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    posted a message on Horrible Player Entity Glitch/Bug - Help Direly needed.
    Hello, I am in Dire need of help. There is this acursed glitch, I call it the Entity Glitch. But have named it Player Entity glitch as it effects player's entity. Let me tell you what is happening during this glitch. I will be on a server, playing. Maybe walking, I will come to a block I want to Destroy or place, or maybe an animal I want to slay. I will attempt to Remove block/ or Slay animal. And either the Block will be destroyed (in my view) But nothing will drop. Or the Mob will not receive any damage. Even worse, If I am just walking I will eventually come to 'The drop off' where the Chunks have stopped loading.

    This all has to do with Entity. Me (My screen, my HUD) will keep going, walking, jumping, travelling. But in the actual activity of the server, My entity will sit there. I will be able to be attacked, and I can indeed die. I can NOT rejoin with my body without relogging. This has been happening CONSTANTLY. I am ready to swear off Minecraft in total just because of this. I will not be able to play on servers, (And my single player is too slow to play). I do not want to do this.A

    As I have said I play on SERVERS, All kinds of servers, Vanilla, Jail, MineZ, Ghostcraft. This glitch is horrible in every single server redering my help useless to all of my friends. And rendering the fun non existant. I have Googled, and Googled, And Googled. NOTHING. At all shows up. This has been happening since 1.3 I think, last summer. Gradually it's been getting worse and worse. It's just too much now, I work on a server. I progress for fun! But I can't do it anymore, Travelling 400 blocks just to find out in reality I was just frozen? It's impossible. This is happening at a rapid rate, I direly need help.

    My Minecraft File, it is totally clean. All except for the MCpatcher, which I have been using since even before this glitch. I was thinking of using OptiFine to help out my FrameRate (Had nothing to do with the glitch) But all except for that It's 100% Vanilla. This is impossible, I love Minecraft, I love the community. I don't want to leave because of the glitch. Help me.

    -IGN Chaosmender
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ♣ DesertCraft ♣ SURVIVAL ♣ //factions//pvp//killing//stealing//griefing ♣ Extreme Survival Conditions ♣ NO WHITELIST //
    Come on and join the fun, I know you guys are doing last minute homework but screw that! Come play!
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ♣ DesertCraft ♣ SURVIVAL ♣ //factions//pvp//killing//stealing//griefing ♣ Extreme Survival Conditions ♣ NO WHITELIST //
    Quote from Pinhead!

    Why you think you should play on this server: I was actually on it today but the whitelist took effect. I am having a blast.


    KillerAvi Already Added.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ♣ DesertCraft ♣ SURVIVAL ♣ //factions//pvp//killing//stealing//griefing ♣ Extreme Survival Conditions ♣ NO WHITELIST //
    Day 28: I've finally made it back home. Those things.. They're ruthless. They wont ever stop.. I can hear them now, clawing their way into my sanctum. I've been chased by Monsters.. People.. They People.. They have gone insane. Nothing I say seems to stop them, I call them the crazies. I met a man, but he's gone now.. Just taken. The sand under him.. It just.. It JUST FELL... He was GONE.. I don't know what to do.. I'm running out of torches.. I can hear those things coming.. Looks like my time is up..

    To anyone that finds this.. Get out.. Now..


    Wow.. Some deep stuff man.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] ♣ DesertCraft ♣ SURVIVAL ♣ //factions//pvp//killing//stealing//griefing ♣ Extreme Survival Conditions ♣ NO WHITELIST //
    Man what can I say about this server. it's truly been a ride. The nights are hard, the days aren't exactly better. This...
    This is the true essence of an actual challenge, Minecraft has gotten too easy. Now this is a server for those who are seasoned in surival, or whoever thinks they can take on a challenge. I love how it's on a level where you can eventually cope with all the hardships with persistance and some agility. All things aside this is a challenge I am truly loving to face and will continue to face it.

    The people are good, Friendly (Though I wouldn't trust them as far as I could toss em) . They talk, we all chat. Survive, no coords are given out because, hey we all have to struggle sometimes hehe. But really, these are some good people, no hacking they have plugins to prevent all that bad stuff. Everyone usually has a good time (Bad times can happen when zombies come to play) But everyone just gets along ok. No doubt disputes and rivals will form. But hey! People on a server fighting for dominance and survival are gonna fight just a bit hehe.

    The staff seem ok, Exoria the owner is on frequently, always working on the server. You can just tell he is dedicated. His moderators seem ok, there is no Moderators killing off all the players (Lord help us if they did) None of that cheating. They seem picked decently for the server. No doubt they will protect our community as long as no foul calls are called hehe. I don't blame em if they did. Server protection is #1. But they are on frequently too, just showing more dedication to the server overall. I really approve of the staffing so far, the other Admin Death seems sensible, a nice guy. So all the staff seem pretty Ok in my book. Don't have to worry about Unfair play, so why not come join? We don't even have the jerk staff!

    I am fully behind this server as I do love a challenge, one that is ok for my crappy computer lol. But in all seriousness this server is the one to join. We have a great community, rewards, stores, all that good stuff. We present a challenge and a friendly but fierce community that is hard to find in the world of Minecraft today. I feel that this will be a unique server that will only get better. I am glad to be one of it's first to come along, and if other join well then we can make a unique server unseen for a very long time.

    You have the IP what are you waiting for? Do you have the moxxy to try a challenge? Don't wimp out.

