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    Happy Birthday Wild Wasteland, let's shoot for 4 years I bet we can do it.
    Best thing I ever contributed in.
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    Hey, everyone.
    Me and a few others noticed that in your personal items requests, they've gotten a bit out of hand. The idea was at first supposed to be for simple little items that came from your story. We were able to do this because of the anvils, and we thought it'd be a treat for all of you guys to actually be able to RP with your items from the pasts. But, you guys are, I don't want to be harsh but, abusing it kind of. Now I know no one has actually been telling you guys this, but it can be a problem later on.

    The items will be have to be handed to each individual person from the staffing team, and you have to understand if you're telling the guy you have a Powerful enchanted bow, a flak jacket, tons of health items, etc etc then he's probably going to be reluctant to hand over the items. So, just informing you guys to tone it down a bit more, then you'll probably be more likely to get what you actually want.
    Remember it's a Wish list, not a Shopping list.

    Until Next time guys.

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    Sad to see him go truly is. This server would have not survived as long as it did without Him. Recently I have only seen disdain and disrespect from my staffing peers. So I am also takeing my leave. I do not approve of the new council idea, nor do I approve of alot of the choices the new gang of staff seem to make. I would wish Fallout Wild Wild Wasteland luck, but I am wishing to see the rest of the staff aboard this ship of chaos to crash along with it. -Excludes Spartan-
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    Ha well maybe I actually put a part of the story explaining the name. I decided against it but im not sure why.

    Also if you knew how most servers work then you would know I wasnt planning to get Whitelisted now. Alot of servers like these collect playes and gain mommentum. You have a Whitelist format so I assumed this is what you were planning on. This may have not of been my best app, but it was late at night and I recently have written another app before this one. So I may have not given it my all but of been glad to redo and give it a better shot. But if you dont want anyone to even apply then why dont you put DONT BOTHER TO APPLY. Because if you leave a format in the open people will assume you still want people to get aboard your server. But clearly I see you guys want to isolate yourself from the Minecraft community.

    This server seemed good and seems to have alot of promise. But ive played on alot of Apocolyptic servers, and a good few of them had Rude and Unhelpful staff. Next time why not try being proffesional asking me to explain the name, and politely tell me you are not accepting or even reviewing applications instead of being a complete ass. I can see Ive already found 1 staff memmber who will not have to best intrest, which brings promise for more like him.

    Im sorry SecretAgentGuy I wish that your underground society project didnt go as planned, I was looking forward to it. And I was glad to see that you were continueing your work, I might be back but hopefully if I do you have hired more mature staff who can act proffesionally on your behalf.

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    [center]Fallout: Nuka Break - Ascend into

    the Mojave[/center]


    Custom skins
    Custom drops & loot
    Lots of Fun!

    [center]Spoutcraft: (Options -->Manual Build ->1.8.1 REC build.

    [center]IP: Not Out Yet WIP Server[/center]

    [center]Mumble: Not Out Yet WIP[/center]

    [center]Current Texture Pack with placeholders: http://www.mediafire...y4316awfnyb80yn




    [center]Trial Moderator(s):[/center]


    [center]Graphic Artist(s):[/center]

    [center]Lore Writers:
    Main/Approver: nelman20
    Writer: Chaosmender
    Brainstormer: Send Request to nelman20[/center]

    [center]NCR Leader[/center]
    [center]General: Noblevalcren (General_Richards)[/center]

    [center]BoS Leaders[/center]
    [center]Elder: nelman20 (Elder_Jones)[/center]
    [center]Sentinel: GiddyTLP[/center]

    [center]Legion Leaders[/center]
    [center]Caesar: Send App to Noblevalcren[/center]
    [center]Legate: Send App to Noblevalcren[/center]

    [center]Enclave Leaders[/center]
    [center]President: President_Chaos (Chaosmender)[/center]
    [center]Commander: Send App to Chaosmender[/center]

    [center]Raider's Leaders (Khans and Powder Gang)[/center]
    [center]Papa Khan: Send App to Noblevalcren[/center]
    [center]Brute: Send App to Noblevalcren[/center]


    [center]-No griefing[/center]
    [center]-Absolutely no X-Ray clients or mods[/center]
    [center]-Absolutely no modding or hacking clients[/center]
    [center]-No looting in faction or city bases[/center]
    [center]-No colors in name (unless told to)[/center]
    [center]-No inappropriate names[/center]
    [center]-No racism[/center]
    [center]-No sexism[/center]
    [center]-No sharing account information[/center]
    [center]-When in local chat, use correct grammar (as much as you can)[/center]
    [center]-If banned you lose privilege to do anything but play around and join a faction (unless banned without valid reason)[/center]
    [center]-Use relevant skins[/center]
    [center]-Use the texture pack appointed[/center]

