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    Dunno if it works. 1.6.4 is very old in terms of fishing mechanics, I don't know how much there is to build upon.

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    posted a message on I keep getting a error: could not create a java virtual machine

    Have you tried allocating more ram?

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    posted a message on How to Install MineColonies for 1.15.2 Forge

    Tips For MineColonies:
    I would recommend having the basics together before you start your colony (wood farm, good stack of cobble, some iron, etc.). Collect some wheat seeds, sugarcane, leather, string. Find a good gravel quarry.

    You will need A LOT of flat space. The default colony is 8 chunks in every direction from the town hall.
    Always make sure you can see the bottom of a build, or else you may end up buildings things in pits.
    -JEI is a useful companion mod as the crafting recipes are hard to find online

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    I had a lot of trouble with this, and the tutorial page on the MineColonies site isn't exactly helpful. Not sure if these are the best/most up to date versions of the files, but they are compatible with each other.

    You Will Need:
    - minecolonies 0.13.74 jar file (from curseforge or another host)
    -structurize 0.13.27 jar file (on curseforge as well)
    -forge 31.2.33

    How to Install:
    1. download the above files
    2. forge should install itself automatically, don't worry about any of the settings
    3. go to your minecraft mods folder (%appdata% -> .minecraft -> mods)
    4. put minecolonies and structurize into this folder
    5. launch the forge 1.15.2 Install in your minecraft launcher

    -the recommended version of forge for 1.15.2 does not work, 31.2.33 is the latest as of posting
    -if you can't find your mods folder, you may need to launch the forge install once beforehand

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