    P.S. I would like some cake. IGN: Chaosmender
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    posted a message on Outbreak 2 - A Hardcore Zombie Survival Experience
    Whitelist Application:
    1. What is your In-Game Name? Chaosmender
    2. Why do you want to join this server? Love zombie servers, survivals.
    3. How long do you think you will survive on your first life? A hour if Im lucky. Maybe 30 minutes.
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    posted a message on [Custom Plugins] [24/7] [Alpha Testing] DayZ Survival in Alpha Testing!
    MC Name: Chaosmender
    Age: 17
    How'd you find us?: Scrolling through the Survival servers list.
    Any suggestions?: Open up soon! Also, Add some parks if your going to do a city kind of thing. Just a way to get legit trees. And a good place to actually replant them.
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    posted a message on VoxelAPOCALYPSE Zombie Survival Server [FAC][PVP][GRIEF][MCMMO]
    Looks Epic

    IGN: Chaosmender
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    posted a message on ****Silver Age Roleplaying Server 1.2.5 [Whitelist] [Classes] [Player Crafted World] [Races]***
    Minecraft Username: Chaosmender

    Age: 16

    County/Time Zone: USA, Eastern Pacific

    Define Roleplay in your own words: Taking on a role of a character and playing as him Ie: Taking over his role.

    Define Metagaming in your own words: Using Out of Character Information to Use/Cheat In character.

    Define Powergaming in your own words: Hard to explain, Rping with someone giving them no choice Ex: *Stabs Rolkfer killing him instantly*

    Who are the only people who can use flymod?: No One.

    IC Information

    Character Name: Chalan III

    Character Path: The Path of Woodsman

    Character Race: Yarlak

    Character Biography: Chalan III was born into lower class family in the Outskirts of Borikheim, His mother Reecha Lifver and his father Chalan II Lifver worked hard to provide. His father cut trees for a living and his mother worked in tailoring, both barley getting by. Chalan and his family never made it out of poverty, and though life was hard he continued to grow and learn his fathers trade. One Sad Snowy day while Chalan was doing little house repairs plugging up holes with clay and what not, terrible news was given to the poor family. A Tree had collapsed onto his father and it was not taken off of him in time. A father was taken away from Chalan by Nature, the only entity you can't fight back.. His mother fell into a Depression fueled by the long for her companion. The money stopped coming in, and things were deteriorating, Chalan was given a chance for his fathers old job out of pits, and Respect. Chalan growing up learning determination, self-motivation, and self-discipline.. Had.. A reall.. hard time.. Cutting trees was not as easy as his Once Live Father had made it out to be.. But with years passing and much practice he.. Was barley supporting himself and his mother. Coins were not doing enough to support his dieing family, he had been having to hunt the whole way through.. Rabits, Herbs, And The occasional Fox were all they could ever muster up when Wheat could not be afforded. This was his life.. Chopping wood for scrap coins and chasing small animals to feed his mother.. One night Xaeos Had finally let his depressed mother go into peace. Chalan was heart broken, he was glad for her freedom but moarned her loss and the good times he could rememmber.. He sat on his Cot looking around his old home hut.. The outskirts of Borikheim, Torn.. Cold.. Decaying.. Rotting.. His family has lost their works results.. No.. He gazes around once more.. no.. Chalan packed his gear up.. And headed into town.. Leaving his mother tombed next to his Father.. Chalan II Lifver would make a name for his family yet.. Somehow.. Somewhere.. But not here.. And with that.. He Closed the door.. And left.

    Additional Questions
    (These should be answered in character and RPed out)

    Your character stumbles upon an injured man with the mark of an assassin group on his hand. You know that the Assassins guild has attacked him. Do you help him? Or do you leave to preserve your own safety?

    Man: Help... Gasp.. Help me..

    Chalan: Who did this to you.. *Kneels down to take a look*

    Man: The.. They... *Shakely lifts hand to point to 2 Hooded men*

    Chalan: Wha! *Looks to the man quickly* Im so sorry.. *Gets up and runs as fast as he can*

    Cherzian is being robbed by two armed men. Do you help him/her? Do you flee?

    Cherzian: Help! Please Someone!

    Chalan: *Looks at the Cherzian* *Sees the 2 Men* Let her Go!

    Man: Scram Before We end you too!

    Chalan: *Takes out a wood ax* Come try it!

    Man 1: *Runs at Chalan*

    Man 2: *Runs at Chalan*

    Cherzian: *Runs away barley glancing back*

    Chalan: RAaaaaghh! *Engages in Combat as best he can*

    What are your character's weaknesses?

    Taunting me about my family.. Bring out an inner Rage that is hard for me to control..
    Spiders, Can't handle them.. They scare me half to death.. I will flee if I can..
    Total Darkness I hate not being able to see.. Its.. Unnerving.. Deathly afraid..
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Also is this 1.2.3? Or another?
    Quote from justindj97

    it says i griefed/stole lb proof stuff in nether what does it mean may i prove i didn't and i am a donator why didn't i get temp ban

    Lol just because your a donater dosnt mean your Immune to permanent bans.
    Donaters gotta follow the rules too.
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    posted a message on ★★★★★ PhanaticMC Network ★★★★★ skyblock skygrid factions creative minigames + more
    Minecraft Username / IGN: Chaosmender
    How experienced are you with skyblock: Beat it Twice, and Played diffrent versions of it.
    Why do you want to join this server?: Never tried it on a Multiplayer version
    Have you read the rules and realize that any griefing or stealing AT ALL is logged with the logblock plugin and you will be banned for breaking the rules?: Lol, I understrand.
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    posted a message on Dead Island Survial
    IGN: Chaosmender
    Age: 17
    Have you read the rules?: Yes, i read them all.

    Also if you need any more builders (Im kind of doubting) I would be happy to help with anything.

    But if not, I'd gladly be a tester to your death trap of zombies :)
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