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    Cold brew is a server that has taken inspiration from hermitcraft. We take pride in our community and how tight knit we are.

    Currently, we have a few spots open, this will take us to around the 30 player mark. We keep it capped at this to allow our community to thrive and everyone to get to know each other a bit easier.

    Active players are what we are looking for. We understand with the restrictions in place from COVID-19 are being relaxed somewhat and so playing will be reduced compared to a few weeks ago, as long as you come on when you can and are active in our discord its all good - we are all busy sometimes!

    We have similar datapacks to hermitcraft with a couple added ones such as UT timber (toggleable).

    Mods such as Litematica (Schematics) and Optifine are permitted however cheating Mods such as X-ray are against the rules.

    Our rules are strict such that if you are caught blatantly breaking them you will be banned with no second chances. If you are unsure about any mods we allow/ do not allow just ask someone before going ahead with it.

    Rules are as follows but not limited to:
    Any form of Discrimination

    We require applicants to be 16+ as we are a mature group of people and we often use explicit language.

    We are in Season 2 at the moment and are roughly a month in. Recently updated to 1.16.1.

    Some other features we have are:
    Live Dynmap
    Heads datapack
    Many Contests and Events
    No World Border (as long as its not taken abused)
    Our own randomly generated seed.
    Multiverse (in development)

    If you feel this server is what you are looking for, Please message me on Discord @ canoeoar#4597 I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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