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    Quote from MistisSmoke

    I was accepted but its saying im not whitelisted...

    Dude, I just got back. Ima hand in my list too Admin.
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    Quote from iamonapig

    *I am posting this again because it didn't get looked upon. Still my first try on getting on to this server.


    IGN: iamonapig
    Age: 12
    Role-Play Exp.: I have lots of role-play experience. I have played on Lord of the craft server, some Super Mario Brothers games, and many other role-play games.
    Why Us: I want to go on this server because it is a Roleplay server, It has server mods, and factions. I love all of this. Also, I have been looking for a good server to go on. This server looks awesome, so I want to go on.
    Time You Can Dedicate:
    about 3-4 hours a day.

    Name: John Michael Smith
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Has a "Laser Helmet", and a brown cape.
    Fears:The NCR, and Scorpions.
    Personality: Mature at most times, Jolly most of the time, Loves to eat, makes good strategies.
    Occupation: Shop Owner, Miner, and War leader.
    Skills:Architecture, Sniping, Sword handling, Archer
    Nickname (Optional):Johnny
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    John: *Bullets whizzing overhead* Thinks to himself,"I've got to get out of here, without letting those three NCR kill me.
    NCR: You better come out of that rock or we'll come out and kill you dead!
    John: *Mutters to himself*," Not to the likes of your kind. I better find a way to get out of here.
    NCR: On the count of 3..
    John: *Thinks to himself*
    NCR: 1…
    NCR: 2…
    NCR: 3….
    *John leaps out of his hiding place, lunges straight toward the three NCR officers, and kills the first one with a crushing blow to his Skull. He kills the next two NCR officers by sweeping their legs, making them fall over, then takes their guns, and shoots them, making them lifeless in the sight of everyone.
    John: Well that was a close one!

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    John lived with his parents in a small shack in the middle of the desert. It was hard for them to get on in life because the NCR had taxed them almost every week. John's parents taught John how to fight, and how to be stealthy when in close quarters. He learned a modified Kung Fu from his parents, and some Parkour from his parents starting from when he was 5. After living with his parents for 12 years, the NCR came because they had not payed their taxes in a long time. They raided their house and seized his father, only allowing John and his mother to stay alive.
    After years as a waste-lander, John learned many things, like what to do in situations where he was outnumbered, and how to kill with stealth. John wanted to go into the Soviets because they are feared by many, and he was feared by many.

    Quote from Dairycow

    IGN: Dairycow
    Age: 16
    Role-Play Exp.: I do a lot of roleplaying in real life and online, my english is not perfect, but it is a work in progress.
    Why Us: I loved Fallout 3 more than any game that was ever made, and I really think that this server has a lot of promise.
    Time You Can Dedicate: I cannot dedicate a huge amount of time due to school, but probably 1-2 hours a day.


    Name: Dmitri Pertranokov
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Appearance: A rough looking man, with brown hair that is starting to gray from the stress of the wastes.
    Fears: Violent survivors. Dmitri is a peaceful man, but he will kill if it is needed.
    Personality: Closed off, very anti-social.
    Occupation: Blacksmith/Gunsmith, or a messenger/merchant, he had had experience in that before all this mess.
    Skills: Weapon and armor making, hiding, running.
    Nickname (Optional): Hammer man ( given to him by a gang of violent travelers who burned his home ).
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): "It was a hard life... Living before this mess. I worked all day just to make ends meet. My wife had left me, took the kids too ya' know! I took off into the Mojave as soon as I heard about the war with China, I had to hide, I knew the Nuclear war was coming. Every day I wake up, hoping that someone will come along and help me, rather than burning my house, as that was the only human contact I've had in several months. I hunt, and trap... It is all there is to do out here..."
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Dmitri was a small child, born almost two weeks before his due date. He grew up in Gdansk russia, but moved to California fairly near the Mojave desert at about age 22. He never really fit in, took up his father's profession as a blacksmith, but being an apprentice, much of what he did was running messages.
    He married young, at the age of 20 he had already found his bride (who moved with them), her name was Jonina, they had one child, a girl named jill, but unfortunately he had no time for family, and the relationship ended abruptly. He then became very secluded in his home... the only contact to the outside world he had was the television.

