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    Quote from Derpcakes

    You (jeb) insist on adding useless animals and other assorted flavors of pocket lint along with freezing over entire old maps.

    Modders are also just adding their own extra animals, mobs, tools, and random stuff to the game. Those of us who want to play Vanilla deserve new features, too. This is a horrible way to make your point.

    Quote from Derpcakes

    If you feel the same way, simply don't update. No updating until a better system for mods is created.

    And how exactly does this hurt Mojang, again? Oh no, you're not costing them bandwidth on the Cloud that holds the Minecraft files! Whatever shall they do with you NOT using their download servers.

    Quote from Derpcakes

    Not a single bit of mojang's hard work should be considered if they cannot consider the hard work the modders do.

    Apparently they've worked on the mod API some more... though it seems to me like the modders are doing just fine without it, considering that there are thousands of mods, some of which make massive changes to the game that might not even be possible, depending on how limited or expansive the official mod support is.

    What it all boils down to, is this: What you're trying to do here is rally the troops... "Come men (and women)! Don't update! Protest! We'll sure show them!" But what you're forgetting is that there are millions of players... and I'd say 98 percent of them play without mods. 90% of them are completely casual players who interact very little with the community and don't even KNOW about modding.

    You also forget that Modders do what they do with the full knowledge that it's going to break on the next update... They know it's not officially supported yet, and while that might be frustrating, they know that they're basically just taking the game apart in a way that was not intended (it used to really **** Notch off until he saw some of the really cool things people were doing with it), making some changes, and putting it back together.

    Sure, some really cool things have been added to the game permanently.. ideas that started as mods, and then became official, such as pistons... but all of it was made with the knowledge that it wasn't an officially supported feature, and that their creations could potentially break between versions.
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    I was just playing with some new designs that could be made with the new Upside-down stairs. Haven't seen anyone else have these same ideas yet, so I'll share them.

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    I uploaded a brightened version of "The End" It's brighter than the other one that already got posted.
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    Quote from qwertykon

    Guys, I am just saying. Not trying to start anything, but 1.10 is the same thing as 1.1 There is no difference. Speaking from a math point of view of course. If there was another uptate, It would probobly be 2.0, or 1.9.

    1.10 is the same as 1.1 is the same as 1.1000

    EDIT, looks like Lastof Got to my point before me.

    That would make a whole lot of sense, EXCEPT that version numbers don't work from 'a math point of view'
    Version numbers aren't decimals, they are integers seperated by dots. 1.10 comes after 1.9, because it's not the same as decimal numbers in math.


    for example, 1.32 is a higher number than 1.6 in the case of version numbers. 1.32 would be the 32nd minor update to version 1, where as 1.6 would only be the 6th minor update.
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    Quote from scrubking

    You're right. All of the pro-notch discussion has been done before so from now on no more pro-notch threads or posts. It's been "brought up millions of times" so no reason to continue.

    Good thing I don't make any pro-notch threads. And I don't make any anti-notch threads either, how about that?

    Go take your pointless mis-aimed arguments somewhere that they're relevant.
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    Quote from FalloutFTW

    Why do Endermen have to move blocks? What could it possibly add to the gameplay other than simple annoyance? What was Notch thinking? :dry.gif:

    Why do people have to make so many of these topics? What could they all add to the forum other than simple annoyance? What was this user thinking? :dry.gif:

    In all seriousness, though... I'm glad this game has unique enemies that do unique things... that's a lot more than most games can say.

    Also, Jeb said on twitter that he'd look into a way to make this less annoying when he goes back to work, which will be monday the 20th (today if it's after midnight where you live)
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    EDIT: I'm not sure about what I wrote in this post anymore. I generated a different world and made the journey again. So far I'm 8,000 meters from spawn, and no sign of a seemingly "infinite" ocean. Maybe that world was just really unlucky?

    Let me start by saying that I'm not here to whine about 1.8, or start some kind of rant. I really like it, and I have no actual problem with it. I just found this one aspect a little sad, and wanted to discuss it.

    So I had been hearing rumors that if you walked for a couple of in-game days in 1.8, you would reach the new 'edge of the world' which is an infinite ocean with occasional little islands in it. So I generated a new world and went to test this. I put it into creative mode so I could fly to make things easier.

    Before the end of the first day, I was somewhere between 4500 and 5000 meters west of spawn when I suddenly got to the biggest ocean I've ever seen. I thought to myself "no way this is the end, it must just be a really large ocean." So I kept flying through the night about 3000 more meters, seeing only occasional little islands, then spent the rest of the night flying back to land. When I reached land, I turned north and flew along the coast for about 4000-5000 meters and reached a similar phenomenon up there. I bet if I went 10,000 meters east, I'd find the same thing.

    So I've concluded (and yes, I'm sure I'm not the first one) that the world is a 10,000x10,000 meter square. Don't get me wrong, that's still a lot of space to work with, and like I said, I'm not trying to hate on the game or something. I still like it, this isn't some rant thread or anything. just a discussion! Trust me, I'm as sick of the 'whine' topics as anyone else.

    But considering that the game didn't start to 'bug out' in it's previous state until about 8,000,000 meters in one direction, giving you 16,000,000x16,000,000, why is the usable space now only 10,000x10,000? It could easily be 100x bigger, and the game should still work fine. I know there's islands and stuff out there, but they're all pretty boring. Most are never more than 4 blocks high, and lack any interesting features.

    Is someone more educated on this topic able to provide any insight?
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    Bottom line, the game changed, deal with it.

    You were offered a solution by at least 2 different people. They both said to just make your spawning room only 2 blocks high, so the endermen can't spawn inside it... then just light up the outside really well, or surround it with water.

    You claimed to prefer building things, rather than fighting and 'grinding' for items, so rebuild it. 'Use your brain' (another thing you said) and figure out a way to adapt to the situation, instead of whining about it.
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    Here's my honest, and personal opinion.

    These mob farms people build are taking advantage of aspects of the game to benefit the player in a way that always felt like cheating to me. Now there's a feature of the game that doesn't allow you to take advantage of these mechanics so easily. Seems fair... clever, even.. that they were able to find such a subtle way of messing with these contraptions.

    But that's just my opinion. Everyone plays Minecraft their own way, I just don't agree with it. I see it as an exploit, not a valid use of the game mechanics. Clever, but not legitimate.

    Did you know that Jeb and Notch have been thinking about making enemies only drop items and EXP if you personally deal damage to it before it dies? It's because Mob farms are a cheap way of harvesting items, and they wanted to implement measures to prevent it from happening. A lot of people spoke out violently against it, but I thought it was a good idea.
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    Quote from Joobz

    I don't think it will come out today
    I think they need to fix or the bugs that were in the pre release unless they have all been fixed..
    then they will probably fix stuff that people have been whining about and stuff that people have been demanding..

    In short I think they will take even longer so all you little bitches out there who complained have to wait even longer so you can demand even more :happy.gif:

    Remember I said THINK which means I am just assuming

    Your text is centered
    Like poetry often is
    This is a haiku
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