About Me

You Kia Ora (Hello) welcome to my channel. My name is Kelly, also known as CaledonianKiwi.

I would love to take you on my journeys as I play the game I love, Minecraft. I have been playing since 2012 across a number of platforms, PS3, XBox, PS4 however PC Minecraft is where its at for me. I love factions, survival island, custom maps and just having fun.

I am a Kiwi living in Scotland and work a 9-5 job in the city. I have became part if the 5am club so I can make and create videos for you to join on my adventures. I have a girlfriend and a dog that I love who support me in my channel creation.

My goal in to be able to spend more time creating for you and doing what I love.

I hope you stick with me and come along for the ride while I explore the many possibilities Minecraft has to offer.

Location Glasgow

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