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    Quote from ThatAnn0yingGuy

    I'll fill you in on anything important when you get back, or I'll PM you.

    PM is prefferd, Thank you.
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    Hmmm.... Thoughts.. Well when I heard the server was going, I was GOING too go check out the blue fallout server. But I DO have alot of history, BTW I did NOT quit, My computer **** out at me completely at the worst of times. I hope Indigo Corperations is doing Okay, Even though that is unlikely. If not, I will ehh.. Figure something out, Chaos is irradict. I have not been whitelisting because, AGAIN my computer crapped out. Im sending a message here, and too a couple friends while I can. I bought a diffrent computer, and I need 1 more coord for the monitor. So! I should be returning soon enough. Denivire You've been a successful owner, I wish you luck on your Skyrim server, But like the Fallout people.

    Ill stick with my own time.
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    IGN: Chaosmender

    How Long Have You Played F:WNC: A long time, prolly over a month and a quarter.

    What Can You Contribute (1-2 Paragraphs): I can report Griefs, I can moniter Rule breakers And contribute too make this server fair. I can help patrol, and maybe help build official stuff, I would be stealthy, and careful about Spying on griefers and reporting them, But i would personally investigate.

    Why You(1-2 Paragraphs): I want to be a Moderator so I can contribute too this server In my own way. Too find and Fix the wrong doingings of the Servers people. I want to Be moderator too make this server more enjoyable without having to worry about rule breakers. Overall Making the server Better.
    Also I am well known around the server, Try to stay within rules. I feel I could be stealthy and be fair enough too be a moderator. To help out people when reports of griefing or Illegal stealing come into play. Just like I said before make the server be better, And get it better reviews, Less complaints, And much more fair fun!

    How Active Will You Be: I come on this server Everyday, And I spend Hours on it, Rping, building, exploring So I'd be really active, same as I was before. Also i would be active on this job Helping other When reports of Rule breaking appeard as instructed.
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    Congradulations.. Welcome too Mojave..
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    Ok ok! Too the people who I said are accepted! I handed in my List! Ill re-enter it. as for Ejk999 I Will RE-Enter your name. Thank you for your patience.
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    Quote from maxpower678

    What about me?
    here is my app again


    IGN: gbg123456789
    Role-Play Exp.: Quite a bit.
    Why Us: This seemed like a good fallout server.
    Time You Can Dedicate:on week days 3:00 PM to 9:30 PM,Almost all day on the weekends


    Fears:Water,Snakes and Deathclaws.
    Personality:Quiet,friendly unless provoked.
    Occupation:None at the moment.
    Skills:Energy weapons and explosives.
    Nickname (Optional):
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    -The raider kicked down the door on the survivors wooden shack and pulls out his pistol and points it at the survivor-
    Raider:Give me all your caps!
    Survivor:Make me.-The survivor pulled out his revolver and pointed it at the raider-
    -The raider lunged at the survivor and hit the revolver out of the survivors hand-
    -The survivor backed away and opened his safe-
    Survivor:Okay man calm down.
    -The survivor reached into his safe and pulled out a pistol and shot the raider in the head-
    -The survivor laughed as he walked towards the now dead raider and looted his body.-
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    As Max grew up, he avoided contact with other people. Max's brother Reaver was the only person he would openly talk to. When Reaver died from a Deathclaw attack Max ran away, because he couldn't bare the loneliness. Max set off to find the Enclave, and through 6 months, he eventually came across a crater. Looking into the crater, he saw Enclave Power Armor, and went down to investigate. Apon reaching, the Power Armor was broken. Yet, he was still greatly pleased to come apon this set of Power Armor, and set out to fix it. Within 4 months of attempting to fix it, it turned out to become even more wrecked.

    So Max set his mind, and started to go on a search. Days turned into months, and months turned into years. One day, Max was walking through the dessert, and stumbled on a rock. The ground beneath him wasn't stable, and he tumbled into a water pit. Ever since then, big bodies of water caused him fear, and dealing with fear was not his asset.

    After 4 years he figured he had enough scraps of Power Armor, and began to craft together his own. When done, he thought his work was honestly amazing, and when the time came, it turned out Max was completely wrong.

