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    posted a message on [1.2.5] MobiCraft - Now with Marriage! [Survival] [Deathmatch] [CTF] [City] [Goverments] [Economy] [Leveling] [McMMO] [MobArena]
    Established since May 2011
    IP: minecraft.mobi

    City of apocalypse

    Coalition of Goverments


    Mumble Voice Chat:
    You can connect to our Mumble server at Mumble.mobi:36060

    We are both expanding and keeping MobiCraft running 24/7 indefinitely. This takes a lot of time and resources, and as such we're accepting donations!

    $5 for 2 Month and $20 for Lifetime
    Item Spawning

    $40 for Lifetime SuperVIP
    All VIP Perks Plus
    Many Much more!

    Donate now by clicking here

    Thank you for checking us :)

    Vote for us on Minestatus and get some free money :)

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Community!
    Hello People of Minecraftforums,

    After the update of Minecraft Pocket Ed. 0.2. There is already a Minecraft community website out there, but None of them are dedicated to the Pocket one :sad.gif:. So I'm thinking of a great idea. Making a community website of Minecraft Pocket Ed.
    Registered users will be also allowed to Post Map, skin, videos, images, mod or hack of The Pocket Edition or Non-registered (Guest) can browse them, Download, read tutorials or knowledgebase from other MC Pocket users.

    There will be also an Android applications (will be Published on the Market) which is Connected to the website. iOS Version will not be availaible, but you can still browse from the Mobile friendly website interface.

    What do you think ?
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    posted a message on MCRedstoners (since 2011) ★ ★ ★ The fastest growing Redstone server
    Quote from Bmanddk

    I guess noone is actually looking here.. I've been waiting for a few months and nothing :/

    You are totally wrong :smile.gif: This server will return exactly not far before/after New year 2011.
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    posted a message on ♔ MobiCraft - The Best Survival Server Experience [24/7 LAG-FREE] [FACTIONS] [ECONOMY] [MCMMO] [MAGIC SPELLS] [PVP] [EVENTS] [MO
    Mobicraft, one of the longest running, feature packed SMP Minecraft servers. We have a stable base of reliable admins and mods and are always looking for more players to expand our awesome community!

    This is a 30 slot server that has no lag, friendly staff, a YouTube channel and much more. When you come in you will be promoted to builder right away and you will be able to get yourself UNLIMITED basic supplies right at the spawn. After that you can ask a free plot to build on.

    If you don't feel like building you can go to one of the quests on the server or just hang around with other players. We do our best to try and keep a nice community so we're sure you'll enjoy your stay on this server.

    Please do our quick survey to improve our server on the future!

    Quote from migha

    This is a friendly server with many friendly people its always fun to play and the plugins make it even funner

    Quote from ningnang132

    This server is great!Nice staff are always willing to help. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from BohnDoe

    I'm impressed. This is the best server I've ever played :rolleyes:

    Quote from ashleers12

    Best server ever really nice admins and staff and good people too Join today!

    About Us
    MobiCraft is 30-player, dedicated survival multiplayer server. We have a great, friendly community of people, a thriving economy system with dynamic pricing, a skill and leveling system, Worldguard and active moderators/admins for protection from griefers, and protected chests and housing, as well as many successful player-owned shops, towns and nations.
    Come join us! :smile.gif:


    FACTIONS - Join a factions or start your own to take part in the ongoing clan warfare of our server. Work with a clan to create a base, make your own clan's base, or just go rogue and make your own home!

    LAG FREE - Proud to say we have had ZERO lag so far! Just ask our members. Also, with increases in population we already have plans to increase hardware to ensure the best lag free experience we can!

    ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our members.

    EVENTS/TOURNAMENTS - We frequently have PvP tournaments and both PvP, PvE, and other events. The server has a blast, and the admins love to set new stuff up.

    MAGIC SPELLS - Masters tons of Magic spells, gains SUPER POWER and special skills.

    MagicSpells is a plugin that creates spells your players can use. Its main purpose is to give your players access to certain abilities that you might not want to give them unlimited access to. Each spell can be assigned customized reagent (item) costs, cooldowns. durations, ranges, and so on. Spells can be cast by using the /cast command, swinging a wand, or both.

    Spells can be cast either by using the /cast command or by using a wand item. To cast a spell, a player must first know the spell. Server operators know all spells by default. They can teach spells to other players by using the teach spell. For example, to teach bob the blink spell, an operator would type: /cast teach bob blink.

    Bob can now use the blink spell. He can either cast it by command, by typing /cast blink, or he can cast it with a wand item. To select the spell, he holds the wand in his hand and right clicks. Right clicking will cycle through any spells assigned to the item he is holding. When he has the one he wants, he left clicks to cast.

