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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    Trouble is that sort of hardware is getting rarer these days, someday you won't be able to get it at all.

    if there will ever be an alternative I'd suspect the Pi Foundation to do it, having a Pi computer that could completely take over the functions of Windows 98 and XP with the Nvidia Vulkan drivers would be useful for PC gamers looking for a PC that can run old 32bit and 16bit games better.

    since Pi PC's will never be as powerful as the general desktop or laptop computers on the market,

    it makes sense that they do the next best thing, retro gaming.

    Yeah you are right, hardware will eventually get rare as time goes on, but that's just another reason why people should repair and reuse instead of recycle or throw away.
    Either way as long as there's hardware outside i will still consider running games on real hardware better than emulation in every way.

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    Quote from Agtrigormortis»

    The same can be said for Windows 98, it is an MSDOS program that has a user friendly UI, and is a 32bit 16bit hybrid. Which explains why some 32bit programs written for XP were able to run on it, games including.

    Also like its predecessor Windows 95, shortcuts to MSDOS programs could be placed on the desktop and then ran with a simple double click.

    We don't have that convenience anymore because later OS's after ME are NT based.

    and command prompt is terrible at emulating MSDOS.

    Without the third party program DOSbox, or virtual machines, lots of people's libraries of DOS games would have been made entirely useless on Windows 10. WOW64 only allows backward compatibility with 32bit programs, there is nothing in Windows 10 that makes it support 16bit properly.

    Yeah i agree with you on that. Windows 95 / 98 and ME were also only programs running on top of DOS.
    However,Windows 9x actually felt like it was its standalone operating system, as they didn't rely on MS-DOS command lines, like Windows 3.1 did.

    And yes it is a shame that Windows 10 has no proper 16-Bit emulation (and probably never will), but I personally don't really care, as emulation is always a bad idea from my point of view.
    If you really want to play old games i suggest you to pick up an old Windows XP computer from ebay, as its backwards compatibility emulation WOW32 supports 16 bit programs much better than any other OS.
    At the same time, its new enough to play lots of other new games (some even from the mid 2010s).

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    Windows 3.1 is technically not its own operating system as it basically only runs as an application on top of MS-DOS.
    It also heavily relied on MS-DOS command lines, which means that every time you wanted to install lets say a Driver for example you needed to switch to MS-DOS, load the driver, then back to Windows 3.1 and THEN install the Windows 3.1 driver, THEN restart once again to make the changes take effect in MS-DOS as well as Windows 3.1.

    Kinda inconvenient, is it?

    Quote from webrosc»

    Windows 3.1, never crashed and did what you needed it to, no faff on top

    also yeah forgot to quote you.
    Initial message is up there.

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    removed post

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    Windows 7 or Windows XP, and I'm not sure which (won't vote unless/until I can decide fairly which of the two it is).

    I liked Windows 95, Windows 98/98SE, and Windows 2000. I didn't mind Windows ME but I had very limited experience with it so it probably doesn't count for much. I avoided Windows Vista (limited experience also, however), and dislike Windows 8 and Windows 10 (again, ditto). I'll begrudgingly deal with Windows 10 as a new forced user but I'm moving all of my non-main PCs off of Windows 7 soon and to Linux since they don't need to do games or use programs that I use that rely on Windows. I've been very disappointed with the way Windows has gone starting with 8.

    yeah i dont like any os past windos 8 either.

    So i just decided to stick to 7.

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    Well id like mojang to bring sword blocking and Super secret settings too cause its fun to mess around with the different filters and also sword blocking was useful too cause you didnt need to craft a separate item to block and defend you like today

    and it just looks cool

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    I found minecraft mostly by my friends but also with these famous vids from 2013 that were around at the time like I FOUND HEROBRINE IN MINECRAFT PE

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    Or maybe 2 books from J.R.R Tolkien

    1. The Hobbit

    2. Lord of the Rings


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