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    posted a message on Weird glitch on my server. Causing lag.(Armor Stands/Entity type things with hoppers, command blocks, and health bars)

    Today we were experiencing horrible lag and repetitive crashing on my server. I tried many things, but they wouldn't seem to work. Finally i was told that it might be a corrupted world or too many chunks loaded. We've made so much progress and i didn't want to get rid of it. Then my friend found this really weird thing and I also found something weird. It was a gigantic box of sorts filled with command blocks. it had signs and it was like "Click here to delete machine" i clicked it and it got rid of the machine thing, but my friend found the glitch soon after.This is what it looks like.

    We did /remove entity as well. We know this has to be the source. But what is it? And how can we get rid of it?

    Please help ASAP.

    Thanks. If you'd like to try to see it for yourself join


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    posted a message on Torchcraft | Community Anti-Grief | 24/7 | 1.8.7 | Roleplay | Survival

    About Torchcraft

    Torchcraft is an Anti-Grief community server based on a server built three years ago. We have Roleplay and regular survival. Our goal is to create a thriving community and so far we have accomplished the goal. But if you want to join our community, please go ahead!

    Our server info:

    Ip: s1.minespan.com:25846

    Plugins for players: Lockette, Chestshop, World Guard, Coreprotect, MarryMe, Essentials, Timber, and more! (Hoping to soon install McMMO)


    Player Noble/Default Ranks:

    [Peasant]: This is the rank that players start off with when they first join. The rank acts as a barrier to insure that players read the rules. Our rules are very important and they keep the community growing! It's quite simple to move up; all you have to do is read the rules and take a quick quiz given by a staff member.

    [Builder]: This is the default rank that players get when they pass the rules quiz. It is a rank with regular builder commands. Players automatically are given fun commands like Nick and MarryMe, and commands given to them to protect their property.

    [Head-Builder]: This is a noble rank earned from building something cool. Staff members will promote Builders to Head-builders after at least 3 days of being on the server and building something to be approved. The builds don't have to be perfect or really good.

    [Architect]: Architect is a rank given to players once they've been on the server for a while and have become trusted. This rank has it's own set of unique permissions. It is the highest Noble rank.

    Staff Ranks:

    [Helper]: Players must apply for this rank as it is a staff rank. This is the lowest staff rank, but it is essential to the server. Helpers act to keep the rules enforced and quiz new players. If you'd like to apply for helper you must advance through the other ranks first.

    [Moderator]: Moderator is the rank above helper. Moderators stand to assist players with plugin information, promote players up from Builder, and make sure players are not disregarding the rules. To apply for Moderator, you must have already ranked up to Helper.

    [Admin]: Admininstators assist players with advanced commands and pick out the new staff members.

    Please See Donator ranks in game or on our Buycraft website.

    Other info can be provided in game! Join the Torchcraft community now!


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    posted a message on Calli's | 24/7 | (Loose) Whitelist | Needs Builders | Friendly community

    Calli's Private Server
    We're an easy going anti-grief server with a very loose whitelist. I, Calli, am a helpful owner who is dedicated and is on whenever I have the time. The server is for the most part, a fun server that only acts to nurture it's community. We have Roleplay for those who like to play pretend, and regular survival for those who don't. Staff is always willing to help. (We have a lot of staff ranks open as of now, but they are very hard to obtain.) We are very friendly and love to make new friends and create communities!

    Whitelist App:




    Survival RP or Regular Survival?

    Are you ready to have some fun?

    Ip: s1.minespan.com:25846

    Server Pics:

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    posted a message on ♋|♋ The Ethereal Fables ♋|♋ RECRUITING ARCHITECTS, ADMINS, MODS, and WRITERS ♋|♋

    It was almost a year afterwards. I’d almost forgotten about that man. I’d almost forgotten about that terror that I felt as I crossed paths with him, as I spoke with him. I’d thought I’d seen the last of those memories after the nightmares faded. In my nightmares it was a horrific creature. Its bird-like form tore through the air bending back trees struck by the air resistance that it left in its wake. The creature was draped with a blanket of flames licking at its golden feathers. Its eyes were a sharp, sapphire that seemed stark in contrast to the rest of it. When it came across anyone or anything, it obliterated them immediately. No, I do not mean it shot a blast of flames at them. It did not do anything close to that. It starred deeply into their glare with those powerful, blue eyes, and when their eyes met, the other creature dispersed into the air like a mountain of ash hit by a powerful gust of wind.

