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    posted a message on Father's Day Interactive Card
    Sounds like something I made. On my relative's birthdays I write their name in obsidian, cover it with stone, and put a TON of TNT behind it.
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    posted a message on Diamonds Abundance...
    In total I have found 12 diamonds in 2 days. Lucky.
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    posted a message on Post Your Screenshots Here!
    Curse my young age! I cant have a facebook :( 
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    posted a message on The good old days..
    MCnostalgia people.MCnostalgia.......
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    posted a message on VILLAGE GUARDIAN CHALLENGE
    Quote from Hejzan33

    Which cords?

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    posted a message on Did the Terrain Become BORING? (UPDATE 6/5/13 - 1.7 is a biome update?)
    I agree because..

    1.7: huge cliiface with a tiny water stream going down it with a valley.
    1.8:empty grass plain with a bunch of animals.
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    posted a message on VILLAGE GUARDIAN CHALLENGE
    Since I'm not to view the old topic apparently,i decided to repost the seed for the fact that it almost rivals the old 404 challenge.

    The point of this challenge is to protect a village from harm. Here are the rules

    1. You must protect the librarian ( the dude in the white robe)
    2.Use the seed Krosis (Make sure the K is uppercase!)
    3. don't block the villagers doors
    4.Do it on either hard or hardcore.
    head northeast along the left side of the island and you should find the village.
    5. NO HAX!!!!!!
    I'm so dumb, even with toco150's help i cant figure how to post pictures :(

    1. Build a dirt wall.
    2.get wood
    3. start a mine
    4. make the wall even bigger.
    5.get diamond
    6.Get villagers to breed.
    7. get another lirarian
    8.make a second town
    9.get every type of vilager.
    10. Get an iron golem
    Opitonal challenges.
    1.Build a village in the nether (use hax to spawn 2 AND ONLY 2 villagrs.)
    2. build village in ze end.
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    posted a message on Swamp Overhaul
    It really hasn't bothered me, but the fog idea is great. Maybe there could be ruins at the center (maybe a strong hold or something different) and as you get closer, white eyes peer at you through the fog. they appear more and more as you get closer.. then you get to the center and have to battle...........

    Just kidding, you battle herobrine.
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    posted a message on Making Creepers Underground-Only Mobs!
    Quote from Writr

    Sorry, but this idea is incredibly foolish. Creepers are a staple mob of Minecraft, and the only one that poses a real threat to players during the day (unless you choose to attack spiders, in which case that's your own fault). It's easy enough to avoid attacking creepers if you stay aware, and fighting them with a bow is an easy way to prevent them from exploding.

    While the game could use some more underground-only mobs... creepers is not the mob I would prefer to see as one such mob (if anything, I think Endermen would do really well as an underground-only mob).

    No offence, but that is a bad idea. I think enderman could be more of a threat on the open world, rather than a 6 block long cave.
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    posted a message on Making Creepers Underground-Only Mobs!
    I once wished this too, but i got over it.
    Also to everyone who says it's baised, I hope people can understand a little joke.It's not like:

    I want creepers to be underground only and I Have a brain!
    I have a idiot who has a iq of IQ of 0.0000000000000001 and plays roblox and want creepers to stay the same!
    I want creepers to burn in the sun and i have normal intelegance!

    Stop conplaining 'bout the poll
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Quote from blakmajik

    Not sure where to start, can you craft the controller block? Does it detect a ship? Do all the controls not work? What about + - to go up and down? Is numlock on?

    I have no idea what numlock is... but i can type numbers just fine. 1234567890
    I can craft the controller block.
    I can Ivedit the CB
    It does detect the ship.
    Up and down dosnt work
    If I use the number pad it dosnt work, maybe this "in game control option thing" can change that. Just need to know how to access it.
    I am kind of out of order becausse I am a bit tired. sorry <:sad.gif:

    (edit: found out what numlock is. gussing that a nine inside a lock thats lit up means numlock is on.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    It looks nice , but it dosnt work for me. I did this with tmi and it didn't work (After 30 minutes of building a skylord airship to...)redownloaded it, still didnt. did it all legit, nope. I cant get my airship to move. I have the 0.5 version of the mod. My keyboard works fine. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG! I AM BEING KEPT AWAY FROM ONE OF THE COOLEST MODS EVER!

    Great mod btw.
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    posted a message on Need ideas for a yogscast type of show.
    Quote from HampusNF

    Why does everyone try to copy the yogscast? Because they know it will get popular? Because the likelyhood of that is indeed very, VERY low. Because there's already the original yogscast! Make your own show, with your own concepts, copying someone else won't make the show attractive to viewers, as they could just watch the yogscast instead. :wink.gif:

    Well that doesn't have to be it. Another idea I had involved herobrine, a team of green mercinaries, a villian named Kerry greedman, and cake.
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    posted a message on Need ideas for a yogscast type of show.
    I wanted to do a shadow of israphel like show with my friends. I just need some ideas for the story line. The first thought I had was ( you might hate this) israphel comes to our world after the whole lets play is almost done. It turns out that the world we were in is the the right before yogscast started playing. Then in the end we have a battle with israphel, he runs though his portal, sets the place to self destruct, we all escape on a minecart and the end.


    Oh yeah I forgot that
    So yeah, i have some ideas ( 9 out of 10 chance this one wont be it.) So thanks for your suggestions.
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    posted a message on MECH WARRIOR
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