    One day, he heard about the war with china becoming violent. He took off into the desert, started a home with a forge. Several weeks later, a group of armed men walked over one of the hills, stopped at his house, took his things and upon asking what was wrong, the men informed him that the world was in turmoil due to the bombing of all of the worlds major cities. They burned his home. This is where the story begins.

    Ehh, Denied. Reason being is this is too far back in the time period, The nukes tropped a long long while ago. And unless your 200 and magic this can't happen.

    All you need to do, is fast forward your RP Example, and backstory. Then you'd be fine. The format and grammer was good. Just the time period was off. 1 last try.Also. Tomorrow I'll turn in my list. So people wait a momment :tongue.gif: I got things to do tomorrow, but will hand it in a 4 So keep your pants on.
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    Quote from Dr4gun0v99


    Role-Play Exp.:Well I have played many of the RP servers on minecraft. The most recent one that comes to mind is called "Kingdom of Aeonis" RP server. Also, you might not know what face of mankind is, but I have a LOT of time invested in it. It's pretty much an RP mmo. Everything is player ran and so on.
    Why Us: Well, I have always been interested in a wasteland themed RP server. Also, the other server doesn't have guns or vehicles. :biggrin.gif:
    Time You Can Dedicate: Probably around an hour or two a day, depending on what day of the week.


    Name: Jack Frost
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance:He is Caucasian, about average height, and has scraggly short brown hair.
    Fears: Having his back turned against an open space (If you didn't get what I meant by that, I mean say he's facing a wall and his back is facing the rest of the city)
    Personality: He is very child friendly, and when someone poses a threat to one of his friends he deals with it first. He doesn't get mad easily, and usually stays calm the longest in dangerous situations.
    Occupation: Wandering Mercenary
    Skills: He is a very good strategist, and he is also good at picking locks and disabling traps.
    Nickname (Optional): Just Jack, please.
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Jack: *Pulls gun out of holster* You'd best be lettin them slaves go.
    Slaver: HAH! Or what?
    Jack: I'd rather not go there, but if that's what you chose...
    Slaver: Listen, stranger. Unless you want to end up like these here slaves, you should leave before things get violent.
    Jack: *Cocks gun* You had you're choice. *Pulls his gun up and shoots the slaver right in the chest*
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    When jack was about six, his mother died of a bad sickness. From there on out he lived with his dad and his brother. His dad, John Frost, always cared for them as best as he could. His brother, James Frost, usually helped his dad work on the farm, and also was learning how to fight. James was planning on joining the Enclave when he got older to help fight and rebuild america.

    At the age of nineteen, Jack started learning how to shoot a gun. He was a natural at it. One day, while he was out back target practicing, he heard some vehicles coming towards his house. Curious, he ran around the house to see who/what it was. Immediately he ran back as he noticed that there were men on turrets on the trucks, and they were raiders. He shouted to his brother and father to get out of the house and run, but they couldn't hear him because they were down in the basement. The vehicles came in and shot up the house, and the raiders ran inside and jack heard shouts and gunfire. Just as he thought they murdered them, they walked out of the house holding his brother and his father in chains. Jack assumed they were bringing them back to sell on the slave market.

    From that moment on, Jack was either in hiding, or running away. On his 22nd birthday, by chance, he ran into Las Vegas. As he wandered in the city, he thought to himself, maybe he should settle down here and stop running. And that is where he is today.