    [center]PvP Rules:[/center]
    [center]-No kill on sight (KoS for short)[/center]
    [center]-Must give a warning unless KoS with your faction/group (don't abuse this power, you will be punished)[/center]
    [center]-Warning must be in-game[/center]
    [center]-The other person has 10 seconds to reply before you can kill them[/center]
    [center]-Don't kill in non-PvP cities or faction bases[/center]

    [center]Applications Available:[/center]

    [center]Server App:[/center]

    [center]Role-Play Exp.:[/center]
    [center]Why Us:[/center]
    [center]Time You Can Dedicate:[/center]


    [center]RP Example ( *Actions are in these*:[/center]
    [center]Character BIO (1-2 paragraphs):[/center]

    [center]Moderator App:[/center]
    [center]How long have you played on the server:[/center]
    [center]What Can You Contribute to the server (1 paragraph at the least):[/center]
    [center]Why Should we choose You(1-2 Paragraphs):[/center]
    [center]How Active Will You Be On The Server:[/center]

    [center]Builder App:[/center]
    [center]Why should we make you a builder?:[/center]

    [center]The Server is currently a WIP but you can apply for a builder position to join.[/center]

    Year 2238-Jan: War Has Shredded Independence from the face of the Earth.

    Year 2238-May: Enclave is hit by 4 missiles on a direct attack, Whats left retreats to a Unknown Bunker location. The President was lost in the Retreat,

    Year 2238-Sep: Enclave Sends a Last Transmition "We are Re-Activating Project Shutdown", NCR Goes to War with BoS.

    Year 2239-Feb: BoS Ambushes an Important Cargo Transport, But does not reveal what they have found.

    Year 2239-Apr: Helios is missing from Novac, and rumor spreads BoS had found it.

    Year 2239-Dec: 'War Of Hoover Tech' Insues. BoS Invades hoover damn, both suffer heavy losses. War is ended in a StaleMate.

    Year 2240: Famine spreads all over Mojave, Radiation seeps from the ground. The Wastelanders of Mojave go crazy.

    Year 2240-Jun: Wastelanders Attack BoS & NCR on a regular basis for food.

    Year 2242: Man named 'Chaos' Re-activates a Cryogenic lab, with a former NCR, Independence, and BoS man.

    Year 2244: 200 Cyrogenic pods are ready, Whats left of wastelanders, rush to help the project.

    Year 2245: 570 Cyro pods are ready. 'The Great Escape II' Happens.

    Year 2246-2270: **ERROR** **EVENTS NOT FOUND**

    Year 2273: NCR regroups, BoS Slowly rebuilds itself, with the Aid of Helios.

    Year 2276: BoS fully Recovers, Sends aid to NCR

    Year 2278-Mar: Hoover Damn is deemed 'Recoverd'

    Year 2278-Aug: Enclave man found dead, BoS and NCR highly Alerted

    Year 2279: 76 Cyro Pods found in a group, 75 dead, 1 Empty

    Year 2281: Enclave comes Announces the 'Return of America', New president has No History BoS could detect.

    Year 2282-Feb: 174 More Cryo Pods found, 23 Dead, 1 of the Dead wears BoS Dog Tags from
    year 2229, 1 Empty, The Rest were stored **ERROR** **CORRUPTED DATA**

    Year 2282-Dec: BoS Springs suprise Attack, NCR took by suprise as The second battle at Hoover Dam was fought, no one won due to casualties and resources. So the Legion and NCR signed a treaty allowing them to reinforce and have neutrality unless they catch one of the others offending them selves.

    Year 2283: Caesar made quiet advances into NCR territory enraging them, so NCR allied with BoS once again.

    Year 2284: The BoS are allowed to move out of their old bunker and take over a old pre-war military fort and named it "The Shard" as it was plentiful with pre-war tech such as a weapons platform control.

    Year 2285 (early): Caesar sent men to take over Nipton's remains and to crucify any survivors if they spot the troops.

    Year 2285 (late): NCR find the Legion hideout at Nipton and declare another war to come. BoS makes contact with the Enclave telling them to stay out of what was happening or they would be wiped from the earth.

    Year 2288: There were few casualties over the years, just skirmishes. The Enclave started to start popping up more often with the announcment of a new weapon putting all of the Mojave on edge of war.

    Year 2289: Enclave build a mountain side fortress by completely rearranging the land with their own weapons platform. "Cliff of Black" is the new worry for the BoS as they now face more challenges then savage beasts across the dam.[/center]

    [center]We are located in the Mojave but after the second war which means you can not of have lived pre-war. [/center]

    Quote from NobleValcren

    We are now using SPOUT.
    This allows us to use NPCs with skins. Also adding things such as an overhead health bar above your enemies and friends.

