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    Hey guys! My name is DoyleJ and we are looking for mature staff members (16+) to help us grow a great, safe, roleplaying community!

    Here are some requirements:

    - Mature attitude and ability to take responsibility for your own actions.

    - Listen to your team leaders and help out where you can!

    - Have a passion driven attitude and a professional mindset.

    - A passion for roleplaying is a definite bonus but not a requirement!

    At Wyford we don't like to give people applications because that's not how you truly get to know someone, We would like to have a conversation with you whether it be through voice or through text on Discord.

    Positions available

    - Admins

    - Moderators

    - Helpers

    - A builder would be lovely but not required!

    - No developer needed at the moment.

    If you are at all interested contact DoyleJ#9840 on discord and we can have a friendly chat about your position on Wyford!

    Good Luck Everyone!

    - DoyleJ (Administrator on Wyford)

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    The Legacy of Wyford Official Recruitment Forum!


    What is the Legacy of Wyford?

    Hey there! Thanks for checking out the LoW staff-recruitment page. To save everyone's time, I'll try to keep this very short and (hopefully) very sweet. The Legacy of Wyford is an upcoming survival-fantasy server, with a significant focus on the roleplay aspect. The purpose of this server is to create a good base for players to create great stories that THEY made, through naturally playing on LoW.

    The Legacy of Wyford is not my first ever server; it's not even my second. However, this fantasy-survival-roleplay blend is the style that I have personally always wanted to make. The heavy focus of roleplay is what sets us apart from all the other "Minecraft MMOs" that you see popping up these days. It should be stressed that this is not that AT ALL - there is no MMO aspect to this server. It is more akin to survival than anything else.

    If you've read this far, then you've got nothing to do OR your interested in helping create this server. If it's the latter than keep reading on to the next section, where you'll learn a little more about what we're looking for in a prospective staff member!

    What do I need to be staff?

    Not a lot. A passion for roleplay and the fantasy-genre is essential. Someone who can do WORK on the server - whether it's helping set up plugins or otherwise - is vital. Someone who will continue to support the server after it's initial launch is also crucial. Someone who can help creatively develop the server further and provide new insights and ideas is also necessary.

    If you see yourself getting passionate about this project, then I think you'd be a great fit. That's all I'm looking for - someone who cares just as much as I do about this server.

    In Conclusion

    If the idea of this server interests you AT ALL, please contact me on discord (linked below.) I would love to talk to you about the server and hopefully answer any questions that you have. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and potentially I'll see you around!

    Thanks in advance!

    - DoyleJ (DoyleJ#9840)

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    Hello I am a developer for minecraft, I am very proficient in optimizing and working with plugins to fit them to your needs!

    Here is my discord: DoyleJ#9840



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    Name: Jackson Doyle
    IGN: minmaxer
    Timezone: PST
    Discord: DoyleJ#9840
    Experience: I can code in C#, JavaSCript, Java, HTML, CSS and Python.
    Everything you know about developer job: It is the most essential job on the server, we run the backside of the server, all the plugins all the perms, all the configs are made and configured by the developer.
    Why should we choose you: Because I am one of the most experienced developer you will find in a while, I have been coding for minecraft for 4.5 years now and can really help your server.
    What is something that you have but others don't: My experience alone is something a lot of people don't have but also my enthusiasm and understanding attitude.[/i]



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    Name? Jackson

    IGN? minmaxer

    Contact information [Email, Skype, and Discord] discord: DoyleJ#9840

    What position are you aiming for? Sr. Moderator

    Age? (No Set age) 16 as of July 12, 2017

    Dedication? (How long per day) 4 hours a day minimum depended on how needed I come to be

    Why should I accept you? I am an enthusiastic, charismatic, friendly individual who excels in the all forms of leadership roles, But with that skill, I also understand when to be a follower and listen up to anyone with a higher rank/more importance. I am creative and love to implement original/creative ideas to servers to make them unique/stand out!

    Have you been banned before, and if yes, what for? Never out of my 6 years of playing

    Previous experience, and if yes, please provide the IPs? No servers that are still up but have been staff for many servers over my 6 years of crafting!

