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    Hi, I recently got this version of Minecraft and so far I love how much smoother the loading in the game is. However, I've noticed some issues with render distance that I can't seem to find mentioned anywhere else. Whenever I'm playing, the render distance is fine, impressive even. When somebody joins me, their render distance is destroyed (considerably lower). Outside of my game, their render distance is the same as mine. So I decided to join one of their games. My render distance was destroyed, but theirs was fine. Whomever was the guest on the server could not change their render distance through the in game menus, in fact as long as they were a guest the option simply does not exist in the menus to be changed. Is this a known issue? Are there any known workarounds? Is this even the official place to receive support? I checked on the app page in the Windows Store, and there was no email to message the developer for support. If I may complain about more than one thing in the same post, shouldn't there be a dedicated support team for the game? Anyways, thanks in advance for your time and consideration (whomever decides to read this and help me out). Oh, and Happy Holidays!

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