    Every time I was plagued by this nightmares, I woke up screaming, many drops of sweat residing on my forehead and temples. Though, the nightmares did fade. They left my subconscious as I hoped they would, and I moved on. I took to quests and got stronger. I helped people, and forgot the awful memory of that man and his vexing multicolored eyes. Yet, it was like I was destined not to forget. Some higher power was forcing my fate to be intertwined with this man’s as two strands of DNA alike.

    It was thunderous. So thunderous that the wind it created, broke all the windows in my dwelling. When the glass broke and the wind proceeded to force its entry into my house, I awoke from my slumber feeling drowsy, but quickly and abruptly awake as I became aware of what was happening. Still had I not known exactly what had happened, I lunged for my boots and my cloak, tearing out of the house. I expected the creature to be huge, and golden, palled by flames, but what I’d thought was “Circe’s Phoenix” was not the image I’d formed in my wildest dreams. This complex being could not be something of anyone’s vast imaginations, no matter how creative.

    When I busted through the semi-broken door, I saw nothing of the sort that I expected. The skies were clear, actually. Maybe this was what I’d hoped for. I hoped that I would never meet the creature, which The Wanderer spoke of, but I was slightly disappointed seeing nothing in the night skies. Other townsfolk were exiting their homes and looking around, but there was nothing to be seen. Street lamps were lit and houses were glowing with golden light provided by flickering flames, but no one could discover any trace of the previous fray. Almost as abruptly as the broken windows and powerful spurts of wind, the light, the flame was taken from our houses; vanished. The village was dark. As soon as the light was stolen from our lamps and lanterns, I heard a series of various shrieks, people taken aback by the strange disappearance of their light. Others looked around, completely aghast by the occurrence. Maybe we should have been used to the mysterious events, given there were many strange things that happened in these lands, but this was out of our comprehension.

    Maybe someone else noticed it before I had, but the flame that was robbed from our homes was suddenly coalescent into a creature I would have never dreamed. It stole our light to take form. Though it looked as if it only needed the flames to become visible, its form was way beyond created from sheer fire. The monstrosity, alike the ones in my night terrors, was bird-like and immense. It wasn’t golden though. It was an iridescent indigo that shined with inconceivable beauty. It definitely served its purpose of distracting us from its true intent, because it dove down and let its sharp talons impale a young man, jerking him into the air. He landed back on the cobblestone streets with a large thump. The folks whom he was close to could not decide between being terrorized or traumatized and the creature that had wreaked havoc on him could not care less as it soared back up into the brilliant stare lit sky. But I noticed that as it climbed into the sky, it would shift in visibility. Almost as if it would disperse and reappear frequently as it climbed higher and higher. Then to announce its presence when it found a reasonable height, it cried out in an ear-piercing, shrill, calling.

    It wanted more. It wanted more bloodshed. It didn’t want us, no. It wanted our angst. I knew this by the call. The phoenix not satisfied in the least. I speculated that it’d dive down again and take another person in its jagged grasp, but again it dispersed and did not reappear. I found this odd. A lot of people around me seemed to sigh heavily in relief, but I knew. This war was far from won.

    And that’s when I saw him. I saw the man; The Wanderer. He strode through the town with more aplomb than the first time that we encountered each other. This time, his mask was wrung around his neck, rather than his face. He wore a greedy smile. A smile that struck me with more terror than the psychological trauma I suffered after the last time we met.

    But the fear that I felt in that moment felt incredibly small next to the fear that occurred when I noticed something. Something I wished I hadn’t noticed.

    As the man walked, he would frequently disperse and reappear, with tiny embers following his trail.

    And here's the second prompt! ;) Thanks again, for considering!

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    posted a message on ♋|♋ The Ethereal Fables ♋|♋ RECRUITING ARCHITECTS, ADMINS, MODS, and WRITERS ♋|♋

    Well why don't I take 3 and explain Circe's Phoenix? lol.

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    posted a message on ♋|♋ The Ethereal Fables ♋|♋ RECRUITING ARCHITECTS, ADMINS, MODS, and WRITERS ♋|♋

    Ign: caller7

    Timezone: EST Standard

    Age: 15

    Skype: enviousofenvy

    Me? I’m a huge nerd with all things in the creative category. I absolutely love writing, drawing, singing, acting, directing, and screenplay writing. I’m currently writing two individual comics, and a book, so it’s quite obvious what I’m applying for here.