    Accepted, Welcome to New Vegas.
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    Quote from The_Only_Human


    Role-Play Exp.:I used to frequent a zombie rp board but my group died to end our story.
    Why Us:Because this seems to be a really well made fallout rp server and I have been trying to get into well made rp server's with little success
    Time You Can Dedicate:3-4 hours a day


    Appearance:Caucasian, 5'9, slightly tanned, and has two large burns on forearms.
    Personality:Obedient,generous, vengeful, and comical
    Occupation: Mercenary, scavenger, miner, and Sniper
    Skills:Stealth, good with a rifle, can repair most weaponry, and decent with a blade.
    Nickname (Optional):Ratchet
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Beggar: "Please sir spare some caps."
    Mitch: "Why do you need them?"
    Beggar: "I am addicted to jet and I need the caps to get another fix, so please sir help."
    Mitch: "No, Take the caps go to the NCR and get fixed up, also buy some new clothes...you smell awful."
    *Mitch hands the beggar 50 caps*
    Beggar: " Thank you sir your a saint"
    Mitch: " No...I just had more caps than I needed."

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Mitch's father was a dedicated first recon captain in the NCR. Everyday he would take Mitch outside and let him shoot at rad-scorpions with his sniper rifle. By the age of 15 Mitch could hit a bloatfly in the head from 200 yards. One day when Mitch came home, his father received news that he was being re-assigned to Camp McCarran. They all packed their stuff and left to get to the caravan heading to camp McCarran. Upon arriving they received one tent that would be their home. Mitch's father saw the best of it in that now Mitch could practice with real target's instead of rad-scorpions and bloatflie's. After living in the camp for two years Mitch's mother was kidnapped by the fiends. Mitch begged his father to let him go and try to save her but his father said it was against order's and that their was going to be a hostage negotiation in a week. Mitch decided he would follow the negotiator's and see his mother. When the negotiator's arrived at the arranged location they were ambushed by a group of 15 fiends. Mitch watched in horror as the group of fiend's slaughtered the group of negotiator's. In the midst of the slaughter he noticed a fiend holding his mother, without thinking he yelled out for her and the fiend heard him and decided to slit Mitch's mother's throat to taunt him. As Mitch watched this happened he began to start planning something for the fiends. When he got back to the camp he got his two most trusted friend's and they planned. The first phase was they broke into the armory and stole two 10mm smgs, a 9mm pistol, 75 10mm rounds, 20 9mm rounds, and 3 combat knifes. The second phase was Mitch going into his father's duffle-bag and "borrowing" his sniper rifle and 20 308. rounds.The third phase was to get into position and wait for nightfall. When night fell Mitch Started the attack by firing two 308. rounds into the eye's of the fiend who killed his mother...

    When the dust settled Mitch was the only man left alive. he had third degree burn on his forearms and had a broken leg.
    He crawled back to the camp and immediately passed out from exhaustion upon entering the camp. When Mitch woke up he asked how long he was out and the doctor responded " 2 months, we thought for sure you were going to die." Mitch got up and left without saying anything to anyone else. He went to his family's tent and found something peculiar,it had a different soldier's duffle where his father's should have been. He started asking here his dad was and all the men on base told him to go ask the colonel. When Mitch finally did ask the colonel he said " Mitch i'm sorry, your father hung himself because he thought you were going to die." Mitch left the colonel's office and went to his "room" in the doctor's office. He gathered all his gear his father's rifle, the stolen 9mm, the combat knife, two burnt squirrels, 15 caps, and his father's dog tags. He then left Camp McCarran vowing to return to the camp one day and try to enlist.

    Accepted. A+ Overall
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    Quote from jkymark


    IGN: jkymark
    Age: 16
    Role-Play Exp.: Years on various Garry's Mod RP servers
    Why Us: Looking for a change of scenery, saw the server and was very interested
    Time You Can Dedicate: 7+ hours a week minimum


    Name: Redd Blacklock
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: 6'0"
    Fears: Afraid of the dark, technology outside comfort zone (Power Armour), Enclave/BoS terrify him.
    Personality: Nervous, tries to act tough. Generally prefers to avoid conflict, although he is very good with a rifle. Gets very nervous and quiet when Enclave/BoS are near (Scared of the masks they wear)
    Occupation: Mechanic/Hunter
    Skills: Marksmanship, Repairing, Construction.
    Nickname (Optional): Redd
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): Read below...

    Scenario: Small patrol of NCR troops walking north of Strip. They are ambushed by an Enclave squad.

    Redd Blacklock: Hey, Sarge. What did you do...you know...before you joined the army?