    TimeZone: PST

    Any additional info? I would love to talk further

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    posted a message on Omnaya OP Factions. Needs staff (helpers,developers,builders) APPLY NOW CLICK ME

    Developer Format
    Name: Jackson Doyle
    Age: 16 as of July 12, 2002
    IGN(In game name): minmaxer
    Skype: mini.doyle
    Timezone/Country: PST/United States of America
    Email?: [email protected]
    What languages do you know:? I am proficient in C#, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
    Can you make a plugin?: I am currently in the process of learning Java so I am not experienced enough yet to make a plugin but I have good knowledge on them being a coder.
    Do you charge to make a plugin?: When I am ready to make plugins I will not charge unless it is very big and time-consuming. Anything more than 5 hours to make I will charge for.
    What is your best coding language?: C# is the one I am most experienced and most proficient in.
    Can you do configurations?: Yes, that is main skill in minecraft development.

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    Quote from illuzion_sp»

    Age: 13


    Discord (required): illuzion

    What rank/position are you applying for? I am looking to be an Admin on this server but I will take whatever I can get

    Why do you want this position? My Summer Just Started and I am looking for a way to spend my time and have fun

    How can you contribute to the server? I can build/program a website for free I can be on 5-6 hours a Day and I can Help anybody with whatever they need

    Why do you make a good staff member? I can work well with otheres and treat others kindly even when I am being mistreated
    I also have a Great attitude and enjoy working for success

    Have you had past experiences with this position? Yes, I used to own/run a server on minecraft pe

    Have you ever been banned/muted on a server? No, but I have banned/muted other people as a punishment

    What would you do to someone hacking? First I would temp-ban them until I got ahold of an owner and seen what I can do from there

    How would you help a new player? I would direct them to the rules and get them connected to the server anyway possible for their needs

    Anything else we should know? I think all that I have said Covers It other than the fact that I will create/optimize the website if needed

    Don't hire him he is a hacker and will mess up your website, I am warning you.
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    Hello I am RAChris and I am the proud owner of the upcoming server, Enchanted Ruins a wonderful server with an amazing staff team prepared to innovate, create and achieve greatness

    Our Mission

    Our goal here at enchanted ruins is to provide everyone with a friendly, loving Minecraft environment and to innovate the Minecraft multiplayer community as a team of brilliant individuals! We hope you enjoy our mission as much as we do and hope you join us as we achieve our goals.

    What We Need

    The only thing we are missing from our server is some amazing builders that will help us innovate the Minecraft multiplayer community! If you believe you have the Building capabilities to work aside our team then I will ask you to fill out our application below and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


    We require a few things from you before you prove yourself to us in the form of an application.
    We require that...
    - You have discord (as it is our main form of communication)
    - You are mature and respect others
    - You do what is asked of you no matter what
    - You are as enthusiastic about Enchanted Ruins as we are!

    Application Format

    What are my 3 main reasons for wanting to join the team?
    My proudest build(s): (pictures required)
    How much time is available out of my day for enchanted ruins?
    All of our build will fit under the ruins theme can you build like that?
    Are you mature enough to fit with the team's dynamic approach on things?

    Thank you for applying and hope to chat with you soon!

    - RAChris

    Discord: RAChris#9840
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    posted a message on NEW Server Going to be Made! | NEED Mature Owners to Help | NEED Skilled Developers | NEED Other Dedicated Staff
    Quote from fireboyev»

    Application for Developer:

    Age (Age does not matter as long as your are experienced in coding plug-ins): 15.6

    Timezone: Central Canada/US

    What type of coding languages are you very experienced with? (Java HIGHLY preferred for obvious reasons): Very experienced in Java (2+ years), but I am always learning more, C# (half a year+), not as experienced in C# as I am in java though.

    Describe a certain type of mini-game that you would create for the server (please be as descriptive as possible):

    A PvP minigame with custom kits and GUI. A custom server economy system with an API for the rest of the minigames that are created. A custom server rank system. A Anticheat that autobans(Have done this before). I would also like to possibly create a hide and seek minigame.