    Max was wandering, like he always did, when he came across a Deathclaw. The Deathclaw looked oddly familiar. When the Deathclaw started to attack, Max realized this was the beast whom had killed his brother. The Deathclaw slashed his face, and at that point Max pulled out his shotgun and had crippled the Deathclaw before running away blindly, leaving his makeshift Power Armor behind, because it was completely destroyed.

    From the day Max's face healed, he wanders the Mojave Wasteland for the Deathclaw that had killed Reaver.

    Accepted. Im sending in my list now
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    Dralkt: Denied - Awesome Rp Example, But I feel your backstory was just a List of small Events.

    Maniacman: Denied

    Stuartbrown 16: Denied - Please Label where your Backstory Begins, Little things are important too.

    Winston2002: Denied - Good Rp Example, Good Backstory. But you show IMMENSE Immaturity, Denied Forever.

    Gabriel2678: Accepted - Congrats Good backstory!

    T_Money212121: Accepted - One of the Best RP Examples I've seen, Hope to see you soon!

    SecretAgentGuy: Accepted - Same thing as T_Money212121

    Lord_Kent: Accepted - Really Nice Application Accepted.
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    Quote from tab67


    Role-Play Exp.:0
    Why Us:Because i love fallout and you include so much
    Time You Can Dedicate:allot


    Name:Dakota Herman
    Appearance:6 foot 8 white male
    Fears:Friends and head scribe dying
    Occupation:mostly anything
    Nickname (Optional):Pvt.Herman
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):survive,protect others,and live to fight another day
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):As a young boy forced to leave the vault dakota survived.Grew up to be a mutant killer.Dakota never loved mutants because they killed is family.One day scaviging the waste he was attacked.When he awoke he found himself in a hospital bed.Thats the day he changed his dream.Now he wants to become the best of the bretheren.Thats his backstory

    Terible RP example and Short shot Backstory. Fix it. Denied.
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    New Enclave Official Forums!

    Has Rules!

    Rank listings!

    And a application Submission section!

    Go see yourself!

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    Quote from RobertMac777


    Role-Play Exp.:I Have Played on a few RP servers but, i want to play on more. I think that this could be a good one!
    Why Us:Because it sounds fun, i love Fallout on the Xbox, and i love minecraft, so if you put them together it sounds amazing!
    Time You Can Dedicate:I Can Dedicate 4-5 Hours a day.


    Appearance:Black Clothes and a Grey Hat
    Fears:Giant Geckos
    Personality:Serious,Fanny at times and hardworking!
    Occupation:Guard/ Hunter
    Skills:Shooting, fighting and Helping
    Nickname (Optional):Rob

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Surviving as a soldier, nomad and wonderer. I survey the lands, take what I need, and survive.
    Robert:"Initiate! Come here!"
    Initiate:"Yes sir?"
    *The initiate comes running over*
    Robert:"I need you to help me move this body. It's blocking the road."
    Initiate:"Yes sir."
    *Robert and the initiate move the body off of the path*
    Robert:"That will be all Initiate. Return to your guard duty."
    Initiate:"Of course sir!"

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):I was brought up by a family of Caravaneers,i was a your and cheerful young boy, the family had a successful line of business in the NCR territories. However, NCR taxes and a string of misfortunes including the Great Tree Mountain Pass Incident soon left them financially crippled. Almost an adult, I left my home and ventured into the wastes out south east where a run in with a giant radscorpion left me crippled. Certain that death awaited me I sat under an overpass where a small group of couriers from Mojave Express took me and patched Me up. From there I felt indebted to them and took up work as a courier, contracted by Mojave Express. They thought that i was a Hardworking, strong young man that is always up for a challenge!

    Accepted. 3 More people done! Ima turn in the names, and Play some Fallout RP :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from Smokeismist


    Role-Play Exp.:Other fallout rpg and lotr
    Why Us:because you guys have lots of cool mods
    Time You Can Dedicate:mon-thur 3:30-8:00