    Sarge: *Sighs* Redd, how many times have I told you to keep quiet! We're on patrol for Enclave in the area, the last thing we need is- *Laser blast flies overhead* GET DOWN!

    Corpsman Lewis: ****, we got enclave to the west! A full squad!

    *Laser blasts continue to fly overhead from a Laser Rifle. The shooting stops for a second, and Lewis peeks his head up. A shot is heard, and a bullet trail flies past his ear. Lewis ducks, and informs the patrol squad of the sniper. The barrage of lasers and bullets continues.*

    Lewis: **** me, they have a sniper! We need to get out of here, NOW.

    Redd is sitting quietly, shaking and mumbling to himself. He hears the lasers, and the loud footsteps of the power armor get closer, but he refuses to move.

    Redd: ****...not again...not again...I...It shouldn't be like this...We shouldn't be fighting...We need to work together to survive, not kill each other...I...I can't do it...I can't fight...the eyes...the ****ing eyes!

    *Sarge grabs and shakes Redd. Meanwhile, the rest of the patrol is taking potshots at the approaching Enclave squad.*

    Sarge: REDD! I need you to calm down. It's alright. Just...just ignore the eyes. I need to you grab that damn rifle, and show us how to use it. Understood?

    Redd: Just...just shoot?

    Sarge: YES! Just shoot. You're the best we have, so show it!

    Redd: Umm...I, I guess.

    *Redd grabs the rifle laying at his feet, and peeks over the small ridge the patrol is hiding behind. He peeks over, quickly sights in, aims and fires. As he drops down, his face goes white.

    Redd: There's a lot of them, Sarge...I, I'm not sure if I...can.

    Sarge: Just keep firing!

    *Redd continues to fire. Lewis peeks up, but is hit in the shoulder by the sniper. One by one, troops from both sides begin to fall. Redd spots an opening for escape. He points it out to the remaining members of the patrol. The squad tosses their remaining grenades at the approaching Enclave, and ducks away, Sarge bearing Lewis on his back. As they run to escape, a sharp snap is heard, and Sarge falls over, blood leaking from his chest. Redd looks back, and sees the Sniper standing on the hill. He turns and fires a shot, catching the Enclave marksman in the head. A final glance at his fallen comrades, and Redd flees into the night.*

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Redd's parents grew up in the southern United States, post-war. He is the second generation of Blacklock post war. Redd and his family lived in a small community near what would be Northern Texas. It was there, hunting Brahmin, that Redd learned to shoot.

    He became very adept with a rifle, and after his parents were killed by occupying Enclave forces, he escaped with his older sister west, towards California. They stuck with a caravan most of the way, until Redd's sister became ill. She died along the eastern border of Nevada. Redd wandered alone, until he discovered the town of Goodsprings. He met a few good people who resupplied him with rations and ammo, he he made his way to the Strip, the last "Safe Haven" for humanity's existance. It is there that he enlisted, and is now a rifleman.

    Good App! Accepted, Im enclave. Hope to see you soon!
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    Also Broken_Sky, Could you please Re-Post the tutorial for Music mod download, And the tutorial for Downloading the newest texture pack. For the new people :tongue.gif: And me >:sad.gif:
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    Quote from MistisSmoke

    OOC I like to have fun and roleplay and have a good time.

    IGN: mistissmoke
    Age: 13
    Role-Play Exp.: Been playing Rp games for 3 Years and RP on Minecraft for 3 months
    Why Us: Well, You are a big group of people and fallout is fun.
    Time You Can Dedicate: Monday Through Thurs Mainly


