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    posted a message on Refuge SMP [Semi-vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} {1.17.1} {Bluemap} {Discord} {Java} {Proximity Chat}

    Thanks for your interest! Please check you DMs for my message

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    posted a message on Refuge SMP [Semi-vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} {1.17.1} {Bluemap} {Discord} {Java} {Proximity Chat}

    Refuge SMP is currently looking for around 15-25 more highly active players to join our server. Refuge SMP had a soft launch at the start of October in 1.17.1 where members are living in a close community getting to know each other. This will be fully reset and a proper launch after 1.18 is confirmed.

    We’re a very friendly and welcoming group of avid Minecraft players ranging from age 18-30 just looking for other players like us that want to get away from reality for a while. Join us in a world we can create together and enjoy a different reality where we live our own stories together! Before applying, please read these few short rules (closely modeled after HermitCraft) and requirements we have agreed on to keep the community carefree and enjoyable for everyone:

    Basic Rules:

    Be Friendly (We do not tolerate harassment or bullying of any nature)

    Be a Community Player (don’t be stingy on the server, we like to help each other!)

    NO Griefing (friendly pranking is allowed)

    Absolutely NO Hacking/Cheating

    Be Considerate (don’t be rude or cause arguments)

    Have Fun!!!


    Must be 18+

    Simple Voice (Fabric 1.17.1-1.2.0) (Needed but does not have to be used)

    What kind of server is Refuge?

    We are a 1.17.1 Java SMP using the Bloom platform with admins/owners located in the US and AUS, so there will always be staff around to help! We currently have 5 members and would like to get it to around 20-30 active members.

    What kind of plan is there for Refuge?

    Following the traits of the current Hermitcraft season, we are looking to be a community-orientated server where everyone lives somewhat close together. The idea is that groups are formed, so that each time you log in, something new is happening on the server. Rather than an SMP where everyone is pretty much in single player with a shopping district.

    🌈Note that this is an LGBTQ+ friendly server! This is a safe space and we will not tolerate intolerance🏳️‍🌈

    If this sounds like the server for you, send me a message or comment and I will send you the Google Form Application! We are so excited to see you on the server.

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    posted a message on 🔥 EmergentSMP🔥 1.16.4 | 🌤️ Made by the community 🌤️ | Whitelist | 18+

    Let's gooooo! Ready for it
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    posted a message on 🔥 EmergentSMP🔥 1.16.4 | 🌤️ Made by the community 🌤️ | Whitelist | 18+

    Can't wait for this to kick off

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    posted a message on 📣Second Home SMP | Whitelisted - 1.16.4 - Survival - Have your say in what this server entails!

    Discord Username:

    *Minecraft IGN:

    *Age (This will not determine your application!):

    *What do you hope to bring to the community of Second Home SMP?

    Friendly personality with a happy to help attitude! Bit of a hermit and hoarder. Would love to find an area and set up with another person or two to feed off each others ideas.

    Looking to join from start on an equal level rather than joining a server that is beyond the end etc.
    *How long have you been playing Minecraft?

    On/off last few years. Get board playing by myself, so looking for a group to join along
    *What's your time-zone and what country are you in?

    AEST, Sydney
    *What are you most skilful at in Minecraft? (Building, PVP, Redstone etc.)

    Nothing in particular, just like to mine, build and farm. Have a good chat in the progress.
    How often do you think you could play?

    Can probably manage an hour or two every couple of nights, and several hours over the weekend. WIll be motivated more if others are active!

    Anything else you'd like to let us know?

    Never fought the dragon or wither! Previous servers either had one person do it, or my own worlds die off.

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    posted a message on Looking for Active AUS Server

    Hi All,

    My name is Cameron (29) and I am looking for an active Australian server.

    Been playing on and off in single-player but want to join an active server to build together from scratch.

    I mostly play Saturdays/Sundays due to work commitments.

    Let me know what you have!

    Add me on discord; CamDodd#6629

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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Australian Server (JolliCraft) 1.16.4

    1. Age and location

    Cameron. 29. Sydney-AUS
    2. length of time playing.

    About a year. Started xbox and moved to pc/java about 2months ago
    3. Play style

    Like to mine/hoard and build anything. Don't care much for combat. Not that great with combat.
    4.Why would you like to join?

    Looking for a server group that is active and won't fizzle out a few weeks in and th dragon is dead.

    Hopefully tight knit community and not spread out thousand of blocks away from each other
    5. Minecraft Username?

    6. Do you use Discord?

    Yes. For the last 2 months. Still getting used to it.
    7. Discord Username

    8. I mostly play weekend due to work commitments taking up a lot of my time during the week. I hope this isn't an issue

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    posted a message on FoxCraft | Whitelisted Vanilla+ Server | Brand New | 1.15.2(Will Move Onto 1.16)

    Minecraft Name:


    Discord Tag:




    Timezone + Country:

    AEDT Australia

    Why do you want to join the sever?

    Tired of playing by myself and would like to join others from the start, rather than the end. Learn and do things as a group.

    What do you like to do most on minecraft(e.g. build, redstone, etc..)?

    Mine/build/farm. Enjoy the basics and simple designs

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