    Since I am an awesome person, anyone who has bought Minecraft can play on our 1.8.1 server now as well! This means no more downgrading! Spoutcraft will automatically update to the latest 1.8.1 Recommended build.
    And I made it even more EASY for you.

    Download Spoutcraft + Texture Pack + IP

    Spoutcraft for Macs.
    NOTICE: For Macs you must do this if you get errors. *Go into spotlight and type in "java preferences" Make sure that only Java SE 6 is checked off.*

    (Make sure you use the 1.8.1 Recommended MANUAL BUILD under Options on the Launcher)

    Also the server is now White-listed since we are halfway to releasing and have plenty of members, please continue filling out your applications! If you have any questions message me here on MCforums or on Skype; Valcren321.

    Thanks you
    -Noblevalcren (Owner)

    [center]Faction Skins: (Feel free to add Face, etc.)
    NCR Trooper: Face Wrap
    NCR Ranger:
    NCR Alternate:

    Scribe Female:
    Scribe Male:

    Scientist Female:
    Scientist Male:
    BoS Paladin:
    BoS Paladin2:

    Frumentariior Vexillarius:


    Powder Ganger:


    Vault: (Please Edit Number)
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    posted a message on Fallout: War Never Changes REBORN! Tons More Features and Epic Hardcore Role-Play Meet Again!
    Quote from honorspark28

    honorspark28's Ban appeal!

    Reason I was banned: Griefing

    Why I am appeal'ing:

    I realized that what I did was bad, and it wasnt needed. The only thing that I can say is that the first thing I griefed was a shitty fort near Indigo that NCR made but didnt occupy. It was unclaimed and so I took if for Indigo and made it a waste dump. **** insued later. Next thing, the reason why I was banned, was the Burning of Rim Rock. I saw that the road leading to it and the walls/bunker/missle silo were gone due to Spartan worldediting it, so I just thought that it was an unneeded area. Alecwillis was on when I asked in /ch g if anyone wanted Rim Rock, and if not, Im gonna burn the place down. Alec and the rest of the people that were on (around 6 at the time) didnt say anything, so I burned it down. I didnt think about it until later that maybe Alec was using the bathroom or something, and I didnt have a good reason to burn the town in the first place. I realize that my actions were....idiotic at best, but I really didnt mean to do anything bad to the server. And I got a little hot headed and angry when I saw the banhammer and made a comment on the forum that wasnt true...

    Needless to say, I'm sorry about what happened, and I dont expect to be un-banned, but I really miss the people on this server and no server is better...I am glad that I got to be a part of it. I hope to hear from you soon, guys! Peace!

    Someone, A admin. Reply to this, he has a better appeal then most of the guys i've seen accepted. Plus, alot of other people should of been banned in the first place.. *cough* admin power abusing arses *cough*
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    Ok I'm back from a Paint Ball Birthday, Really fun. Server is not up, I am a little dissapointed-

    BUT Complaining every 3 post won't fix it. What do you lose from this? If the servers not up NO ONE IS MAKING PROGRESS. When the server stops so does the Fallout history were making.

    So unless you donated or have been promised Directly by Colb, Give him a break. He's paying for most of the server, and running it you play and Rage.

    Also for the Application writers!
    The Whitelister love good grammer!
    Do research on the Wiki, Make it relevant in your backstory ok?
    Your not in canada, florida, new york, or mars your in Mojave.
    Also be original, the parents died thing (even though I used it A long time back)
    Its getting old, say they mutated, or the abandoned you, or you ran away.

    So be original, proper, sensable, reasonable, and not too random


    And on a last note, a paintball bounced off my head.
    Quote from WittyUsername816

    I am NOT a white-lister

    You have quite a few grammar issues in your app. Also, as far as I know, the Enclave wouldn't just accept people out of the wastes.

    Work on fixing your errors before you repost, and remember, the white-listers will only grade you twice, if you don't make it the second time, you will not be accepted at all.

    I think he'd be accepted, if he went through the application process (On forums) You'd have to check with spartan or cyrus, but if your accepted into the server then you'd have a semi-Valid reason to join.

    Btw im Enclave scientist Chaos
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    Can you announce whitelists more often? and If you do when your accepting, can you look for whitelist apps more often. No offense to anyone. But I personally hate applying for whitelisting. But I do it, Because it's my Ticket into the server and get to play. But it doesn't help that I have to wait, Yes I know i'm inpatient But I doubt anyone likes waiting, Respects from yours truly

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