    Name: Robb Stone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Usually wears leather when not in battle he has short hair and a red bandanna
    Fears: The Fear of meeting his brother Tim in the Wastelands,of losing Jeff,Tall heights getting attacked by a mutant.
    Personality: Lithe and quiet he’s a cold calculating man.
    Occupation: Takes out his enemy’s from afar but if they get close hell pull out a revolver
    Skills: Good at Vehicle driving and long range killing
    Nickname (Optional):Robb
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): *Robb crouches behind a barrel* Damn It...I really hate this sneaking around.*looks over top of barrel and sees nothing he then motions to his friend Jeff on the other side of the street after he gets up from barrel and runs to next "House"* Robb:This doesn’t feel right. There should be noise...I can’t hear anything. *see some waste landers searching a house* Robb: ****...*takes out his revolver and checks his ammo* Okay 5 verses 2. The poor sods. Waits for his friend to get out his M9 and then takes out the one by the door then the others rush and he gets two before he has to duck down* Aww Crap...*bullets whiz by his head when he peeks over* *runs across street firing and catches one in the arm* *Jeff fires and Robb hears one cry out, he peeks out and sees him laying there.* Got you now..*Fires and hits him in the temple* *Jeff and Robb meet up in house they were searching in*Jeff:Damn Robb couldn’t ya have saved some for me? Robb:Your just to slow Jeff *he says as he smiles*

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Robb is a hard friend . He doesn’t like other people very much. He prefers the company of animals. His dog Yolo died when he was younger and he’s been angry and depressed since,That was until he meet Jeff. He does not ask questions and acts on his instincts. His brother Tim and him hate each other and after a heated argument left each other’s company. Tim walked off into the wastelands while Robb stayed and scavenges in the ruins. He hates waste landers and kills them on sight. One day he hopes to kill his brother Tim who was loved by his dad while Robb was shunned. His mom he does not know as she was killed by waste landers. His dad died at the age of 64 and Robb and Tim left each others company. Robb headed SouthEast from His home in Nevada along the way he meet a another man named Jeff. Jeff is a young Texan boy who is a so called “Redneck”. (Jeff will come along later when my bro joins) Robb and Jeff are the perfect match one is sullen while the other is a party boy. They decided to stick together for a while and that turned out to be a great choice.

    Good, Accepted. Hope your brother does well.

    *im reposting because i feel you might have accidently missed it. So here it is:


    Role-Play Exp.:I have played many minecraft role playing servers and this server looks the best because it includes my favorite game, Fallout
    Why Us:I feel like this server is very dedicated to what they do and i would love to see how you guys created Fallout on Minecraft
    Time You Can Dedicate: quite a few hours per day, but when im done with school it will be alot longer then that


    Appearance: very fit young white male, with brown wavy hair, green eyes and a small goatee. Often seen wearing NCR unifrom with a chinese assualt rifle
    Fears: deathclaws
    Personality:Smart and persuasive but is also very loyal to whomever he is sided with.
    Occupation: local militia and miner/sellsman
    Skills: lockpick, persuasion, firearms and hacking
    Nickname (Optional): WonderBread
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): Me: "Merchandise here, get your merchanise here!"
    mysterious man: "what are you selling?"
    me: (persuade 100) "the finest of Legionaire goods here!"
    mysterious man: "Well if it's Legion I'll take one of everything."
    me: "One question are you with or against the Legion."
    mysterious man: "with"
    me: "that's all i needed to know." *10 NCR troops reveal themselves from within the bushes*
    me: "take em' away!"
    2 days later:
    reporter: In other news one of the Legions top men was arrested while trying to buys false Legion goods at a tradersmarket..."
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):Michael Willcroft, born to Mary and Tim Willcroft was found lying untouched at the age of 2 in the middle of the Mojave Wasteland. Under further inspection NCR members, who had found the boy, had claimed that his parents were forcefully taken by either Super Mutants, Raiders, or Legionaires. In a last minute desicion either Tim or Mary had hid Michael safely away in the Mojave before being attacked. Unknowingly of what to do, General Joe Smith of the NCR took Michael as his son into intensive care and training.
    By age 8 Michael had learned many superior skills that none other could learn at such an age. Michael not only already knew how to fire an assault rifle but he could even access an NCR members deepest most darkest secret through a computer. At age 17 Michael was taken aboard to his first NCR/Legion war. Lead on by Gen. Smith, Michael had fought and killed hundreds of legionaires for around a year. At age 19 Gen. Smith, who had been like Michael's father had been brutally killed by Legionaire assassins during a night raid, where the Legion had claimed Smith had committed acts of treason. From then on Private Michael Willcroft of militia group 258 had swore an oath with his fellow members that Gen. Smiths death would be avenged.

