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    I am a mod on my friendgroups Origins SMP (We host our server on Aternos) and the staff team decided to add some addons for origins into the server (Like Toomanyorigins, Classes...) so i took my time to get it working. I downloaded everything correctly to the aternos mods and have everything i need in my personal mods folder, so for me it runs perfectly. I have to say that our server had origins since the beginning and we all play on it for 5 months now, but only on the 1.16.4 version. So, our addons wont work without the newest version, so i updated this to 1.16.5, and for me the server works. When i asked my friend to join, i gave her all of the links to the new mods she needs, and she got it all into her mod folder, inclusive the newest origins version. She showed me her mod folder and theres exactly everything like in mine and in singleplayer it works, but when she joins the server, she always instantly gets kicked for connection lost. Thats not an error for the Internet connection, i know where the problem is. When our origins was on 1.16.4 and i tried to play with 1.16.5, i got that error too constantly. Solution was to install 1.16.4, it didnt work with the newest version. Now that we have the right version on the server but it still wont cooperate, i have no idea what to do anymore. Can anybody guess where the problem is?

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