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    posted a message on MobiCraft 1.7_3 NOW! ★ [24/7] [No-LAG] [NPCs] [PvP] [McMMO] [Survival] [Nether] [Economy] [OLD OWNERSHIP] [No-Whitelist]
    We will perform server maintenance between 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM CST on Friday July 22nd.

    We recently had a plugins update and our backup plugins doesnt work (this is now fixed), the server got rollbacked for about 48 hours, so new player's Building probably gone. I'm apologies of this issue. You can ask for a free diamond for a compensasions.

    Connect: smp.minecraft.mobi

    Please donate us, your donation is much appreciated.
    *Donators keep the server alive and get more features!

    Plugins Installed:
    BigBrother, CraftBook, Essentials, Minequery, HeroChat, HeroicDeath, iConomy, LazyRoad, McMMO, Permissions, Showcase, SimpleSave, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Citizens, DynMap, Lockette, MobBounty, Mchange, Spyer, MobRider.

    How to Play ?
    Please connect now to our server: smp.minecraft.mobi, then ask an online admin or mod for a building permissions.

    User Roles
    Administrator - This roles given to most active members, active, helpful, respectful and trusted.
    Moderator - This roles given to active members, active, helpful, respectful and trusted.
    VIP - VIP roles is given to donators. The price for VIP is $5 /2 month or $20 for lifetime.
    * Free money (2000 Mobi Dollars),
    * Item spawning,
    * [VIP] color on your username,
    * Worldguard Protections (Region Claim)
    * World Edit Assistant
    * Warping
    * Healing
    * God Mod
    * MobRider
    * Superpickaxe
    * Flymod
    * WorldEdit Navigations Tool (magic compass, etc)
    * Priority Loggining in (even if server full)
    * And many more.!
    Adv-Builder - For active builder, play regulary, have more features.
    Builder - After requesting to staff members, they will be promoted you to Builder, you can build, do basic commands, PvP, etc.
    Guest - This is user roles that you get first time you enter server, you can't do anything.

    1. Failure to read the rules result in permanent ban.
    2. Be courteois and respect every other players.
    3. Do Not Grief!
    4. Do Not modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.
    5. Do Not build single towers, floating building or structures.
    6. Do not use Any client mods (Flymod, Xray, Speedhack, etc)
    7. Do not steal anything that not yours.
    8. Do not ask admins/mods for items.
    9. Support every structure/building realitically.
    10. Admin decissions are final.
    11. Do not kill other's people wolf.
    12. Do not leave floating tree, its looks uggly!
    13. Do not ask to be promoted, staff are playing too.

    Server Specifications
    United States Dallas Ebl Global Networks Inc - http://www.corexchange.com
    2x Quad Core 3.2Ghz, 8GB Ram, Raid 1 HardDrives, 1000MBps Outband Connection.

    Authorized Staff List

    Contact Us
    Just Reply this thread, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you and hope to see you ingame soon!
    Suggestions are welcome :smile.gif:

    Banners and Signature

    MobiCraft ★ [24/7] [Nether] [PvP] [Towny] [McMMO] [FreeBuild] [Quest] [Economy] [No-Whitelist] [Ventrilo]
    MobiCraft ★ [24/7] [Nether] [PvP] [Towny] [McMMO] [FreeBuild] [Quest] [Economy] [No-Whitelist] [Ventrilo][/center]

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