    Accepted, Good backstory, Really good.
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    Quote from Xxavier


    Role-Play Exp.:I've done some RP in the past on medieval servers, I have also played a lot of fallout 3 and new Vegas.
    Why Us: I have really enjoyed playing Fallout. I love minecraft and think it would be epic to have a Fallout RP server.
    Time You Can Dedicate: at least one 3 hour day a week if not tons more.


    Name: hashiyyin (as in Hashashiyyin the ancient word for assassin) Roosevelt
    Gender: male
    Appearance: rugged. long-haired, taller than average,
    Fears: Arachnophobia, and fear of cannibalism
    Personality: Comedic, witty, somewhat combat hardened.
    Occupation: ran away from home at age 14.ex-sniper for the N.C.R.
    Skills:Marksman, survivalist, lock picking, and sneak.
    Nickname (Optional): Wolf
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): (setting: waiting in a pothole in a combat situation at dark during a momentary standstill of a war) Tim looks over a his combat partner Karren, they've been hiding there for and hour or so and are waiting for the enemy to crawl out of their muddy trench.
    Tim: Hold on, I think that I see one of them...
    Karren: **** **** MOVE THE HELL OUT OF HERE
    They begin to fall back as tim radios in to the out post
    (whistling sound growing louder) KABAM!!!
    Karren had here arm blown off by the mortar.
    Tim: Karren, hold on I'm coming!
    Tim then radios in to the base and is then airlifted out by a helicopter.

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): hashiyyin ran away from his family's estate in Hyde Park New York when he was age 14. He grew up somewhat spoiled before that and was well educated on various things that are important for basic survival. After he ran away he soon found him self in the village Arefu. after one and a half years when he was well established and had some basic know-how of the wasteland he left the small town of Arefu and set his eyes on new horizons.After two years of wondering westward and surviving purely off of what he could hunt and scavenge. He then found himself in the town of Primm. Unimpressed by the N.C.R's ability to keep the scum of the earth off of the streets he decides to travel further to sign up with the N.C.R as a sniper working nightly shifts in the guard towers of Camp McCarran and occasionaly selected for a special assassination mission by his superiors due to his certain skills. His aim gradually got better and he slowly rose through the ranks of the N.C.R but at age 20 he was dishonerably discharged from the N.C.R for stabbing someone in a card fight on the Vegas Freeside. As of now he has been wondering around the wastes putting all of his skills to his best advantage.

    Awesome Application, Accepted!
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    Quote from tixar


    IGN: Tixar
    Age: 19
    Role-Play Exp.: I have a good bit of RP and acting experience, for a few years I acted as voice over’s in Germany and was on an episode of "Der Anfang und das Ende."

    Why Us: Why not? The server seems a bit more relaxed about everything, and it looks like you have a good player base.
    Time You Can Dedicate: There isn’t a set time I could be on every day, Tuesdays, Fridays an Saturdays are the days I can spend the most time on the server.


    Name: Tixar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: 6.2 , light blonde hair somewhat buzz cut, regular build, tanned skin.
    Fears: America being taken over by the scum of the brother hood, loosing a fight. Becoming mutated.
    Personality: quite, agile, doesn’t give in, doesn’t give up, quick at making split second decisions.
    Occupation: Wasteland wanderer, Mercenary.
    Skills: skilled with a knife, and pistol, quick, skilled in HtH combat.
    Nickname (Optional): Tix

    RP Example (Add Dialogue)Night....The time of silent killing, the rush of the hunt, sneaking and moving from place to place to find one ...The feel of a rusty knife dragging through flesh ripping and tearing roughly through sun baked skin, snapping each tendon, cutting each muscle. The cold night breeze across the tired wrinkled face. The feeling of the body going limp ,cold, and lifeless as it slowly slips to the ground. The blank look of death in the eyes…. It feeds the hunger, as blood runs slowly down the knife discoloring the steel until it reaches the edge…. Drip, drip, drip, the blood crashes into the dry cracked ground, seeping into the ground… The godly feeling of taking some one else’s life…. it’s a feeling like no other….. Sighs….. “But soon the hunger will arise again.”

