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    I saw this mod when I was a kid, a YouTuber made a showcase of this mod. I had no idea that this thread actually exists. The MineFantasy I knew from childhood can be find on 9minecraft (the version on 1.5.2, the one with Zyrridium). Later I discovered MineFantasy II, and finally, when I discovered this thread I started searching for something interesting in here, and I found mangoose. He uploaded some kind of... a renewed (for me) version of MineFantasy on version 1.6.4. I have no idea what was actually going on here. I just recognise three versions of MineFantasy: MineFantasy (1.5.2 by AnonymousProductions), MineFantasy Reforged (1.6.4 by mangoose) and MineFantasy II. Maybe I'm calling them wrongly, but that's what was left and abandoned... Though yes, some guy is remaking MineFantasy II for 1.12.2, but it's just not the same... The MineFantasy versions that I really love are only the two first ones. Not that I mean it's bad. Sirse also made something amazing.

    Well, maybe I just said "is making" wrongly. After all he was planning to, wasn't he?

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    With all due respect, but honestly, I think Minefantasy I is better. I mean, Minefantasy I added some realistic details, not too much, but Minefantasy II adds... too much realism. That's not Minecraft, it looses it's magnificence.

    But hey, this mod is perfect for making civilizations and stuff, but I don't think Minefantasy II is good for survival mode.

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