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    Pokemon Project Kalos
    Why I made this: I've decided to make this map, due to the recent releases of Pokemon X and Y in October. I tried searching for a Kalos map on the internet, and I couldn't find one I decided to create my own, and share it with the lovely internet people.
    Storyline: Travel across the Frenchie French region of Kalos, with your group of friends! Battle gym leaders, rivals, and the Elite 4!
    Information: This project has only started a few days ago, so I'm not very far into it, but you can still download it to see what I have done so far!
    This is a 1-3 player map.
    I will be making a server soon, so people can help me build, but that wont be until later in this project.
    Features: So far this map has Vaniville Town finished, Route 1, and half of Aquacorde Town Finished. As of right now this map only has 4 Pokemon you can find, but I'll add plenty of more throughout the game, in routes, houses, and caves.
    Download: You can find the download to this project here on the planetminecraft page:
    Other Maps By Me: This is a map I've been making for a while now, called Pokemon Kecko Region. It includes: A BRAND NEW REGION, Items off of the DS game, new gym leaders, and new challenges. You can find the download here:
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    Welcome to my custom Pokemon region!

    Storyline: You've just moved from the Sinnoh region, to a newly discovered region, the region of Kecko! Pass through never-before seen town and Routes, battle brand new gym leaders and a new challenge at the Pokemon League! Stop the evil Team Rocket, alongside with your best friend/rival Cyan!

    Information: I decided to make this map because one day I was searching the web, looking for minecraft maps, and I came across a Pokemon Johto map, made by a guy named blitzcrank. I played through it and thought to myself holy crap, this is awesome! So I decided to make a map like that, but with a little twist. I decided to make up my own region!

    Features: This map features: Collectable Pokemon, items from the DS games like escape ropes, repels and full restores!, it also shows new gym leaders and Elite 4, old and new characters, like Cynthia, Brock and Ash! It even has a PC you can visit in Pokemon Centers

    Additional Notes: Wild Pokemon are usually dyes, or ores. In a wild Pokemon chest you will find three things: The Pokemon, the Pokemon's moves/abilities/weapon, and a piece of food. With the Pokemon you store it in your PC. The moves/abilities are usually potions that you use on mobs, other people, or yourself. The food in the chest is that Pokemons rating, so say its a crappy one, like caterpie it would only have a potato or a melon in it's chest, but if its a legendary, or starter it would be something like a cake.

    Download: Keep in mind that this map is not 100% done, so the download is not complete. You can find the download here on this page: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/pokemon-kecko-region-custom-pokemon-region/
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