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    posted a message on Krystolus is looking for a MATURE staff. Builders needed.

    Staff Application

    IGN: camcole99
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Age: 17
    Position: Moderator

    Why do you want to be staff:

    I've recently gotten back to Minecraft (I've been away from gaming since May) and unfortunately, my "home" prison server is no longer running. I was a Helper on that server and I also helped out a lot with building the prison and even some administrative tasks. I'm looking really for a new server to call home where I have a real job to do and I'm obsessed with prison servers - especially newer ones.

    Why should we hire you over someone else:

    I don't want to come off conceited or anything, but this question is really setting me up to do just that haha. Anyways, I'm a pretty level-headed person, I know how to manage issues effectively, I love working with people, and I really am not one to abuse whatever powers or privileges I'm given. I have a decent amount of experience and I really just like to do my job and do it well!

    What would you do if someone reported a hacker:

    I would investigate the issue to the best of my ability and if I found the report to be valid, depending on server policy, I would probably ban the hacker. I think the most important thing with hackers is to deal with the issue as quickly as possible.

    What would you do if there was someone spamming chat:

    I'd probably go through a series of warnings, then maybe kick the player, then mute the player if necessary, and eventually ban the player if necessary. I would do whatever necessary to keep chat clear and make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

    What would you do if you don't have the ability to solve someone's problem:

    I would offer a sincere apology and do my best to try to find some way to compensate for my inability to help them. I would then communicate with someone up higher in the ranks who might be more helpful than myself. It's never fun to leave players unhappy.

    Any comments:

    I also have some building experience, but I don't have a ton of portfolio to show for it. But I'd absolutely love to help build if it's needed!

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    posted a message on † CubicPvP Survival † [Factions] [PvP]
    Hey everyone,

    There's a relatively dead survival server that I used to play on a lot. So anyways, I'm trying to get some new people to come play on it. We have Factions so feel free to bring your friends, or make some new ones! We also have the LWC plugin, so don't worry about your items being stolen by your fellow faction members! Right now it's pretty dead, so join now and get a headstart!

    Hopefully I'll see some of you on soon!

    IP: Survival.CubicPvP.Net
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    posted a message on Gamin Partners Needed
    Is this for all games or just Minecraft? If it's just Minecraft I'll do it, but I'm really terrible at those other ones you listed. lmao.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] Xray Mod
    Based on the comments before me, I'm going to assume that it doesn't work with 1.5.1 :( I'll be waiting for the update ^_^
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    posted a message on Lets Play - Suggestion Thread
    Okay guys so a friend and I are going to be starting up a letsplay series. I have a general idea of what I'd like to do, but a simple survival letsplay series is somewhat boring. I need you guys to suggest fun things we could do for the first episode! Thanks!
    - Cam
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    posted a message on Cubic PvP [PvP] [Parkour] [Clans] [Custom Items]

    Cubic PvP
    Assassin's Creed

    Cubic PvP was created because one of our favorite servers was taken down. We are based on parkour and PvP with Assassins Creed items. We have custom plugins that allow you to use a grappling hook, apply poison to your weapons, go invisible for a short period of time, shoot your flamethrower, throw darts, and heal yourself with a bandage. Collect gold and have fun with your friends while you jump around the map with your grappling hook. Have fun!

    Owner - Adondriel
    Admin - Camcole99

    1. Unless specifically stated, all clientside mods and hacks are forbidden. The only exception to this rule is the Optifine mod which we don't mind

    2. Do not spam the chat. This includes using excessive caps lock. You will be temporarily muted if you break this rule.

    3. Do not camp. Certain gold chests around the map are easy to camp and very tempting, but if we catch you doing this we will reset your money, clear your inventory, and empty your enderchest.

    4. Do not exploit any bug or glitch. If you find one, report it on the forums in the appropriate section. If we find you exploiting a bug we will immediately ban you.


    If you need to find our website, you can click HERE. If you want to make use of the forums and other website features just register with Enjin if you haven't already, and click "Join Site" in the top right corner. We hope to see you soon! Thanks!
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    posted a message on What would you do if the above avatar fell out of the sky and landed ontop of you?
    Poke the thing stuck to the side of its head ._.
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    posted a message on Do mods have viruses?
    Some plugins and mods might contain what is known as malicious code which can cause severe problems in a server or single player client.
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    posted a message on How do you make mod.
    In a few simple steps that are really not simple at all:

    1. Learn to read and write in Java code
    2. View some other mods and see how they wrote things so you can get an idea of how to start
    3. Select a simple mod, study it, and try to rewrite it on your own so it does all the same things
    4. Try making your own mod, something simple to start, and give it a few tries until it works
    5. Once it works you can slowly start more advanced projects, and if you are lucky you may find a mentor to help you out
    6. You are now capable of creating a mod. It won't be easy to get there but it will be fun when you do :)
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    posted a message on New Mobs for 1.6
    How about first we get some more aquatic mobs... Maybe schools of fish and the occasional shark to add a hostile mob would be nice. I've always wanted sharks in Vanilla. :)
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    posted a message on Best Armor Enchantments for The End
    You'll need a power 5 bow, a sharpness 3-5 sword with fireaspect 2, and the armor should be protection 3-4 since Endermen don't use projectiles, fire, or blasts. Feather falling won't do you much good since there aren't major drops in the End like there are in the Nether but if you can manage to get the enchantment, it won't hurt a thing. You will definitely want some splash potions of instant healing and drinkable potions of regeneration, a few stacks of cobble to make mini-forts, a bucket of water to clear out the Endermen when they riot, and some potions of strength and speed would also be very useful. Maybe you will want to bring some glass bottles, brewing supples, a water source, some brewing stands, and a chest to make a brewing base for those times when you need to make more potions. Note: when you make this brewing base, make it at least 10 blocks underground and only a 2 block high roof to prevent Enderdragon damage and Enderman spawning. If you have all this and use it wisely you are very safe and should do fine. :)
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    posted a message on What If Minecraft Went Modern
    Screw furnaces. I'd microwave my chicken. Lmfao.
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    posted a message on Server Ideas
    Okay guys. I'm here because I want to start up a server, but I need ideas. The one thing I don't want is a simple survival server with a few insignificant plugins here and there, because that is the most common type of server I see. So I'm open to anything else that you guys have to suggest. You can suggest themes, plugins, and anything else that would make a server more unique. Thanks guys!
    - Camcole99
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    posted a message on How well are you known?
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    posted a message on Cubic PvP - Now Ready For Beta Testers!
    Thanks golemtroll!

    If we can get 8 people online today at one time, not counting me or the admins, I will do a drop event :). It won't be a huge one, but it will be fun!
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