    If Bob does not have the required reagents for the spell, or if he has cast it recently and it is still on cooldown, he will not be able to cast the spell and will instead receive an error message.

    If mana is enabled, a player can use the /mana command to see how much mana they currently have.

    This is a list of all the spells currently available in the plugin.

    Meta Spells
    These spells are command-based spells that affect the plugin itself. You'll probably want to always have these available, otherwise players won't be able to use the plugin properly.

    list - Lists the player's currently known spells.
    help - Shows information about the indicated spell.
    teach - Teaches another player a spell.
    forget - Causes a player to forget a spell.
    spellbook - Turns a bookcase into a spellbook that can teach players a specified spell when clicked. Usage is: /cast spellbook <spellname> [uses]. The uses option is optional, and if left off, will default to the default-uses option in the config, which is -1. A -1 is infinite uses.
    bind - Allows a player to override the default wand binding. Usage is: /cast bind <spellname>, while holding the desired wand item in hand.
    Command Spells
    These are spells that must be typed using the /cast command. The meta spells above are also considered command spells.

    mark - Marks your current location for later recall.
    recall - Teleports you to your marked location.
    tome - Creates a book that can be read (right-clicked) to learn a spell. Requires the BookWorm plugin. Usage: while holding a BookWorm book, type /cast tome <spellname> [uses].
    scroll - Creates a spell scroll that can be used to cast spells without knowing the spell. Has a limited number of uses. This spell will prevent paper from stacking. Usage: while holding a piece of paper, type /cast scroll <spellname> [uses]. A server op can create a "base" scroll, which has a negative id. A base scroll's uses aren't consumed. Instead, when a base scroll is used, a new scroll is created as a copy. This allows you to have a store with an infinite supply of base scrolls. The command usage is: /cast scroll -base <spellname> [uses].

    Instant Spells
    These are spells that are cast instantly. They are often targeted, and generally do not have any lasting effects after being cast. These can be cast either by using the /cast command or by swinging a configurable casting wand.

    blink - Teleports you to your target location.
    build - Builds a block remotely.
    combust - Sets the target enemy on fire.
    confusion - Causes nearby monsters to attack each other.
    conjure [1.3] - Conjure materials out of the air.
    cripple [1.2] - Slow down your target enemy for a short time.
    disarm - Forces your targeted player to drop their held weapon
    drainlife - Steal life from your enemy.
    entomb - Traps the target enemy in glass.
    explode - Causes an explosion at your target location.
    fireball - Throws a fireball.
    firenova - Summons an expanding ring of fire.
    forcepush - Pushes all enemies away from you.
    forcetoss - Throws the targeted enemy into the air.
    gate - Teleports to a defined location (the spawn point by default).
    geyser - Create a geyser of water that shoots your enemy into the air.
    heal - Heal a target player.
    leap - Jump a long distance forward.
    lightning - Calls down lightning at your target location.
    mana - Restores mana.
    pain - A generic direct damage spell.
    phase [1.3] - Phase through solid matter to the other side.
    prayer - Heals yourself.
    purge - Kill all monsters and animals around you.
    repair - Instantly repairs your gear.
    telekinesis - Activate switches and buttons remotely (currently a bit buggy).
    volley - Launches a volley of arrows at a target location.
    wall - Creates a temporary wall to block your enemies.
    zap - Destroys the target block.

    Buff Spells
    These are spells that you cast on yourself to give yourself enhancements. They generally have a duration or number of uses. These can be cast either by using the /cast command or by swinging a configurable casting wand.

    carpet - Walk on a flying carpet of glass.
    empower [1.2] - Empowers your spells to make them stronger.
    flamewalk - Burn enemies around you as you walk.
    frostwalk - Freeze water as you walk across it.
    gills - Lets you breath underwater.
    haste [1.2] - Lets you run faster for a time.
    invulnerability - Become invulnerable to damage.
    lifewalk - Flowers bloom in your footsteps.
    lightwalk - Lights your path.
    minion - Summons a minion to fight for you.
    reach [1.3] - Place and (instantly) destroy blocks from a distance for a time.
    reflect - Causes spells casted at you to reflect back to the caster.
    safefall - Allows you to fall without taking damage.
    stealth - Makes you invisible to monsters.
    stonevision - Allows you to see through stone.
    walkway - Creates a magical walkway that always stays ahead of you.
    windwalk [1.3] - Fly through the air. (This is still a work in progress. It currently grants creative mode and prevents block placement and destruction.)

    Channeled Spells
    These are spells that usually require more than one player to cast at the same time, and stand still until the spell is complete.

    summon - Summon another player to your position.
    sun - Changes the time to morning.