    Name:Jeff Snow
    Appearance:Black Hair Blue eye pretty much looks like a waste lander
    Fears:Loosing Robb Stone in action
    Personality:Romantic but pretty serious
    Skills:Firearms and building
    Nickname (Optional):Snowball
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Jeff:We've got Mutants..
    Robb:I count 3
    Jeff:Wrong,theres a fourth behind the rock.
    Robb:You always have to be a smart ass
    Jeff:Actually thats my personality.
    Robb:Whatever,you go to left and ill go to the right and cover you since i have the long range weapon.
    *Jeff mumbles about unfairness*
    *Robb sights his target and takes the one behind the rock out while Jeff hit two in the chest injuring them*
    *Robb hit one of the two in the head killing it while Jeff fires and hits the other of the two in the temple*
    *the remaining mutant pulls out a wicked looking axe*
    Jeff:Aww ****...*checks his ammo and sees hes out*
    Jeff:Two can play at that game *He takes out his machete and readies*
    *The mutant charges and Jeff charges when they are two feet away Robb fires and hit the mutant splattering gore on Jeff*
    Jeff:You son of a *****!
    *Robb laughs over radio and when Jeff walks into sight he loses it and rolls on the ground laughing*
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):Jeff was a young texan boy raised by his Uncle Jim Dandy on a ranch. His Father and Mother died of Rad Poisoning when he was 6. Raised on the farm by his Uncle, Jeff learned alot of useful skills. When he was 17 he decided to set out for Norther Texas. Along the way he meet Robb,they became great friends on thier passage north. When they got to Texas they decided to stick together. They are great friends and hope to join the Enclave some day and elimannate the Wastelanders and the NCR Who taxed thier families so much.Jeff is young and full of party energy. Hes pretty gung-ho and can meet the strength of most men. He even went up against a mutant with a sword...until Robb shot it.Right Now Jeff just wants to get rid of the Mutants and Wastelanders and those cursed NCR...And have fun doing it.

    Accepted.. Wierd I almost didn't accept you.
    I thought you were Mistissmoke! Lol!
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    Quote from grenadeguy06




    Role-Play Exp:2 servers and have played all fallout games except brotherhood of


    Why Us:Was interested in fallout in minecraft and wanted to join mp server

    Time You Can Dedicate:Weekdays 7pm-9pm, weekends ALL DAY


    Name: Bison



    Appearance:Ghoul,very rotten

    Fears:People who eat porkchops, Tanks

    Personality:Wise,Curious,Mean spirited



    RP Example:
    (Runs towards the goat like thing.)
    Bison:"Wait...your not a goat...your a smoothskin!"
    (Takes out his last stick of dynamite.)
    Bison:"Aw crap thats my last stick of dynamite!"
    Smoothskin:"Wait don't kill me!"
    Bison;"Why not?"
    Smoothskin:"If you kill me no one will ever know the location of the treasure!"
    Bison:"What treasure?"
    (He lights the dynamite.)
    Smoothskin:"Uhhh....the treasure of the Mojave!"
    Bison:"Nope, don't buy it."
    (Chucks the dynamite at the smoothskin as he runs away.)

    Backstory: I was born sometime before the great war. My parents were humble

    farmers from somewhere in western Canada. I spent my childhood playing with my

    pet goat, Porkchop. But then the war happened. The American forces invaded

    Canada. One day American troops captured me and my parents, and my beloved goat

    porkchop. But that was not the worst of it. The sirens were sound. An unknown

    force had launched a nuclear attack on North America.Our farm and the

    surrounding prairie was reduced to radiated ash.

    It was many hours after the initial attack. The Americans were gone. I searched

    the farm for my parents or Porkchop eventually finding my parents dead, a bullet

    in my fathers head. I never did find Porkchop. With a tear in my eye, I left my

    home and parents. I decided to go south. Find the Americans, or anyone. As I

    walked I could hear the screams of people, but I was to frightened to help. I

    could not rember my name so I named myself the first thing I saw. A semi trailer

    with the words "Bison Transport" across the side. Bison sounded cool. After

    weeks of wandering I was captured by people clad in frightening armor. Me and

    many other people were transported by some sort of flying vehicle to the Mojave.

    I escaped there base and ran to a nearby cave. Inside this cave was a vault, but

    I can't remember which vault it was.They took me in, but during my travels my

    skin rotted and I was turned into a ghoul.They still helped me.I lived in that

    vault for many years but I became homesick and lonesome. I left the vault to

    brace the warm heat of the Mojave Wastes.