    How can you prove that you are truly an experienced coder?:

    I have been creating plugins for over 2 years now, my bukkit dev is fireboyev if you would like to take a look at some of them. I have also been created plugins for other servers (like a pvp plugin and Server rank and economy system.) If you would like to see the plugins, I will show you them if I get accepted. Other than that, there is no other proof I can give you that I am experienced unless I show you.

    Skype/Discord (Discord is HIGHLY preferred):

    Discord: fireboyev#8480

    We are currently considering your application, thanks for applying!
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    posted a message on New Server Needs Devs! Future Payment Possible If Proven To Work Hard

    Hello, I am RAChris one of the three owners in a new upcoming server! We will primarily be starting the server off with factions because it is an easy starting point but as we are building up a fan base we want to make a minigames part of the server and that's where devs are needed the most! Here is the application if you are interested.

    Application for Developer:

    Age (Age does not matter as long as you're are experienced in coding plugins):[/b]


    What type of coding languages are you very experienced with? (Java HIGHLY preferred for obvious reasons):[/b]

    Describe a certain type of mini-game that you would create for the server (please be as descriptive as possible):[/b]

    How can you prove that you are truly an experienced coder?:[/b]

    Skype/Discord (Discord is HIGHLY preferred[/b]

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    posted a message on NEW Server Going to be Made! | NEED Mature Owners to Help | NEED Skilled Developers | NEED Other Dedicated Staff

    Application for Owner:

    Age (Must be at least 14 years of age): 15[/b]

    Timezone: PST[/b]

    Experience as staff on other servers?: I was a Co-Owner on a server called VanityNetwork that is still running well and making a steady income but it just wasn't right for me so I respectfully left. I have been all other positions and prefer owner because I have natural leadership skills that shine in the owner position![/b]

    Describe your vision of how the server would look in 3 years (please be as descriptive as possible): I could see a server with a lovely community, Steady donations, Successful gamemodes, and most importantly innovation to the Minecraft server community whether it is in the shape of new gamemodes or maybe just a new take on the classics I believe it can be done and we can do it. Of course not without hard work, dedication, and determination![/b]

    Skype/Discord (Discord is HIGHLY preferred): Discord: RAChris#9840[/b]

    Thank you for considering my application and feel free to contact me on discord for further discussion![/b]

    [b]- RAChris[/b]

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    posted a message on -=New Server recruiting staff and builders! EgyptianMc!=-

    http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/server-recruitment/2795878-looking-for-people-to-help-make-a-server-helpers please look at this link it seems that JonHarn has copied and pasted an application.

    Also I would be interested in dev on your server but would like to check it out first if at all posible

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    posted a message on Enchanted Ruins needs Helpers, and Moderators! Promotions if worthy will be available!
    Quote from TractorTurt»

    IGN: TractorTurtle

    Age: 21

    Discord: TractorTurtle #8620

    What can you bring to Enchanted Ruins: Mature,. Fun Moderating and Building on the server! I love talking to people.

    What are some of your Pros and Cons(We all have them): Pros - I'm old enough to understand how to talk to people effectively, and Cons are I'm not on MC as much as others would be. Probably only a couple hours a night or so because I work.

    What interested you in our server? Looking for a new server to stick around on and help out!

    Congratulations TractorTurtle,

    We welcome you to the Staff Team of Enchanted Ruins! Your diligent work both in-game and on the forums, as well as your excellent Staff Application has lead to us providing you with an opportunity to show your skills in a real time environment as a Moderator.

    Your may focus as this staff rank will be to; assist players with any issues they have, handle minor griefs and provide refunds, welcome new players, report issues to senior staff and moderate chat. Your role may also extend beyond these duties, however we ask that you be sure to ask for guidance from other experienced staff.

    We have adjusted your in-game and forums ranks to fit this new position. We also ask that all staff join our Discord as it is our main form of communication as a team. (Message a member of staff to have your rank adjusted on Discord as well)

    Once you’re all settled in to Discord you will be given our Staff Handbook and be guided through the basics of being a Moderator!

    Once again, congratulations on this new opportunity!

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