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    If you are crouching/in a minecart/ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU SMALLER, you are going to fall through whatever block it is you just relogged on. Normally it just glitches, and you land on the block below it, allowing you to jump back up.

    If there is nothing below the block, you will fall through it and in your case, die.
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    Quote from Matthewrob

    Its funny that the guy who made this topic stopped talking. He thought hes so tough, yet hes probably younger then 5.

    There's this one little thing that humans need to survive.

    Perhaps he's outside, enjoying the sunshine and the lovely weather, or he may be in SCHOOL.

    Please use the bit of gray matter that you have before posting something.
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    Quote from Matthewrob

    Heh, so is my computer, chromes good. Did you like my poem?

    I hope you did, I made it myself HEHEHEH (sounding like a little girl)

    I came from the OT board to see what is going on in beta, just to quench my thirst.

    I see a positive uprising against the weak (Good) Then I spy you, harassing one guy (ONE), over his OWN DAMN OPINION over ONE MOB CHANGE.

    Seriously Notch, just go balls out and make a freaking atom bomb plane that wipes a 1klick^2 area around you clean, devestating that lovely wooden home (YUCK) that you built.

    I am seriously disappointed with how you behave, behind your little LCD shield, throwing out bland threats, etc.
    Oh, and you spelled you're wrong, just thought that I'd let you know.

    As for the rest of you, please carry on discussing.
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    It's quite the opposite of people's reactions. You REALLY have to read in between the lines on US Bills.

    For instance, Companies aren't that stupid to reject Machinama and other money-making companies, and they've already gotten written consent from the various game companies to do such things. It's probably already in their ToS, which nobody readsand could therefore get lots of people in trouble.

    I think that it says that you have to earn money to object the bill and get arrested/pay fines.
    Most of the little ten-year olds making their CoD videos aren't going to be targeted, because:
    A. They are ten. Derr.
    B. They make nothing whatsoever off of the videos.
    C. They wouldn't know otherwise.

    All in all, it's an utterly pointless bill that just superinstates what is already going on between companies now. If someone takes the game, makes something out of it, (ex Machinima), and doesn't ask the company once they start making money, then the company can file a lawsuit and perhaps get something big out of it, but if the EX is intelligent, they'll get permission and all will be fine.
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    I cannot believe that the first few posters didn't get the refrence...
    I feel REALLY OLD NOW.
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    posted a message on What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    It depends on how fast a bin-laden swallow travels.
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    posted a message on I'm in love with the girl I can't believe in myself to get.
    Oh, and keep us posted on what happens, if you need any extra help.
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    posted a message on Your Mount of choice?
    I'm assuming it has to be some sort of organic compound.
    Probably a celestial.
    Or perhaps Slifer the Executive Producer.
    How awesome would that be?
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    posted a message on I'm in love with the girl I can't believe in myself to get.
    - Does is seem like she is interested in me?
    One would assume so.

    This is the difficult part, buddy, and most people have to conquer this.
    Don't be like: "Hurr, lets go see a movie somethime.
    Be specific, give the time, date, place, and what you'll be doing after and before. This gives the parents a bit more peace of mind, and just generally leaves a better impression, especially if you're going to be dating her in the future.

    - And how do I show her who I really am and how much "better" I am than the other cheesy, muscular and funny guys she talks to?

    Talking to other guys isn't that bad of a problem.
    Cheesy, muscular, handsome, intelligent, we all come across that problem some time or another.
    The girls in my grade are still too immature to break the physical boundary and see who I really am, and one came close to doing that, but ended up shattering my heart instead. Yeah. We're still friends, but it can be hard, and I personally just think that she needs the summer to recuperate and be with herself and figure out who she is.
    It's not that hard to be the person that is always there for her, who comments on how beautiful she is (If you think she is, go ahead and say it. Not much negative can come from that.)

    As for showing her, it just takes time and slight effort. Just be with her, especially if it makes you happy.
    I know being with the one that I love does the same to me, but I cannot stand to see her saddened.

    Basically, I'll leave you with this:
    Face to Face beats EVERYTHING. My love an I didn't text all that much.
    Don't change yourself for her.
    If you want to explain your feelings, it is hard, but take this quote into mind:
    It's worse to regret not doing something than it is to do something and regret it.

    Take this lovely Kagamine Rin song as encouragement.
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    Quote from screwdriversally

    Safe and sexy :wink.gif:


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