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    Just something quick: It might be fun to scan a Deep Storage Unit from MineFactoryReloaded. Just saying...
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    Hey, how about a shout out to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fans out there? I know Direwolf is one of them... ;)

    I'm not very creative, and it's meant to be a joke kinda of item, so feel free to modify any aspects of this:

    Item: The Hitchhiker's Towel
    Tooltip: The most important item

    Right click: Heals you for 1-4 hearts. The more hearts it heals, the higher the chance it'll get dirty. To clean a dirty towel, right click with it on water.

    Left click (on a mob): Deal 3-4 hearts of damage. Play a towel slapping sound.

    As armor:
    Head: Give effect blindness
    Torso: Give resistance 1
    Legs: Reduce fall damage by 1/4. (Yeah, you don't always fall on your feet)
    Feet: Makes the towel dirty

    Special effect: At midnight, you need to mix the towel with shards and a nether star, along with praecantatio aspects. It becomes a supercharged towel. When right clicked, it loads for a bit and then fires an awesome laser (for about 20 seconds or so) that deals massive damage. While shooting the laser, it plays a certain part of a dubstep song that I'll specify later because I can't right now. After the laser finished shooting, the towel disintegrates.

    I tried to be as elaborate as possible. I will come back later to improve this idea a little more, though.

    I just hope you like, because it seems a perfect item to be on Thaumcraft. It's a lot of fabric, so crafting it with enchanted fabric or stuff like that would make sense, besides being magic and a reference to other series.
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    Not incapable. Unwilling and lazy. Such people don't deserve answers when it's staring them in the face waiting to be read....exactly one post above theirs.

    Reading is underrated. Lots of people don't realize that the answer to their questions should have already been written somewhere. or they might think that they can convince someone else to search the answers for them. :/
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    Quote from Binnie

    Well the different is that soul frames need replenishing whilst mutators don't. Soul frames also wear down slowly during the bees lifespan, and mutators just use up one item at the end of the mutation. Overall the mutator is a better source of mutations

    I guess, because even if one soul frame lasts for a few pairs of bees it's more expensive than just putting soul sand into a mutator. And sould sand and uranium are easy to get, so I guess it's balanced enough.
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    posted a message on Forestry Bee Breeding Guide (With Sengir's Permission) Muffin Edition AKA Whole new guide in progress+ HQM Bee Tutorial Quest
    Quote from Gyromitra

    It probably not implemented.
    I don't see actually any code that adds iridium comb to any species. And "itemIridium" instead of "iremOreIridium" may be a bug or non-IC2 item.

    Hm... Thanks for the info. Hopefully they implement that soon.
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    Quote from nyancat26

    Well, think what you want, you also think that we shouldn't count the block under :P

    Yeah. Let him think that he's right and let he follow his merry way out of his thread.
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    posted a message on Vanilla Jail
    Erm... Remove the url tags to fix your post. (Hopefully)
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    posted a message on Locked repeater shift register
    Make it 2 way and you can have all credit you'll ever need.
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    posted a message on Why does renaming an item cost XP?
    Quote from Lambastificate

    Why does it cost anything at all? It doesn't cost XP to title a book. I can always just refer to the sword by a certain name in my head, and the gameplay is the same.
    And like I said, the name cost can reduce your ability to combine enchants by taking away from your level capacity.

    The XP is needed because of the way you name your tools: You pick up the tool, you find the sharpest corner of the anvil and you start craving whatever you're trying to write (writing needs experience too :v). After all that work, tell me you didn't need quite a lot of experience to do that.

    (You also need to crave a little heart at your tools, because they were the chosen ones for you to name and love for all your life).
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    Well, to earn smugs you can vote on Votifier or sell stuff at spawn.
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