig! Sadly when the site changed the main link (the one with ALL of my suggestions) became a dead link, so you won't be able to find ALL of my threads.

    The flamethrower idea seems to fit the mob nicely..

    Quote from Corp_Porkchop

    Now you've done it, my creative juices are flowing, I'm going to have to scribble down these mob ideas somewhere... ah paper... now I just need to learn how to put any of this on minecraft other than give the idea to someone who knows what they're doing. Ah my limited wisdom of tech saviness, you've halted my progress yet again.

    Well, at least you've got your creativity! I have the same problem, I have a limited knowledge of XML coding (from my modding days at Civfanatics), but it really doesn't help when it comes to Java coding.

    The only advice I can give you right now: The tutorials are your friend.:wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [Custom Mob Concept] Sharks
    Thank you for the support!:biggrin.gif:

    I've added a poll as requested.
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    posted a message on [Mob Concept] Floating Flamme
    Glad to see that some of my ideas haven't died and gone to where all buried topics go. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from AgentRenamon


    If its a kind of ghostly flame, how about 1 in 10 chance of it Dropping either (50/50 chance here) a block of SoulSand or 1 piece of Glowstone Dust? It would essentially like a bit of the Nether that's begun to contaminate the World of the Living?

    Closing channels.....


    Not a bad idea, maybe they could have a higher chance of spawning near portals.

    Quote from Corp_Porkchop

    I like it, Minecraft NEEDS more enemies, and more neutral mobs, without the hastle of installing MO' Creatures every new update. I believe it could drop slimeballs, or some equivilent to refer to the muddy water it thrives in. however coal and flint are also nice ideas, and more useful than the zombie's feather drop. I think you should create more! Not trying to be pushy, but for the moment we have enough blocks, we need a reason to go outside at night again! :iapprove:

    Thank you for the praise! I completely agree with your statement, which is why I've been coming up with these ideas. Sadly, the chances of Notch or any of the Mojang crew ever coming across these topics are extremely slim, and the chances of them actually liking and implementing them is even slimmer. My main goal for these is to give modders some ideas for their mods, and to also give them some inpiration. Already DrZhark has implemented part of my Shark concept, (sadly the Hammerhead shark was not included), and Veron101 has even taken the liberty of modding in the Tree Stalker! (At least partially, he's still working on it)

    Another thing I try to do for my hostile mob ideas is give them a use. What I try to do is give the player a good reason to confront them, as well as making the mob a fair challenge (not too easy, not too hard). I also try to add a little bit of realism to my mobs, a polka-dotted pink elephant wouldn't exactly make sense, and would only make the player go "WTF!?"? XD Right now I can't add any more concepts to my list, mostly due to RL, but I do have 3-4 more ideas floating around in my head. :smile.gif:

    Quote from Tauschung

    thsi is cool and you should make it drop orbs of st.elmo`s fier when killed you can get them and make some kick ass lighning weapons
    also do you have this scripted already?
    if you dont i could :biggrin.gif:

    Dropping St. Elmo's fire seems like an interesting idea.

    No I do not have it scripted, but if you want, I'll let you give it a try. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Lurker (Mob concept)
    Quote from agentstaple

    great idea I almost didn't read this thread :tongue.gif:

    maybe this could grab your leg and pull you down to the bottom of the ocean if you sty in the water too long (but it would let you go at the bottom if you did not die)

    it could also be more common around squid, like the way wolves kill sheep these kill squid?

    I really like the idea of it attacking squids, consider this added to the main post. Not sure about the grabbing the leg part though, unless of course it only did that in higher difficulty settings.

    Quote from Dragonheat3

    Did You Get The Idea of The Glowing Patches From The "Sharkopath" From The Future is Wild Thing From Sydney Because There Very Related! :iapprove: (And no I Dont Live in Sydney I Just Went There For A Trip :Skeleton: )

    Actually, yes, I did take some inspiration form that show. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on I got to the second part of the game.
    Quote from keyofdoor »
    I got to the 1337666777 part of minecraft, you can only play this in the eleventh dimension.
    You and Cptgen Awoik go into a portal that take you the the aeanther where you fight level 2144 combat triangles in level 4000 wilderness and get a GOD KEY where you use it on the door of applesaucecats and go into runescape and kill Zezima

    Shoot! I can't get pass the wizard boss in the 10th dimension! I know that he's the final boss, but he's just seems so overpowered! Anyone know how I can beat him and his titanium creeper army?
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    posted a message on Water mob
    Here's a link to a tutorial:

    Hopefully it will help you.
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    posted a message on Science at Redstone Labs
    Bookmarking this thread

    I love these, especially Clyde the Creeper! :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Failcraft, a comic. (Previously Lies and Slander)
    I remember seeing these on Deviantart!

    Great job, I really look foreward to seeing some more!:biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [Custom Mob Concept] Sharks
    I was thinking that they would roam only a certain number of blocks away from their original spawn position, so the Hammerhead would be "patrolling" for fish.

    Other than spawning in deep waters, the Great White Shark, since it could be classified as a monster, could spawn only in dark areas. That way you would be safe in water lit by glowstone.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to make the hammerhead less annoying?
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    posted a message on Lurker (Mob concept)
    Well I'm back from my long absence, so expect another mob idea from me this weekend. :Notch:

    Also, thanks for all of the support guys!
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    posted a message on [Mob Concept] Imperial Zombies
    Sorry for the late replies, I've been busy lately.

    Quote from Renmilestone »
    I don't get what you mean by the small cubes meaning civilization, please explain.

    You got me there.:tongue.gif:
    Quote from Ahzreal »
    Doesn't really fit in with the look of minecraft, although they looks awesome. Like the idea, maybe just have them be ghouls, and change the appearance a bit?

    Working on it, thanks for that suggestion. :iapprove:

    Quote from kingbubolot »
    they don't look undead... they just look dirty...

    Then I guess you could consider them dirty ghouls.:wink.gif:

    Quote from C1DR4N »
    Good idea, but I don't think it fits on minecraft, the guys look from 19th century and minecraft setting is like ancient/medieval. Maybe if Notch add Aether you could find these zombies up there, that would make more sense to the settings [don't ask how].

    The grenade its really nice and it could be considered a crafteable item for the player :biggrin.gif:, I would love using grenades against skeletons :Skeleton:.

    And it seems that the texture needs a little bit more polishing, maybe use less colors on the face.

    Thank you for the suggestion, I'll definitely add it to the OP.

    I'm glad you like my grenade suggestion!

    My Minecraft textures seem to be a bit over-detailed, I'll try to fix that.
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