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    Who else plays and makes adventure maps and is tired of putting signs as dialogue for the villagers for quests and what not.

    My idea is there should editable dialogue added in 1.4. While the books helped a lot you still cant make a good adventure map story without something like this. My idea is that when right clicking a villager it will bring you to a gui menu where you either click an emerald icon to see their trade or click a dialogue icon to see their text, If they dont have dialogue available then right clicking will bring you straight to their trade. The only way to add dialogue is to activate creative mode and right click a villager and you will see the same menu I described, except when clicking on the dialogue icon it will give and empty text section which you can type in and give them their dialogue. Also you can make it so events trigger a change in dialogue, such as activating a command block (Just added in snapshot
    12w32a) or Killing a certain amount of enemies or even talking to another villager or multiple events. Something like this would probably be fairly easy to code in and would make adventure maps more fun to play and edit, By taking out the signs people are forced to use to add dialogue and letting you talk to the villagers which are currently mindless brown squidwards who give you rip off deals. Let me know what you think and how to improve idea in comments below.

    P.S. The beacon block is kinda stupid and useless unless used as decoration but since its a work in progress i'll trust it will turned into something good.
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