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): born into a military household, raised not like a son but like a soldier, a warrior, a hunter. My Father and Mother were harsh but loving, serving in a military fearless, merciless, restless. On my fifth birthday I was given my first weapon, a new cold, sharp combat knife. My Mother taught me how to how to sneak silently in the night, approaching the target without a sound or worry. At eight I was given my gun, a .45 auto pistol. My Father taught me everything about that gun, how to fix and clean, how to fire it one handed, and how to fire it crippled. I learned that this gun is my life. When I turned 10 I joined the *******, At 12 I learned how to be a true killing machine, by the time I was 18 the ******* was in disarray once again, my parents were accused of spy and shot on right then and there, I left that day. Now I am drifter, I never stay in a once longer than four moon cycles, I travel quickly and quietly, rarely going into town and always living in a abandon shelter, vault, or just underground. I avoid people and do not take to kindly to slavery, I will not hesitate or think twice about pulling the trigger. I went to Utah in hopes of finding a new beginning but all there were was brother hood scum…. I had gotten into an argument with a brother hood knight kill him, after that it was a massacre… So I left Utah and decided to return to New Vegas. On my way I met a man named Shy’del, a former raider, knowing his back ground I decided to travel with him back to New Vegas but have always had my weapon ready on the first sign of betrayal.

    Accepted, Awesome App Btw.
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    Quote from Peinm

    Here is my app ! :
    Role-Play Exp.:Elder Scrolls (Oblivion), Fallout (Just played 3 but a big fan of the first and second), World of Warcraft ( Since Burning Crusade)
    Why Us: I think that a beautiful game like Minecraft (with all the things you can do) with the Fallout Universe would be awesome
    Time You Can Dedicate: Week-ends (for the most part of time) and School Holidays


    Name: Heart Harrison
    Appearance:Tall man, with short brown(little degraded) hair, with weird orange glasses, seems very serious.

    Fears: Spiders and Bears, and turns crazy when see religious people (reference with his family, people who he loved a long ago,before war)

    Personality: Sadistic and very disturbed, loves blood and mutilation, bipolar (Personality 1: Normal,calm and serious, Personality 2: When comes angry, starts seeing angels, demons convincing him to kill people (Like he could see the karma of other people) and starts being conducive to cannibalism.

    Occupation: Torture and correct people who doesn't like his thinkings (also killing them), and creating Robots (An ocupation that himself don't understand, SPOIL: he is a Cyborg so he likes people and things like him, he can feel they are special)
    Skills: Weapons specialist (Little guns and big ones, also some old energy guns from the Old World, the world before war I mean), common studies from the Old World (Thanks to family, explained in Background), and Technology (Robot construction and designing of new tools who can help the population of his city and the wastelanders, also used to make some money, later used to construction of the Wall and buying defenses for it)

    Nickname (Optional): Peinn

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):He is a "normal" person, but when someone challenges his thinkings or causes him, he turns into a psychopath, he is very confused about his identity, he just knows than his family was very religious and gave him the name of Heart.Very protector with his people (citizens of his city), he feel like if they were of his blood, and tries to protect them by raising The Wall and building turrets,traps and this type of things to defend his city and The Wall.

    Jeff:Hey Heart, We've got a problem on the Fifth Avenue of Downtown.
    Heart:Don't call me like that, you know that I don't like it.
    Jeff:Okay Boss, I do what you want ! (With a freaking and amazing accent of Texas ! Just kidding :biggrin.gif: )
    Heart:Let's go.

    After, at Fifth Avenue of Downtown:
    Jeff: Ugly homicide man ! How people can be this mad ?
    Heart:It's in their nature, we can't do anything, just put them out of their suffering.
    Jeff:It's good to kill people to save other people ?
    Heart: You know where we live, The Wasteland doesn't changes at all, kill or be killed...
    Jeff:Okay, if you say so...
    Heart:It's the Law, we can't do anything.Nevermind, let's stop this *******.

