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    posted a message on Looking for a female voice actor for a minecraft machinima.
    We are basically finished with the set of the first couple videos but we need a female voice actor Send me your skype In game minecraft name and any questions you have
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    posted a message on Looking for a minecraft co op partner
    Looking for someone (who has skype) To be a co op partner We will record n stuff
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    posted a message on Fallout Machinima
    We need a couple more people to star in the machinima as survivors
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    posted a message on Minecraft post apocalyptic machinima series
    Me and my friends need some actors for a minecraft machinima we are making. If you are interested post your skype and we will interview you (And tell you the story) If you are not comfortable with saying it here just pm me
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    posted a message on AxanRPG || Closing -- Other projects on the horizon
    Ingame Name: chacex
    Age: 17
    How did you find out about the server?: Browsing the forums
    Have you played at all on the server already? (Will not decide final outcome): No i have not
    What is rule number 4?: - No advertising, unless okay'd by an Admin.
    What are some past servers you have played on?: Every Rpg server i tried to join shut down within a couple days or never went up. That or i wasnt allowed to join. But i hosted some servers for friends.
    Special Key: 6hc3 (If i got that wrong im sorry Tell me if i did)
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    posted a message on ElantriaRP [24/7] [Town Based RP] [Whitelist] [1.3.1]
    Am i accepted? Or was that welcome a yes
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    posted a message on ElantriaRP [24/7] [Town Based RP] [Whitelist] [1.3.1]
    Out of Character:

    IGN: [Minecraft account name.] chacex
    Time zone: [What is your time zone?] Eastern
    RP Experience: [Have you RP’ed before?] A little but i never got a full roleplay experience that's what ive been looking for.

    In Character:

    Name: [Your characters name, first and last.] Vincent Graves
    Age: [Your characters age. Max ages: Humans 80, Elves 250, Dwarves 120, Halflings 90, and Khagorans 170.] 31
    Gender: [Male or Female] Male
    Race: [One of the five possible races.] Human
    Desired Job: [The job you wish to have, if you don’t have a preference, write “Any”.] Hunter (Will i be able to change this job?)
    Back Story: [Your characters lore, at least 5 sentences long. Be creative!] Vincent was born into a family of bandits. He realized this when he was 7 years old and his father brought a man with a sack over his head into their home and tied him to a chair. He watched as his father threatened the mans life, Slowly cutting and burning him. All his father wanted to know was were this "Treasure" was but, The man never talked. Vincent remembers it to this day and promises to never be like that. Hes a peaceful man and minds his own business.
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    posted a message on The Vault RP - A Serious Fallout Themed Server
    Ign - chacex
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    posted a message on Builders/Helpers needed!
    Ok so first off My friend Zane and i are making a new server and we want to build a bunch of stuff LEGIT. So if you want to join please fill out this application.

    IGN -

    What you can bring to the server(What your good at)-

    Age -

    Whats the best thing you ever built -

    Are you good with redstone (Doesn't matter but it could help) -
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    posted a message on The Knights Templars
    Although i dont want to join I am willing to make skins for your clan
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    posted a message on Savage RPG - [1.7] [Custom Bosses with over 250 Unique Abilities!] [Diablo Style Loot] [Dungeons] [Quests] [Classes] [Towns] [Pv
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name) chacex
    • Age: 17
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below? Yes i have
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.
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    posted a message on what time is 1.3
    give up all hope the end is near
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    posted a message on Wasteland | RP | Almost 24/7 | No Lag! |
    IC (Tell me what this means) In character - Role playing as the character you made.
    Name: Vincent
    Age: 29
    Biography: Vincent was born into a family of liars and thieves and has learned to be one over the years. He was taught to not trust anyone and always have a plan to back stab them. When he turned 18 he killed an entire family of survivors and enjoyed it. He learned to watch over his victims and study their movements and activities everyday. Then he would strike. Vincent knows he isn't a good man, And he is proud of that.
    RP Example: I study the foolish and scared man as he skins the pig he just killed. I notice he is hungry and rushing the process. In the morning i plan to kill him.

    OOC (Tell me what this means) Out of character - Either talking out of character or acting out of character
    MCName: chacex
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join this server: I have always loved games based on wastelands and survival So when i seen this i got excited.
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    posted a message on Kinsworth (Minecraft survival Faction like server)
    Your accepted
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    posted a message on Kinsworth (Minecraft survival Faction like server)
    Kinsworth (The name of the place were all this takes place) Is a place of complete danger.
    The factions:
    The Graves - Probably the most friendly and social of the factions are a group of two looking to expand. Chace Graves And Acid Graves established this fine Faction and City. They are also the most protected faction, Always building Giant walls over their city's. Although the most social they are the hardest to get into because you have to prove your Trust Loyalty and what you can bring to the city

    The Jungle Dwellers - A group of shunned criminals. Its leader Tuladen Graves used to be apart of the graves until he blew up their village and burned an entire forest. Though mostly a legend This man was caught for what he did and was pushed into a pit of lava. Some say he survived his execution. The Jungle dwellers accept anyone who's willing to do a few bad deeds (Stealing,Destroying structures , Ect)

    Wat3r - This faction is mostly destroyed. There is no leader anymore because he left the group. If you don't feel like creating your own faction Then you can most likely pick up the rags of this one and bring wat3r to life once more.

    Those are the three "Surviving" Factions. Feel free to make your own Now there are 2 applications to fill out here 1 is mandatory if you want to join us.

    To join the server:
    What makes you want to play on this server-
    Are you fine with the fact that people can steal from you and destroy structures (Only when your online actually. This rule is still in development)
    What faction you would like to join(Type My own if you just want to make your own faction)
    Good/evil -

    To create a faction:
    Faction name -
    Evil/good -
    Does this faction follow any traditions if so what kind -

    So there you go! Ill message you if your right for this server.
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