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    Good morning/evening!

    We are looking for a server sponsor. What is a server sponsor specifically? Someone who helps to upkeep a server in it's development stages. What will you be able to do as a server sponsor? Influence decisions, help run the server as a whole, essentially, be an Executive alongside me!

    Now what exactly is Olympus ACMC?

    It's fine me talking about what a server sponsor is, but you probably want to know what is so special about the server that we will hopefully create together. Olympus ACMC is a lot like Assassins Creed, running the theme at the time of Ancient Greece the server will have new and exciting mechanics to push the boundaries of PvP combat. From being able to go to Olympus and meet the Greek Gods to the wars of Sparta and Athens we can guarantee that this server will be new, innovative and an exciting play.

    Have I convinced you enough to be our Server Sponsor? Or do you need to know more about what it is we are going for?

    If either of these are what you are after then please DM me on Discord at: Camerode#4656

    I very much hope to see you working with us!

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    🔮 Wizarding Network MC 🔮
    "Anything is magical as long as you see it with your heart."
    Letting the magic flourish...

    The Wizarding Network is an upcoming Harry Potter themed server. Our aim is to recreate as much of the Wizarding World as possible for players entertainment as well as spells, quidditch and so on... The project is new and we are looking for players to apply.

    The following positions are open:
    - Builder
    - Developer

    Please note that, these positions are volunteered. We do not pay real life currency but we will give you a reward at release for working on the server.

    We are currently working on: Diagon Alley

    - Website: Click here
    - Application Page: Click here
    - Discord (Must join): Click here
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    Ah ok, thanks anyway (:

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    I couldn't find one for 1.14.4 but would I would like is that when someone is pulling back their bow you can see the line as to where it will land, when they let go you can still see where the arrow will land. If this is possible then please may someone do it <3

    The projectile line as some kind of particle (red preferably) (:

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    Hello! I hope you're doing well during the virus outbreak, however, I am starting up a Fairy Tail server by the name of 'Fairy Tail Network' and we currently are in need of a world painter who can create the main map. Open the spoilers for more information. If you want to undergo this task please contact me by adding me on discord, I will send the full details of It there. Take care!


    Map Size: Around 9,000 - 10,000

    Paid: No

    Contact Discord:


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