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    Hey guys, I recently started working with 3ds Max as a main 3D modeling tool, so I chose Steve as my first character to animate:
    Any suggestions? Thoughts? Issues? Hopefully you guys will provide some epic input before I go on to making a full Minecraft short :D
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    posted a message on Minecraft News, Updated Snapshot & More
    Well....*builds house of Obsidian and obtains 600 diamond swords plus 600 fully enchanted bows and 9 million arrows*...this Wither guy isn't very scary....
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    posted a message on [VSM] Villager Sorting Machine
    Ha, I'd see ElementAnimation doing something with this where he scares villagers into making good trades.
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    posted a message on What was your weirdest moment on minecraft?
    Quote from jc3833

    saw ender dragon's end portal in nether (obiously player spawned)

    That is impossible, actually. For a film I was making, I was trying to have a Nether Fortress, and build an End Portal inside of it. I don't know about 1.3.1 yet, cause this was a while ago (even though I'm still not done with all the tedious editing), but it is impossible in 1.2.5 or lower.
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    posted a message on A serious/horror take on Minecraft
    Hey guys, I've been working on this video for quite a while now, and I figured, why not share it on the site made for what it was based off of?

    I hope you guys like it, and the actual video will come eventually, but it takes a while to edit hundreds of clips with both greenscreen and 3D objects.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.4 Snapshot Review - 12w32a
    Quote from zccool4718

    Here is my snapshot review on the new 1.4 update.

    If you like the video please like it and sub me.

    Thank you

    Nice video, I like the people like you who make videos about the things that some people (like me) are too lazy to download until 1.4 comes out. Keep on reviewing these things!
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