    English is my first language, and I am what modern society would call, a grammar Nazi.

    I’m extremely coherent with all things writing. Especially plot/character development. Honestly, I’d take up any opportunity to be able to put my skills to the test.

    Prompt – 4

    He was a fairly mysterious figure. As I approached him on the dark path, I stayed clear of his way. He walked with a confident stride, for someone who covered up as to be shamed if seen by the world. The moonlight cast an iridescent glow on the cloth-made mask that covered his nose and mouth. His eyes were the only part of him that I could see clearly. They were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Not only did he have the most interesting color pigment defect known as Heterochromia Iridium, but his eyes were unnatural colors. One was bright purple, and the other was but a shadowed amber. Though the man had quite an ominous appearance, I was compelled to know who he was and where he intended to travel at this late hour of night.

    “Sir,” Before I could form in my mind, exactly what I desired to say, the man sparked up a conversation for me. He approached me, again, with aplomb. His voice was heavily muffled through the cloth he wore over his mouth and his eyes distracted me as I struggled with a reply.

    “Uh…yes?” I finally managed to shyly murmur. The man’s vexing aura seemed to incarcerate me in a loss for words. His smooth, but somber voice spoke again, through the glowing cloth,

    “I can’t happen to find the village to which I need to find by tomorrow. Do you think that you could direct me to it?” His voice, so loose, was in high contrast with his eerie appearance.

    “Ah, yes, what town do you need to go to?” I finally began to find my words. The man paused for a quick moment before he sighed and pulled out a worn map from his pocket.

    “Unfortunately I was not given the name, but here is the location to which it should be.” He replied as he put his gloved finger on the spot to which he assumed the town must be.

    “There is no town there.” I replied. My chest was gripped by a modicum of fear that would surely build in strength as the conversation progressed. “Who exactly gave you this map?”

    “That,” He suddenly took the map from my grasp and returned it to his jacket pocket. “Is none of your concern.” I looked around at the surrounding forest, with its festering willows and luminous fog. My glance returned to the man, as I recognized a catholic silence setting into the night.

    “Who are you?” I asked. Perhaps, deep inside, I knew that this man was someone I’d never meet again, but again I was compelled to know who he was and what made him so special.

    “My true name is not something I will disclose, but many call me the Midnight Wanderer. I’ve been tracking down a certain creature for a long time in search of something I might obtain from it. That I cannot tell you, but since what I sought after is not here, I will be going.” With languishing courage, I was able to ask one more thing.

    “What is this creature, you seek?”

    “They call it,” As the man spoke, he turned from me and began walking, his voice growing distant. “'Circe's Phoenix'.”

    Yeah...It got long, but I'm a writing whiz! ;) Hope you enjoyed it and thank you for considering!

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    posted a message on ||Full House|| New let's play series! (Need's members!)

    I don't see how wasting your time commenting on this is fun either, but whatever you prefer.

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    posted a message on ||Full House|| New let's play series! (Need's members!)

    Accepted and I added you on skype :D

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    posted a message on ||Full House|| New let's play series! (Need's members!)


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    posted a message on ||Full House|| New let's play series! (Need's members!)

    Apply now!

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    posted a message on Looking for a server to record on
    For Recording
    Hello everyone! A friend and i are looking for a perfect Minecraft server to record on. Or more or less a lot of servers to record on. We are starting this new youtube series (on my channel) called Journey to Find the Perfect Server.

    Unfortunately, these days, servers that are anti-grief community servers with all the quality of dedicated staff is hard to find. So we are asking the internet for awesome servers with the following features:
    - Anti-Grief Community

    - Kind and helpful staff

    - Welcoming environment

    - Some kind of chest-lock plugin.

    - 1.8 or at least 1.7.10

    If you have an epic server for us to try out you can totally PM me or comment below! Thanks.

