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I'm celticguy08, but you can just call me celtic. I'm 16, have been playing minecraft since SMP came out, am a moderator on one of the oldest SMP servers in existence (was released the day of), create mod support textures for the texture pack Faithful32x32, and like making sentences way to long.

Through minecraft I have, in simplest terms, learned the internet. It was really my first online game that I really interacted with besides simply playing with my IRL friends, and I feel that my experiences on the server I play on, on the forums, and anywhere else really connected to minecraft have not only have helped make reliable friends and shape my character, but given me a different perspective to what the anonymous and generic community of people is like.

And to that I say, thank you patrons of for sharing your 2 cents on this unprecedented game, along with making mods, texture packs, fan art, playthrough series's, machinima, skins, stories, and last but certainly not least, conversation. Because in 3, 4, 5 years when minecraft declines as most games have, its always going to be the little things that come up in short discussions that I will remember most.

Well now that my monologue is done, I hope to see you in a different topic :smile.gif:

Interests This and that. Kinda like now or laters, man I haven't had one of those in a while.

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