    Quote from nickleback

    Role-Play Exp.:none but i would like to start
    Why Us:i like fallout And I loved oblivion
    Time You Can Dedicate:per day maybe 2 hours on weekends maybe 5
    ICName: Hope
    Appearance: hair:brown Skin:light tan Height:about 160 cm weight:6 stone
    Skills:Sneaking assasinating Marksman
    Nickname (Optional):NONE
    RP Example (Add Dialogue):Bandit:Hand over your caps and i wont have to shoot *He Has a Pistol
    Me:Ok i dont want trouble im just trying To get some Food
    Bandit:Just hand over your caps Now!
    Me:*Drops Caps on Ground*
    Bandit:Your So gonna get it
    Bandit:*Shoots but misses*
    Me:Say hi to My Pistol *Shoots In The Eye and Walks away*
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    Born inside vault 62.He was always a loner eventully at 10 killed 6 people.He was about to be executed when his Best Friend (Kyle) Clonked a guard with a baseball bat and they snuck through the pipes of the vault and escaped.20 days later Kyle had caught Radiation sickness.He asked Hope to execute him but Hope managed to find the cure and Later they came to Los vegas at the age of 11 and were raised by a teenager named Dai until Dai was Killed by bandits Hope took His pistol and there was a shoot out. Hope and Kyle were seperated when they ran Hope ran into a cave and holed up for a week He started to go paranoid that everyone was out to get him he Explored assasinating most who came to his path except for one who had crossed his path it was man named Eagle He explained how he had been following him since the shoot out in los vegas He admired how Hope was able Kill freely and sleep so soundly and gave him 2 choices
    (A)Keep on running
    (B)Become a Brotherhood member
    Hope picked (:cool.gif: and they set off to the nearest camp and Hope was trained.While hunting he wandered off and started exploring and was captured after a couple of hours hope was dumped on a table and was tortured until they noticed the mark of the brotherhood he Kicked one who dropped his gun and shot both of them right in the chest he started wandering t`ill he managed to regroup with one of their contacts in riverwood where he now resides

    Eh, your backstory is long so that kinda good. But I feel it goes way too fast. From living too murdering in a bi-Polar instant, Please do something about the pace. Denied.
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    Quote from diggydwarf21


    IGN: diggydwarf21
    Age: 16
    Role-Play Exp.: 1-2 years of WoW Role-Playing
    Why Us: I really love playing the fallout games and ive always wanted to engage in fallout rp, and fallout and minecraft combined sounds awesome
    Time You Can Dedicate: i should be able to be on for at least 3-4 hours a day.


    Name: Mack Jones
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Appearance: African American, muscular build, he carries many scars from his troubled past.
    Fears: Burning to death
    Personality: Mack is very approachable and is always reliable to help a friend in need. He carries a strong jamaican accent but is easily understood.
    Occupation: Bounty-hunter
    Skills: Mack is very skilled with all guns and is a very good tracker and he is also good at gathering and hunting.
    Nickname (Optional): Wolf (given to him by a gang he grew up in after he bit a NCR soldiers throat open.)
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): "Im tired of all the ********, 2000 caps for the sure kill" *he looks to the sturdy business man with slight anger in his face* "and you know there aint no better bounty hunter than me for hundreds of miles". *he clentches his fists as he awaits a reply* *the business man snickers at him* *mack pulls back a fist and powers through with a right hook into the mans face* "I dont have time for this!"
    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Mack was born in a small town outside of New Vegas. He was in and out of trouble as a child. When he reached the age of 18 he was charged with conspiracy of murder and instead of being imprisoned he was forced to join the NCR. Upon beeing a soldier Mack wanted nothing more than to get home. He knew the only way he could go home is if he served the NCR for a good amount of time. Upon getting an honorable discharge from the NCR Mack started a bounty hunting business. Business picked up fast and he started makeing good money. Everything was normal one day when he attempted to make a kill he was set up and imprisoned. After serveing 2 years in prison hes looking to pick up were he left off.

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    Quote from Briwolf2



    Age: 13

    Role-Play Exp.: I'm on a few RP servers such as Lodainn, and I also write a few novels with apocalyptic themes. So I can fit the genre. I will say however that it WILL take some time for me to adjust from a fantasy RP server(Lodainn) to an apocalyptic one.

    Why Us: I was searching for something either Fallout based or Hunger Games based, and you guys fit the letter.