    Backstory (1 LONG paragraphs):When he was 12 years old, the Government (Current Enclave) take him to a special training Camp for Special Soldiers (Genetic modification) or Super-soldiers, quickly the Government destroyed the Camp ant take them to another Program: Robotical Application to Humans, there after being modificated, his members (the most part) were changed for Robotic ones, making of him a Cyborg and very disturbed kid who growned in Military Campements. He become very radical about life and politics. After he become part of a Program called: "Protection of The Next World". He was putted in a Cryogenic Chamber and then he reborn in a new world, The Wasteland...He tried to help people and then finally he gave up and raised his house in a little village where he become Sheriff, and protected civilians from the Problems of the Wasteland, building a wall around a radius of 2 km around his town. Now The Wall is broke and the sand enters his city: The Spheria.He wants now to exit the Spheria (Location:250 Km at the South-West of The Mojave, California) and rebuild a new society: reinstore The Government of The Old World by passing the Word of The Old Declaration of Independence and find some new clues about what happened really to the U.S.A and who he is, because he has got a little clue since he cut a little bit his arm... Someone tell him something about New Vegas (A bandit crying and shouting for his life), now he is coming to the Vegas and nothing is gonna be gentle...(Yeah I know, I use a lot of ... I just like them :biggrin.gif:)
    Please, read this post last time no one read my correction, please read it, and if you read it, THANKS, and I'm very excited with this server so please !!!!, read it !

    Eh you fixed it up a good enough Bit. Accepted.
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    Quote from dinox13

    I got accpted in like page 125 but i ca't find it there so i'll just repost it.


    IGN: dinox13
    Age: 13
    Role-Play Exp.: Have done Forum RPs and some RP server's.
    Why Us: This look's like a cool server and i want to use my Last Days texture pack and this server is made for it.
    Time You Can Dedicate: If i like the server Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


    Name: Dinox Treaty
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34

    RP Example: Dinox arrived at the House. He got out of his car and started slowly walking to the door. The rain was pouring. Then he heard a noise. The door opened and a man stood there. He had a coat and a pair of jeans. His coat was covered in blood and he had a scar on his right cheek. His eye's were grey and he holded on something. When Dinox looked closer he saw that it was a metal pipe the man was holding.

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): (I don't know much about Fallout so this will be a bad one) Dinox was a man with a typical life. Dinox lived in New Vegas until Enclave attacked. He barely survived the attack. Now he had one goal: Survive. Surviving was hard. Living in forest's or cave's would just make it harder. Instead he lived in the ruins of Los Angeles. There were irradiated freak's there so Dinox hided in his shelter a couple of year's. He only got out when looking for food and water. He had becomed a wastelander. Life as a wastelander was hard. Dinox also raided people who walked outside his shelter. A couple year's later he had enough of being a wastelander. He was going to leave. Where he didn't know. But he had heard something from the freak's that Mojave was a good place to live now. And living in a city filled with freak's wasn't better than a place with normal people. "Mojave here i come.."

    I got also accepted in Enclave as an officer :wink.gif:

    Accepted, But your an initiate. Not an Officer.
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    Quote from Verycooldude300


    Role-Play Exp.:quite a bit
    Why Us:I saw you guys had the gun mod
    Time You Can Dedicate:depends, probably a lot


    Appearance:Athletic, Medium-Sized, Brown Hair/Eyes
    Fears:Lack Of Water, Mutants, Etc
    Personality:Smart Mouthed, Comical
    Skills:Sniping, Stunts, Insane Driving, Hotwiring Cars
    Nickname (Optional):Axels
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Anyone Got A Spare Tire?
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):Born in New York, Terrence knows how to survive, and he figured that he could get a nice job down south with his mechanical skills, so he decided what the heck, and moved to start his new life

    Denied, RP Example was a mere sentence. And So was your Back story. Were in Mojave Not New York, How'd you get here. Last chance to fix.
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    Your right, servers down for me too. Eh, Just wait a few, Should pass. I hope.
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