    You can also check out our new series over here:

    Also i am looking for a server that i can help out. Okay, that sounded cheesy like "oh she just wants to be staff"--no. I just have some free time to kill after school and i like to spend my free time doing things like helping people. I like to draw so i don't know why you'd need this, but i can do art for the server, and make videos for it too. (Editing nerd here.) I'm also pretty good with plugins. Though, whether you want to trust me or not is all up to. If this part doesn't apply to you, we are least looking for cool servers! So if you think we'd like your server, give us a shout.
    You can also contact me via skype: enviousofenvy
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    posted a message on The Maze Runner Server! Looking for builders please apply
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 4 years
    Any building Experience?: Well of course. I love building. It's my favorite part of minecraft.(Besides the survival)
    Any Redstone Experience?: A little. I haven't ever really focused on the redstone, but i know a good part about it.
    Have you read the book/books?: This is my favorite book series. I read it in under two weeks and i plan to read it again.
    Will you not grief, spam chat, or be an ass during building? For one I'm all about anti-grief, and spamming annoys me. An "ass" as you quote? I hate when people act like morons and i hope to help.
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    posted a message on Visionary Crafting [24/7] [Anti-Greif Community] [Surivival] [City RPG] [Abandoned Prison Adventure Course] [1.7.9]
    • Survival
    • Adventure Course
    • City RPG (Coming soon)
    • Anti-Greif Community
    • 24/7 uptime
    Hello! We aren't a server out to get hundreds of players, but if you feel like haveing a fun time you can come on and enjoy the server. We don't except much staff, but players can do lots of stuff.
    Check out screenshots at: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/visionary-crafting-247-anti-greif-community-surivival-city-rpg-abandoned-prison-adventure-course-179/

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    posted a message on Looking to start a server with someone

    First off, let me state that I'm not sure if i'll be the one to host it, but it'd be amazing to create a server that does a lot of the things listed below. For the longest time I've been looking for a server like it, but i finally realized no one has an amazing server like that anymore. Its either PvP/Grief servers which are okay, but they get boring after doing the same thing over and over again. Then there's drug servers and when i see them all i can think is: "Whats wrong with you?" It bothers me to why people get ideas like that. Oh i got it! Maybe they're too busy getting high while coming up with that idea. This isn't a rant, but i'd like to a host a good server, not one that promotes stuff like that. So, without further a due, here's some cool ideas for a server that might actually be worth it.
    1. Anti-Grief- Yes, I am fully aware there are tons of servers with Anti-Grief with Anti-Grief plugins, but that doesn't make the server fun. What makes an Anti-Grief server fun is the community you build and with a lot of the servers now asking a simple question while on the server can get you the most annoyed and hostile answer. Staff should be willing to answer questions and have a friendly conversation with players rather than be annoyed by them. Along with The Anti-Grief that includes Anti-PvP because if you think about it they are not all that different. Destroying someones stuff and stealing it. Yes it is fun on servers themed specifically for it, but it's also fun to build a community and some sort of town with players.
    2. Responsible staff- I've owned servers before. I have a lot of experience with staff management and one thing i don't tolerate is abuse. I don't give second chances or warnings. The second i see a staff member abusing their power as staff they are demoted or even in some cases banned. Killing players without their permission and using your staff power to do it is ridiculous and giving players an amount of unfair items is also that way. I don't mind giving a player something like wood if they need it once in a while, but diamond armor is unacceptable.
    3. Chest Lock- Being able to lock your chests is ten times better than safe guarding it with Factions. Factions is a great plugin and i respect it, but it is terrible at protecting your chests. First off, if a person is in your faction they have access to all the chests. With something like LWC or preferably Lockette you can manage who gets to be snooping in your chests. With chest lock plugins you don't exactly have to worry about abusive admins because they can't just do /bypass.
    4. Mini Games- Let's Admit. Mini games are fun for everyone, but not forever. Most often they get boring and suck up ten times more ram on your server than anything else. Plugins suck up a lot of ram and when you have a survival games lobby with no one in it the plugin just sits there wasting your ram.
    5. Staff Management- I'm going to admit I've made this mistake plenty of times. If you have too much staff and too less players that's a sign. If you get a basis of ten players on a day all you really need is like the owner him/herself and an admin or two. It's a completely different story if your like the shot-bow network, but too much staff is hard to control abuse and its just ridiculous.
    6. Quality of building- I love pixel art, but having it liter spawn is ridiculous. Go to a creative plot world, i don't care, but it doesn't appeal to the look of spawn town or spawn. I guess the whole thing with having a good looking spawn is the first impression, but it just makes it seem like the owners and staff member's weren't too excited to get started even though everyone is when they start a server.

    Overall all of these things add up to create a pretty cool server. Community is a big factor in a cool server and i guess i have big expectations but they aren't all that crazy if you think about it. A faction server often ends up with way too much hostility or just gets boring. A server like this makes everyone want to be there not only for minecraft, just for talking with people and having a good time.

    I don't exactly know yet if we'll be able to do it or not, but if i can't and you know a server like this, i'd be interested.

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