    Time You Can Dedicate: I'll have to say I can't dedicate much time seeing how I'm juggling three servers, however if I DO find time(which I have a lot of) I'd have to asy Wednesday from 6PM EST to 9PM EST and Friday's from 8PM to 10PM. Thought do understand I have conflicts and projects and stuff for school, so I can't be on all the time and more or less the days I CAN get on it may not be at the exact time(i.e me saying 6PM and getting on at 7)


    Name: Atilla "Magyar" Storm


    Age: 19

    Appearance: Red hair with a dusty gray monocle. He wears a lot of light metal plates on his body that he found from scrap metal in junkyards and old buildings.

    Fears: Being stranded without company, lost, near death, having his items stolen.

    Personality: He's big on gambling and many times he wins a hand, however there are times when he loses and has to call it quits, but he has never had to give up his trusted rifle or blade.

    Occupation: He's more or less a trader and gambler. He goes around selling what he has on him and ends up winning 10 hands at a casino and getting 5 times(as an estimate) of what he got for the stuff he sold. He's not very perfect however, and will sometimes end up losing a few thousand caps in a high-roller hand.

    Skills: Gambling, Bartering, Cooking(surprisingly), Lockpicking

    Nickname (Optional): Magyar, sometimes called Atilla the Gambler or Atilla the Lucky

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    (The faction is from one of my ideas I had for a novel)
    M= Atilla
    G= Guard
    D= Daemon

    G: Stop in the name of the Legion.
    M: If you don't mind me going past here that'd be fine. *Atilla points to a caravan of traders*
    G: Share half your profit with the Legion and we will allow you to stay the night.
    M: *glares* Do you have any idea who I am?
    G: *stands ground* You don't look familiar, now as I said before. Half your profit to stay the night.
    M: *chuckles* I'm Atilla the Gambler.
    G: Never heard of you.
    M: Who cares Legion scum.*takes out sword*
    *all four of other traders takes out weapons and bombs*

    M: Where is your leader perchance?
    *the guards look frightened and yet take out their weapons preparing to fight*

    M: Tell me or I burn this place to the ground!
    Guards: D-Daemon is in the tent over there!*they point to a log cabin-style tent that seems stationary.
    M: Let me pass or we'll shoot you where you stand. The Bomb Traders aren't merciful towards people who turn us down.
    *Atilla get's an escort into the tent*

    D: Why hello there. I see you've tried to kill my men.
    M: I only wish to stay the night. The Bomb Traders, or as we are more commonly known the Lucky Ruthless Traders, will stand down if we may stay the night here. It's much too dangerous with the NCR patrolling.
    D: Very well than. As long as none of my men are killed, you shall stay.

    *Atilla bows to Daemon*
    M: Thank you sir. I'd like to offer you some caps to take a few of your captured.
    *Atilla throws over a bag of 100,000 caps*
    D: H-How do you have this much for a common trader?
    M: More or less you could say I'm a ruthless trader. I sell things to good people for a good price. Than I hit the casinos and make a lot more money than I had. I average out feeding my entire group, and we manage to buy out a settlement and send them to work in the fields or the mines. However we pay them 100 caps a day and give them markets for them to buy half-decent food and cloths. However no arms are sold, and they're under curfew.

    D: Well you're much like us, however you do not capture or kill. I'm not willing to negotiate anything, but I believe we may come to a common understanding.

    *Atilla nods at this and hands over an emblem*
    M: The crest of a once powerful empire. The New Hungarian Empire, as we will hopefully soon be known, will be reborn.

    D: Good luck with that, now get out of my private office.
    M: As you wish sir. Thank you for letting us stay the night.

    BACKGROUND: Atilla grew up in a family of merchants. They ran a radio station out of their house as well as a black market. The market was located in an old cellar they had renovated and most of the "illegal" items that were up for sale was stuff they tainted with. However the little stock they did supply the Mojave with was from the North near the family's hometown of Arlea. The merchants converted their town into a fortress and made the people their soldiers and subjects. A recent death in the family of Atilla's father made his brother Skyler in line to take the throne. Right now the feud is still going strong and neither brother wants to give up the title of King. The way they actually settle their debates is by a game of blackjack and dice. The dice are 10 sided and the number the die land on determine how many thousand caps they can claim a month. The blackjack game is where it really boils down to who actually gets the title of King, the person who got the lowest roll gets to deal.

    Atilla so far has 10,000 caps waiting for him in funds at the casinos. Skyler has decided that they can both share the company, with Atilla taking over the army and diplomacy, and Skyler handling distrubution and costs.

    Finally! Accepted.
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