    MCMMO - RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with experience points, special powers, parties, PvP and more!


    CraftBook Installations

    Lift's can be made by anyone and offer easy travel up and down the map taking a lot of tedium out of making and moving around towers and mines. To make a lift you simply make a sign with [Lift Up] or [Lift Down] with the corresponding opposite lift directly in line with it. The other lines can be used for detail, the standard for lift signs is writing the current level on the top line and following level underneath.

    Bridge's can only be made by Tradesmen and above, they instantly fill a gap with the blocks at each end and can be used for drawbridges. They are made much like lift's are but with [Bridge] on the second line. The bridge must be made of 3 of the same accepted blocks (expensive blocks not possible) with a sign in the centre facing another bridge sign with the same set-up.

    Gates are like big, grand doors that open from a sign (or lever connected to a sign by redstone wire) that are more secure than a wooden door. They can only be made by Constructors by placing an empty area with fence blocks covering the space where the gate is wanted to drop down with a sign next to it or under it with [Gate] on the Second line.

    Integrated Circuits
    Integrated Circuits (IC's) are much more complicated that the other installation's and are only available for placement by Genius's and above. Their purpose is to condense redstone circuits into signs to increase processing speed and space needed for advanced circuitry. Here are some examples:
    Sign Code (On second Line) - Function
    [MC1000] - Repeater
    [MC2020] - 3-bit random number generator
    [MC1110] - Wireless transmitter

    Higher ranked players from the Construction caste can build a cauldron. There are several unique and rare items which can be crafted in these cauldrons. You do this by actually placing a pattern of blocks in the cauldron, then activating it with a flick of the mouse, and *poof*, your crafting is done! There are even random cauldron events, where a special and usually valuable recipe is only available temporary, and one ingredient block is a mystery block!

    MONSTERHUNT - Are you building at day, but bunker into your houses, when night comes? You will now Hunt monster! Its adds another layer of fun against monsters. At night, when monsters come out, plugin will count how many monsters each player kills. At the end of the night, name of the player with most kills is announced globally.

    BASIC SUPPLY - Newcormer can get unlimited basic Supply from the provided chest/dispenser for free of cost.

    SHOPS - A Simple virtual shops, allow you to sell any items in order to get Money.

    PLOT - Let's you simply buy, rent or sell WorldGuard's regions

    LOCATIONREPORT - This plugin allows one to place signs in order to report places. Admins can later view a list of these and teleport to the location of these signs. Admins will also be notified when they join the server and when a new report is placed.

    Enaugh!! Tell me how to Join :tongue.gif:

    Simply connect to minecraft.mobi or
    No Whitelist, ask staff in-game to be promoted.

    How to get VIP :smile.gif: ?

    How to Get my starter Kit ?


    See you in-game :smile.gif:

    Mobiverse Team

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    posted a message on A free domain for your server! gameserv.net | minecraft.mobi | purevm.com | berryaccess.com

    • purevm.com
    • minecraft.mobi
    • gameserv.net
    • berryaccess.com

    Subdomain (e.g. topnotch.gameserv.net):
    IP Address (e.g.
    Port (e.g. 25565):
    Email Address (e.g. [email protected]):
    Why did you choose us ?

    Skype: calvin_alexander
    Email: calvinalx[at]gmail[dot]com
    Forums: http://mobiverse.co/forums/support-and-tutorials.3/

    Already Taken: botch.minecraft.mobi, epic0city.minecraft.mobi, smp.minecraft.mobi, pvp.minecraft.mobi, pro.minecraft.mobi,

    Do you found us helpful ? A penny will be so much appreciated
    > Donate to us - via PayPal
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    posted a message on MCRedstoners (since 2011) ★ ★ ★ The fastest growing Redstone server
    The Following people has been whitelisted:


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    posted a message on MCRedstoners (since 2011) ★ ★ ★ The fastest growing Redstone server
    Quote from Skyshark_

    Are you good to explain things: Yeah, I can usually explain things clearly and effectively.

    Have you ever taught people redstone before: Yes, on this server I taught someone the basics and how to make some simple things because there were no teachers on.

    Have you made any redstone tutorials on youtube: Nah, I can't record.

    Are you mature enough to handle this (please create a basic schedule): Yes, I'm almost always on for over 2 hours a day. I'll try to always be on from 8 P.M. Eastern Standard to 10 PM , but I'll usually be on at times besides that in addition.

    Do you have time for 10 min to 30 min per day, teaching people: Yes.

    What is your In-game-name ?
    What project have you made in MCRedstoners before ?
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    posted a message on MCRedstoners (since 2011) ★ ★ ★ The fastest growing Redstone server
    The Following people has been whitelisted:


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