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    posted a message on ### Atlantia SMP ### {1.16.3} {Survival} {Fabric + Vanilla tweaks} {Community} {Player Economy} {Whitelist} {16+}

    It's a great server for a tight knit community. Usually tight communities are very small in scale, but everyone on the server seems to also be very ambitious.

    From creating shops, bases, personal or community farms, everyone knows what they're doing.

    Would recommend.

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    posted a message on (18+ MATURE) 1.14.4 hermitcraft like server

    - IGN: Calrissian66

    - Age: 18

    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from?

    Hey! My names Adam, I live in Singapore. I study in business so I really love the business side of servers. I've been playing Minecraft for a few years but only very recently have I finally moved to Java. On Bedrock, I considered myself as more of a building-oriented player and that still applies for the most part right now. However, ever since I moved to Java, I've dabbled in quite a bit of redstone and I think I'm not half bad at it.

    Anyways, I think I could really help the server and the people out and hopefully leave a positive mark on it!


    - Why do you play minecraft? What's your favorite part? What are you good at?

    I play Minecraft because I've absolutely fallen in love with the game. I remember watching let's play videos when I was younger of Paulsoaresjr and the likes just wishing I had the game (and subsequently looking for free ways to get it) . Now that I've finally gotten my hands on the version I've always watch people play, I just couldn't put it down. This is the only game I really play and thus I'm pretty much play all the time.

    My favourite part of it is the base building part. What I always do is to keep adding stuff to the base, farms, rooms, etc. I'd absolutely to see the culmination of everything I've built at the end of it.

    So I'm half decent at redstone like I mentioned earlier. For the build style, I'd like to think that my speciality is medieval and modern. My builds usually become a combination of both and I really doubt that my builds might become an eyesore to the realm.


    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them?

    I agree with all of them wholeheartedly. In fact as mentioned in the OP, these are just basic things to take note of to not be a pr*ck on Minecraft. So yea, agree with them, would adhere to them.


    -Why do you want to join specifically this server?

    Well I think everyone is interested in the "hermitcraft" like aspect. So there's nothing much to say about that part. Everyone adores the server and hopes to be part of a community like that. I'm no different.

    I would say though, what already sets this realm apart, just from the post is the strict nature of it. That is what caught my intrigue at first. I can't count how many times my builds have been griefed, shops have been stolen, etc. So I hope with an iron fist, the realm could really be a good place to Minecraft and chill with like-minded people.


    -Anything further you'd like to say?

    I hope you accept these humble answers and I hope I'm given the chance to join in the fun as well!

    It's probably better to include my discord as well so here: Calrissian66#5697

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    posted a message on Looking for Active, Experienced Players for 4-month-old Vanilla Minecraft Realm. Pictures attached.
    IGN: Calrissian66
    Discord: Calrissian66#5697

    Hey there! I'm a Bedrock player turned Java and I think I have a lot to offer to the realm! I sent your discord a fried request and can't wait to get a reply!

    p.s. I had a much longer reply to this post but my forums wouldn't post it so here I am. I have a bunch of photos to show u but I think it's more prudent to do it on disc!
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    posted a message on Looking for experienced players to join the realm! *18 and above* *Must Have Discord*

    Greeting Miners and Crafters, I'm looking for experienced players to join the realm. But first some information about it.

    The realm has been online for 3 months. A lot has been done but we still have a long way to go! We are planning to keep the realm running far into the future and we would really like to have some experienced, dedicated, active players on deck (redstoners and builders especially!).

    Interested? DM me on Discord at "Calrissian66#5697" and I'll see you there!

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